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HROUG,SIOUG and BGOUG. At HROUG and SIOUG I’ll be speaking for Exadata and at BGOUG, maybe for near zero downtime migration or some similar geeky topic ;) Links to the events:         Have fun! Kovachev


Doing a FTP-job with PL/SQL is not difficult.
A basic implementation of RFC 959 can be written in a few hundred lines. See for instance ORACLE-BASE, How to FTP with Oracle PL/SQL or Oracle FAQ’s
But what if you want to secure your FTP transmission. Google doesn’t find any PL/SQL solutions, only java solutions with a PL/SQL wrapper.
Securing FTP transmission can be done in two ways: SFTP and FTPS.
SFTP stands for SSH (more...)

Virtual JBoss User Group (Virtual:JBUG)

Do you know what the number one stop for all kinds of great JBoss developer sessions is? No? It is the Virtual JBoss User Group. It has been launched at the beginning of this year and gained more and more attraction. The idea behind it is pretty simple. Make it easy for all interested developers around the world to attend a user group and take advantage of the knowledge that is shared in those meetings. (more...)

#OOW14 IT Transformation: CIOs value of the Cloud

Yesterday, #OOW14 Mark Hurd's CIO panel was focus on real customers transformation through the Cloud (being public or private).

Here are the few quotes I capturedon CIO's motivation for this transformation:

Walgreens: "We don't want to be on the business of integrating things. So the much we move into the cloud, the better."

P&G: "[It is] more about a solution toward a business case and engineered together rather than technology pieces."

Dunnhumby: (more...)

Using WebAdi to Upload GL Journals? Excel 2013 is Now Certified with Webadi!

Web Applications Desktop Integration (WebAdi) is a powerful tool leveraging desktop applications to perform some of the Oracle EBS Tasks. Familiar desktop tools such as Excel can be used to create spreadsheets, enter or change existing data, then upload or propagate the changes to EBS.

For General Ledger, WebAdi can help through usage of specific integrators to:

  •  Upload Journals to Gl 
  •  Upload Budget Journals or change existing Budget balances directly 
  •  Upload Intercompany Journals

Did you (more...)

Customize your AI (2): create a local repository (IPS)

I'd like to choose creating a local repository (IPS) as the first step of AI customization. Creating a local repository is not a MUST but it largely speeds up install service creation and installation itself. It makes us happier indeed.

Let's start to create a local repository with web access (http) at port 90. There are several ways to go,

A. If your AI server can NOT directly access internet

  1. From a computer (more...)

JavaOne 2014: Java and mbed Make Embedded Real

| Oct 1, 2014

Today, Andrey Petushkov (Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle) and Bogdan Marinescu Marinescu (Software engineer, ARM) are hosting the session Java and mbed Make Embedded Real. In this session, you learn about the benefits and key features of the platform and how it can be used in the Internet of Things infrastructure. A working application in this session demonstrates how to build an end-to-end solution with the Java ME Embedded platform.

For more information, see (more...)

Moving Oracle Solaris to LP64 bit by bit

| Oct 1, 2014

A few people have noticed a trend in the Oracle Solaris 11 update releases of delivering more and more Solaris commands as 64-bit binaries, so I figured it was time to write a detailed explanation to answer some of the questions and help prepare users & developers for further change, as it now becomes more critical to deliver shared objects in both 32-bit (ILP32) and 64-bit (LP64) versions.

I’d like to thank Ali, Gary, Margot, (more...)

Oracle #GoldenGate Parameter File Templates

This week I’ve been enjoying spending some time at Oracle Open World in San Francisco, CA.  While here, I’ve been talking with everyone, friends old and new, and it came to my attention that it would be a good idea to have some useful templates for Oracle GoldenGate parameter files.  With this in mind, I decided to create some generic templates with comments for Oracle GoldenGate processes.  These templates can be found on my Scripts (more...)

Java ME Embedded Documentation survey

Java ME documentation team has put together a short survey (7 questions) which help us understand the best way to improve documentation for Java ME Embedded. Please invest 5 minutes of your time to return your investment in near future https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/javame-docs

Day 4 of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 October 1st

Thanks to all those who stopped by the demogrounds  to chat with the In-Memory developers over the last two days. Remember, today is the last day of the demogrounds, so if you haven't had a chance to stop by yet, do so today. The In-Memory developers will be there from 9:45 am until 4pm. This maybe your last chance to snag an In-Memory bumper sticker!

There are also some great technical session on today, including:

Advisor Webcast 第9弾!~ WLS どんな問い合わせもスムーズにすすむ最初の一歩+3 開催のご案内

Advisor Webcast 第9弾!~ WLS どんな問い合わせもスムーズに進む最初の一歩+3 開催のご案内 (速報)

毎月恒例となってまいりました Advisor Webcast。

この度第9弾として、「WLS どんな問い合わせもスムーズにすすむ最初の一歩+3」を11月19日(水)16時から開催します。

WLS どんな問い合わせもスムーズに進む最初の一歩+3 表紙

WebLogic Serverは弊社製品の多くが動作するベースとなるアプリケーション・サーバです。お客様からいただくお問い合わせの内容を確実に把握して、速く解決したい!すべてのサポート・エンジニアはそう思っています。問題解決のためにエンジニアがどのような情報を必要としているのか、どのような情報をいただけば、迅速に調査に着手できるのかを説明し、情報の取得方法も紹介します。WebLogic Serverを利用されるシステムの管理者、エンジニアの皆様、お誘い合わせの上ご参加ください。多くの方のご参加をお待ちしております。

Advisor Webcast とは:

お客様からのお問い合わせやトラブルの対応の最前線に立つ現役の第一線級サポート・エンジニアが講師となり 開催するWebセミナーです。Web Conferencing形式でお伝えしますので、その場でデモをお見せしたり、セミナーの内容についてその場で講師と質疑応答(Q&A)を交わす時間も設けてあります。

WLS どんな問い合わせもスムーズに進む最初の一歩+3


2014年11月19日(水) 16時~17時


  • SRでよく見られる風景
  • SRを効率的に進めるための4つのポイント
  • まとめ


こちらのページから受講登録をお願いします。(My Oracle Support へのログインが必要です)


My Oracle Support Document : Oracle Fusion Middleware Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings

APEX 5 not so near

It seems I may have jumped the gun a little.
Idioms - the bane of ESL speakers?

Reading Anton's comment on a Friday afternoon got me a little too excited - upon reading it again Tuesday (we had a long weekend) I realised it was tongue in cheek.

So instead I went to Twitter to find what's being said at Oracle Open World about #orclapex. Turns out there will be a third early adopter - (more...)

Dusting Off the Data Warehouse

Businesses all over the world have spent millions and millions building data warehouses and implementing Business Intelligence (BI) without coming anywhere near the promised business benefits.

That is about the change.

And the thing that will change this is interactive, visual analytics on tablets.

Tablets and modern interactive graphics are a match made in heaven. Business users who will reluctantly spend half an hour looking at a BI report will happily spend hours playing around (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – Datatype context…?!

The native JSON database functionality presentations are done. If you want to experience first hand what you can do with those new operators during Oracle...

Read More

New: Oracle Cloud Adapter SDK

A cool thing I heard at Open World 2014: we all know in SOA there are all these adapters you can use in your SCA components. In Oracle Integration Cloud Services (ICS) there are a lot of new SaaS adapters to integrate with SaaS applications like SalesForce for example. These adapters are build using a Cloud Adapter SDK and written in Java.

This exact SDK will be available for users as well, so we all (more...)

Slides from OakTableWorld and OpenWorld

Thanks to anyone that came along to my sessions at OpenWorld.

You can review the slides via the links below:




Good UX – Don’t Leave Home Without It

There was a time when I asserted that User Experience would be a differentiator for Oracle in selling Fusion Applications.  Lots has changed since then, so I think it’s time to change my own thinking.  What’s changed?

  • Oracle has a cloud platform
  • Fusion Applications is now Cloud Application Services
  • We’re seeing well-designed user experiences throughout Oracle’s offerings: Simplified UI in moving into the Applications Unlimited products, and is also evident throughout Oracle’s cloud (more...)

Exadata Shellshock: IB Switches Vulnerable

Andy Colvin has the lowdown on the Oracle response and fixes for the bash shellshock vulnerability.

However, when I last looked it seemed Oracle had not discussed anything regarding the IB switches being vulnerable.

The IB switches have bash running on them and Oracle have verified the IB switches are indeed vulnerable.

[root@dm01dbadm01 ~]# ssh

root@'s password:

Last login: Tue Sep 30 22:46:41 2014 from dm01dbadm01.e-dba.com


Larry’s OOW Keynote on the future of Oracle Applications

larry2Although there had been many analyst and Oracle ACE briefings for much of the preceding week, Sunday night was the ‘proper’ opening for Oracle OpenWorld 2014. It kicked off with Larry’s first keynote of the conference. (He traditionally does two, however skipped the second last year to watch the thrilling finale to the 2013 America’s Cup.)

His hour long address was given over exclusively to the cloud. Here’s a summary of the important points (more...)