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Creating Additional Data Dictionary Structures

catoctk.sql: Oracle Cryptographic Toolkit package

owminst.plb: Workspace Manager

Workspace Manager is installed by default in the seed database and in all databases created by the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

However, in all other Oracle databases, such as those you create with a customized procedure, you must install Workspace Manager before you can use its features.

I know what you are thinking, “What’s the BIG deal?”.  For the most part, (more...)

Software at Delta Air Lines

A few days ago, not long after flying with Delta to Atlanta for DevNexus, and benefiting from a Delta upgrade and bathing in the luxury of business class, I spent some time at Delta's Operational Control Center (OCC).

I was able to do that thanks to Graeme Ingleby, a senior developer at Delta who has been exploring the benefits of the NetBeans Platform for quite some time and has attended JavaOne over the past years, (more...)

My private Corner – 10.00 community members


My personal goal is to reach 10.000 partner community members, therefore I need your support! Please make sure that you invite your teams to join the SOA & BPM Partner Community and the WebLogic & Developer Partner Community. The partner communities keep you updated in the latest PaaS developments on a monthly base!

Jürgen Kress

SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & (more...)

Running Unix Shell Scripts from the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

It is nearly 10 years since I first wrote about how to call Unix shell scripts from the Process Scheduler.  Although very little has changed, I have had a number of questions recently, so I thought it was time I checked the script and updated the posting.  I have used PeopleTools 8.54 in the preparation of this note.
The Process Scheduler is essentially just a mechanism for initiating processes on another server. (more...)

Create Blackout for Multiple Targets on EM13c

The notifications emails of a “planned” downtime is one of the annoying things of monitoring systems. You forget creating blackout and you start a maintenance work, and you get lots of notifications mails. Most of the time, the target which goes down, also affect other targets so it will multiple the number of unwanted notifications mails. Good thing is, it’s very easy to create blackouts on EM13c. We can do it through web console, emctl (more...)

Better to be safe than sorry…

I’ve always been worried about taking a script that is fine to run in my non-production environments (in particular a DROP script) and accidentally running it in a Production environment, shortly followed by the typing up of a fresh resume to look for a new job once the mistake is discovered Smile

The standard means of a “least privilege required” model when it comes to Production access is a good step along this road to protecting (more...)

Attend an Oracle Code event across the World


Oracle Code is a series of one-day developer conferences being held in 20 cities worldwide, focusing on building modern web, mobile, enterprise, and cloud-native applications.


Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Asia Pacific
  • New Delhi, May 10, 2017
  • Tokyo, May 17, 2017
  • Beijing, July 14, 2017
  • Sydney, July 18, (more...)

Understanding the User’s Perspective

Recently I encountered what I thought was an interesting allegory in regard to software development and understanding the user experience.

My three year old approached me with her bottle of milk and requested more, insisting it was empty.

Exhibit A - One non-empty receptacle

I assessed what was presented to me:

  1. There was milk in the container
  2. The straw reached the current milk level
  3. The straw was not blocked (I didn't feel like milk. I (more...)

Quick Tip: Global Where Clause for Database Exports

Want to export a ton of tables, but only get SOME of the records? Want to apply a GLOBAL filter across the tables to only get the records you want? Tools > Database Export. I’m going to export data, NOT DDL. I’m going to write it to a single JSON file. I’m going to grab data from a couple of... [Read More]

Art of Making

Art of Making

I caught up the making virus from our engineers, and, jointly with a fellow parent, volunteered to teach an “Art of Making” seminar at my daughter’s school (my friend’s son came up with the title). Our hope was to bring STEM, art, and design thinking together. (I am supposed to represent art and design thinking, but secretly dream of learning some STEM along the way).

There are about thirty different seminars that (more...)

Which is the best career path: Oracle ADF or Java?

My answer on Quora to “Which is the best career path to choose, Oracle ADF, or Java?”

Concentrate on Oracle ADF. ADF skills are in high demand and pay better than pure Java skills.

Because Oracle ADF is a Java-based framework, you will need to learn some basic Java as you build you ADF skills. Once you land an ADF job, you will learn more Java as you work with ADF. This allows you (more...)

Data Preparation for “Analyse Elections with Oracle Data Visualisation Desktop”

In the previous post I wrote about some interesting insights we can get from the elections data. And this post concentrates on the data preparation for it. As the first one, it doesn't work as a guide and aimed to show some data manipulation things end-user can do without IT department and coding. As data preparation is not absolutely needed for the understanding of the visual part but still a piece of the story it (more...)

Dump Oracle data into a delimited ascii file with PL/SQL

This is how I dump data from an Oracle Database (tested on 8i,9i,10g,11g,12c) to a delimited ascii file:

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Fri Feb 24 13:55:47 2017
Copyright (c) 1982, 2014, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition Release - 64bit Production

SQL> set timing on
SQL> select Dump_Delimited('select * from all_objects', 'all_objects.csv') nr_rows from dual;


Elapsed:  (more...)

New Events for Data Guard and Synchronous Redo Transport in 12c (1)

I may have said it before but I consider presenting and teaching a great way to expand one’s knowledge: first of all it requires me to really understand a subject. Secondly, when presenting, you get lots of interesting questions that can turn into blog posts like this one.

Lately I have been asked about the impact of synchronous log shipping to a physical standby database. I was sure there was an effect to be observed, (more...)

Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile and Web Services Security – What You Need To Know

Securing packaged software such as the Oracle E-Business Suite presents different challenges than securing bespoke custom software. Unlike custom software, both the structure of and the security vulnerabilities of the Oracle E-Business Suite are well known and documented, not only to users but also to threat actors.  To begin an attack, limited probing and/or reconnaissance is needed because threat actors know exactly what to target and what to expect.  This also makes the (more...)

Fee on-demand SOA Suite 12 and BPM Suite 12c Bootcamps

In February, March and April we offer free on-demand Bootcamps for SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c. For details and registration please visit the training calendar:







BPM Suite 12c Bootcamp





SOA Suite 12c Bootcamp





SOA Suite 12c Bootcamp





BPM Suite 12c Bootcamp





ORA-06550 line N column N Solution

Are you getting the ORA-06550 error when running an SQL statement? Learn the cause of this error and the solution in this article. Demonstration of the Error To demonstrate this error, I can run this code: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE testProcedure AS   textValue VARCHAR2(3); BEGIN   textValue := someOtherValue; END; If I compile this […]

DDL triggers – interesting results

This question came in on AskTom, yielding a very interesting result when it comes to DDL triggers. To set the scene, I’ll first create a table called T which is just a copy of SCOTT.EMP

SQL> create table scott.t as select * from scott.emp;

Table created.

SQL> desc scott.t
 Name                                                              Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------------------------------- -------- -----------------
 EMPNO                                                             NOT NULL NUMBER(4)
 ENAME                                                                      VARCHAR2(10)
 JOB                                                                        VARCHAR2(9)
 MGR                                                                        NUMBER(4)
 HIREDATE                                                                   DATE
 SAL                                                                        NUMBER(7,2)
 COMM                                                                       NUMBER(7,2)

Analysing Elections Data with Oracle Data Visualisation Desktop

Disclaimer #1 This post is not about politics. Its dataset is about politics, but that's a coincidence. It could be about immunisation or transport or anything else. If you are strictly against any politics, here is a link to watch cute kittens.


Let's pretend that I'm an analyst and got a supposedly interesting data set. Now I want to understand if the data is actually interesting or it's a total rubbish. Having been in (more...)

Online Statistics Gathering in 12c

Maria Colgan hat in den letzten Wochen zwei Artikel zum Thema der Erfassung von Optimizer Statistiken bei der Objektanlage veröffentlicht:
  • Online Statistics Gathering: seit Oracle 9 werden die Statistiken für Indizes im Rahmen der Anlage eines Index automatisch erfasst: da in diesem Zusammenhang ohnehin ein Full Scan der Daten und Sortierungen erforderlich sind, kann man die zusätzliche Erfassung der Statistiken problemlos in die Operation integrieren. Mit Oracle 12c wird diese Technik jetzt auch für (more...)