Big Data: Una respuesta moderna a un problema de ventas moderno

El proceso de venta está cambiando, y cambiando el contacto inicial entre el cliente y representante de ventas en el ciclo de compra. 
Nos guste o no, lo cierto es que el ciclo de compras está cambiando. Internet ha acabado con todas las industrias y esta interrupción ha cambiado el paisaje de las ventas. Los clientes ahora tienen más información que nunca, tanto sobre sus productos como los de sus competidores. 

Una vez (more...)

My favorites partner resources

First of all I would like to introduce my colleagues’ blog: OracleCloud4Developers. Their goal is to help the developers understand how to use the Oracle PaaS & IaaS for their work. You will be able to read here some of the most technical posts on cloud in this blogosphere.

For today I would like to make a recap of my 3 favorite partner resources from Oracle.

I will start with Hardware Technical Resource Center for (more...)

SAP is now certified on Oracle Database

ORACLE and SAPSAP certified Oracle Database as of March 31, 2015!

Yes, it's true. Our colleagues in the Oracle/SAP/CompetenceCenter in Walldorf worked really hard to complete the certification for SAP with Oracle Database But finally it happened. Actually it was announced long time before as planned. And it happened right in time.

Please find the official documents here:

SAP Service Marketplace ==> Products ==> Installation & Upgrade Guides ==> (more...)

Continuous delivery Maturity model – Nederlandse versie

De methoden en technieken voor Continuous Delivery winnen steeds meer aan belangstelling. Deze aanpak blijkt vaak de succesvolle strategie achter het realiseren van echte “business agility”. Veel organisaties weten heel goed waarom Continuous Delivery belangrijk is, maar worstelen met de vraag “hoe doe je dit dan?”. Hoe start je met Continuous Delivery en hoe zorg je voor een blijvend resultaat? Het Continuous Delivery Maturity Model helpt bij het aanbrengen van structuur en verkrijgen van (more...)

Oracle Database 12c bevizsgálva, használható az SAP-vel

Az SAP Community Network  oldalán a következő hír jelent meg arról, hogy immár a Database 12c is bevizsgált az SAP NetWeaver alkalmazásokkal:

Oracle Database 12c Certified by SAP New!

All SAP products based on SAP NetWeaver 7.x are now certified and supported on Oracle Database 12c. For more information, see SAP Note 2133079.

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New BR*Tools Patches Now Available (with (more...)

The Oracle ACE Program : My 9 Year Anniversary


It was 9 years ago today I became an Oracle ACE. Yes, it was April 1st. :)

A couple of years ago I wrote an anniversary post called Should you aim to become an Oracle ACE? I think that post still reflects my feelings about the program. :)

So that’s 9 years done and I’m starting my 10th year. It’s crazy how quick times flies!



PS. After 9 years, I still can’t fill in an (more...)

Locality Group Observability on Solaris

Modern multi-socket servers exhibit NUMA characteristics that may hurt application performance if ignored. On a NUMA system (Non-uniform Memory Access), all memory is shared between/among processors. Each processor has access to its own memory - local memory - as well as memory that is local to another processor -- remote memory. However the memory access time (latency) depends on the memory location relative to the processor. A processor can access its local memory faster than (more...)

Announcing Oracle E-Business Suite for Hadoop and MongoDB

Rittman Mead are very pleased today to announce our special edition of Oracle E-Business Suite R12 running on Apache Hadoop and MongoDB, for customers looking for the ultimate in scalability, flexible data storage and lower cost-of-ownership. Powered by Hadoop technologies such as Apache Hive, HDFS and MapReduce, optional reference data storage in MongoDB and reporting provided by Apache Pig, we think this represents the ultimate platform for large deployments of Oracle’s premier ERP suite.



安全/確実なデータベース移行と災害対策のベストプラクティスを実践:北陸コカ・コーラボトリング様がOracle Exadata V1からX4への移行で「災害対策」「移行リスク最小化」のために取ったアプローチとは?

2010年に第1世代の「Oracle Exadata V1」を導入した北陸コカ・コーラボトリング様は先ごろ、アプリケーションやデータの増大に対応すべく「Oracle Exadata X4-2」への移行を実施した。システムの停止時間を最短化してスムーズに移行し、障害/災害時の業務への影響を最小化するために同社が取ったアプローチはどのようなものだったのか?


“Time to Value”を突き詰める中で生まれたオラクルならではの解:既存のスキル/資産を最大限に生かせる道具立てでビッグデータをビジネス価値に変える

Oracle Databaseユーザーにいち早くビッグデータの価値を届けるべく、オラクルはハードウエアからソフトウエアまで、各種ビッグデータソリューションの開発/提供に力を入れている。同社のビッグデータ戦略の特徴、企業にもたらすメリットについて、米国オラクルでビッグデータ製品を担当するブラッド・テュークスベリー氏に聞いた。



日本オラクルの「Oracle CloudWorld Tokyo 2015」だ。


製品開発と営業の担当が本音で議論:「オールフラッシュ、インメモリなど、Oracle Exadata X5の新機能は本当に使えるのか、どう使うのか?」──全ての疑問に答える

日本オラクルが2015年1月にリリースした「Oracle Exadata X5」では、オールフラッシュストレージをはじめ、さらなる機能強化が図られた。そこで企業が気になるのは、「それらの機能は本当に使えるのか、どう使うのか。」ということだろう。そんな疑問に率直に答えるQ&Aセッションが実施された。


Oracle GoldenGate各種技術コンテンツをOTNサイトで公開中!

パートナー企業の多くの技術者様から、Oracle GoldenGateに関する技術情報のお問い合わせをいただく機会が、以前に比べてますます増えてきております。
Oracle GoldenGateに関する技術は、Oracle Technology Networkの製品サイトで公開中です。
「お役立ち情報」のページでは、Oracle GoldenGateの過去のセミナー/セッション資料の提供や、セットアップガイドなど各種情報を掲載中です。

4月17日、Oracle GoldenGateテクニカルセミナー開催



OT: Oracle wants your votes

It used to be that if you had an enhancement suggestion for Oracle Database, you had to file an enhancement request in MOS and pray that the Oracle product management gods would hear your request someday. It is now possible to make your enhancement request in a public forum and let the community vote on your idea.(read more)

Oracle BI Cloud Service Webサイト公開

「Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service」は、エンドユーザーによるセルフサービス型の操作と簡易な運用、堅牢なセキュリティ環境を実現したクラウド型BIサービスです。


LAMP PHP-GD Libraries

Everything seemed complete after configuring my standalone MySQL instance to a LAMP installation, but last night I started playing with the image files. It turns out that I failed to install the php-gd library.

There’s very little feedback when you try to troubleshoot why you can’t read an image. In fact, the error message for reading the BLOB from MySQL was only available on the local Firefox browser:

The image "http://localhost/ConvertMySQLBlobToImage.php" cannot be  (more...)

How to implement push notifications in MAF 2.1.1

How to implement push notifications in MAF 2.1.1

Push notifications are a fantastic way (more...)

Finally My PaaS4SaaS Workshop Blog

I know this posting is a bit late but at the end of January I took part in a proof of concept workshop for PaaS4Sass and it’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since.

When I was thinking about moving to Certus one of the things that attracted me was there intent to write extensions for Oracle’s CloudApplications using the just announced PaaS4SaaS solution.
I attended Oracle Open World with an open mind and trying to (more...)

SQLd360 with the AWR Warehouse

Mauro decided to give me another challenge-  run SQLd360 against the AWR Warehouse and let him know how it does straight “out of the box”.  It’s a simpler installation process than SQLTXPLAIN, you simply unzip and run, (no installation of any packages…)

I chose a SQL_ID from one of the source databases loaded and ran it for a 31 day history:

SQL> @sqld360.sql 8ymbm9h6ndphq T 31

I saw a few errors scroll by on (more...)