Oracle SOA Suite 12c : Audit Levels (Off, Production, Development)

Inside the Enterprise Manager (URL: http://yourhost:7001/em) you can configure SOA Suite Audit Levels:

Choose "Common Properties"

Click on "Change Profile"
The oracle documentation shows the following:

  • Off:
    No business flow instance tracking and payload tracking information is collected. Drilling down into a flow shows the components and their status. Using this setting limits database growth, and also helps reduce latency and improve throughput.
  • Production:
    Flow and audit event information is collected and (more...)

Docker host and bridged networking. Running library/httpd on different ports

Docker provides different networking options. When using the Docker host networking, you don’t have the option to create port mappings. When using images like library/httpd:2.4, you don’t have the option to update the port on which it runs; it runs by default on port 80. Suppose you want to use the host networking feature and want to run library/httpd:2.4 on different ports, how would you do this?

In this blog I’ll explain 2 (more...)

Deploying concourse using my "Bubble" created Bosh director

Previously I blogged about using "Bubble" or bosh-bootloader as per the post below.

Now with bosh director deployed it's time to deploy concourse itself. The process is very straight forward as per the steps below

1. First let's clone the bosh concourse deployment using the GitHub project as follows

2.  Target bosh director and login, must set ENV variables to connect to AWS bosh (more...)

Learn Why and When Website prototyping is important

A Simple Explanation to Website Prototyping A website prototype is an initial design of a website. Developers, testers, and users can interact with it. Developers often create these prototypes to gather feedback from stakeholders or clients. They create one during … Continue reading ?

Source: MockupTiger Wireframes

MySQL 5.6 vs 5.7

Whitelist preview of Performance Insights has just started on RDS MySQL and it gave me a chance to visually compare load profiles of MySQL 5.6 and 5.7.

I first tried to use sysbench and ran into some curious anomolies.

The test I ran was

sysbench \
           --test=oltp \
           --oltp-table-size=10000000 \
           --oltp-test-mode=complex \
           --num-threads=10 \
           --max-time=0 \
           --max-requests=0 \
           --mysql-host=$host \
           --mysql-user=$user \
           --mysql-password=$password \
           --mysql-db=sysbench run

Load chart on MySQL 5.6 and (more...)

ODC Latin America Tour : Barranquilla

When I woke up the first thing I had to do was figure out how I was going to do a cloud demo when I didn’t have WiFi at the venue. The building was really new and they hadn’t sorted out the networking yet. I re-purposed a Docker container running Oracle 18.3 and got some of my demos working, that were meant to be running on Oracle Cloud DBaaS or Autonomous Transaction Processing. I (more...)

Automatic Table Reorganization in #Exasol

Exasol Logo

One Exasol key feature is the low maintenance effort it has compared to many other database systems. Automatic Table Reorganization is an example for this approach:

SQL_EXA> open schema adam;
EXA: open schema adam;

Rows affected: 0

SQL_EXA> create or replace table t1 as
         select rownum as id from (select 1 from dual connect by level<=1e6); 
EXA: create or replace table t1 as... Rows affected: 1000000 
SQL_EXA> select table_name,table_row_count,delete_percentage from exa_user_tables;
EXA: select table_name,table_row_count,delete_percentage from  (more...)

RMAN Commands

Note to self to configure and clear settings, and all things RMAN.

Will add more as time goes by.

catalog backuppiece '/u01/app/oracle/backup/HAWK_3241949199_20180816_bctand12_1_1.bkp';
++++ Remove summary to get full details.
list backup of archivelog all summary completed after 'sysdate-1';
list backup of archivelog from sequence 243 summary;
list backup summary completed after 'sysdate-1';

list backup of controlfile summary tag=STBY;
list backup of controlfile summary;
list backup of spfile summary;

list backup by file;

backup incremental (more...)

Let’s talk about Techiquette

I’m typing this at about 38,000 feet in the air. I’m travelling home from the Oracle Latin America tour – it was a great event, but I’ll save the details for another blog post. In reality, I should be sleeping, but as luck would have it one of the lights on our plane is malfunctioning. So whilst the rest of the plane is sleeping happily in restful darkness, my row and the rows around it (more...)

“Let’s Talk Database” coming to Wellington, Auckland, Brisbane and Perth in September.

Due to popular demand, I’ve been asked by Oracle to again run some more “Let’s Talk Database” events in September. Dates and venues are as follows: Monday, 2 September – Wellington (Wellington Oracle Office): Registration Link. Tuesday, 3 September – Auckland (Auckland Oracle Office): Registration Link. Wednesday, 12 September – Brisbane (Brisbane Oracle Office): Registration Link. Thursday, 13 September – Perth (Perth Oracle Office): Registration Link. […]

ADF BC REST Query and SQL Nesting Control Solution

I will talk about expert mode View Object (with hand written SQL), this View Object is created based on SQL join. So, thats my use case for today example. I will describe issue related to generated SQL statement and give a hint how to solve it. This is in particular useful, if you want to expose complex VO (SQL with joins and calculating totals) over ADF BC REST service and then run queries against this (more...)

Modern apache authentication with Azure AD

One of the key topic areas for us at the moment is modernizing our applications - in most cases this is trying to move to more cloud native architectures like PaaS. However another aspect of this is dealing with the authentication process for applications - over time we (as most other companies will have) have built up a huge array of different authentication mechanisms (and authorization - but I'll ignore that for now). Users have (more...)

Using DBCA in Silent Mode

One of my customers is a software company and they use Oracle database for their product. One of the things we need to do when they certify an Oracle version is to create silent installation scripts. These scripts are for Windows and used for demo and testing environments. I did that for 11.2 and for … Continue reading Using DBCA in Silent Mode

ODC Latin America Tour : Quito to Barranquilla

There was about six of us all on the same flights from Quito to Barranquilla, so the original plan was to meet up at about 06:00 and head off for the airport, but our first flight was delayed, so we left the hotel at about 06:45. The traffic hadn’t started to pick up yet, so it only took about 30 minutes to get there.

Once checked in and through security it was just a case (more...)

Cloud HCM and the Turning of the Tide

The ‘big 3’ of the Cloud HCM world are SAP/SuccessFactors, Workday and Oracle HCM Cloud. Each of the suites has its respective strengths and weaknesses, and situations in which it’s most likely to win in customer head-to-head battles. Being a keen watcher of the ecosystem I’m starting to wonder whether the status-quo might be changing however. Here’s why …

Ignoring SuccessFactors for a moment, let’s focus on Workday and Oracle HCM Cloud.

Historically, if it’s (more...)

Ya Gotta Water The Garden

With his love
And his carin'
He puts his life
Into beauty sharin'
And his children
Are his flowers
There to give us peace
In quiet hours

And I'll do anything I got to do
Cut my hair and shine my shoes
And keep on singin' the blues
If I can stay here in Johnny's garden

                         - From "Johnny's Garden" by Stephen Stills


VirtualBox 5.2.18

VirtualBox 5.2.18 was released yesterday.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

I’ve installed this on my Windows 10 laptop and all seems OK. In fact, it seems to have made a difference to an annoying timeout I was seeing between some Docker containers running inside a VirtualBox VM. I’m not sure if this was just a fluke of the reinstall, or a real fix. Either way, it’s welcome. 🙂




Replace deprecated apex_util.string_to_table (APEX 5.1/18.1)

Sometimes the Oracle APEX documentation announces some packages will become deprecated in a release. It's not that those packages are suddenly gone, but you should not use them anymore. Your code will run fine still, but in the future, APEX might take it out completely, so it's best to replace them with the new package.

One of those packages announced in Oracle APEX 5.1 that are deprecated, and which I used a lot, was (more...)

Getting started with Enterprise Modules’ ora_profile to install Oracle 18c

A couple of moths ago, Enterprise Modules announced the easy to start way of making use their Oracle modules, ora_profile. Recently their modules have been updated to support the on-premise release of Oracle 18c (18.3). In this post I’ll explain how to get started using Vagrant, VirtualBox and a little bit of Git.18c_klaar


To get started you should make sure both Vagrant an VirtualBox are available. On Windows hosts I discovered that having (more...)

Patching E-Business Suite without Downtime

Downtime during upgrades can cause a lot of headaches to E-Business Suite customers. No more!

Attend the free webinar by Oracle ACE Associate and Chicago OUG President Alfredo Abate and learn how you can patch your EBS installations without any downtime.

Register at this link.