CFP für Exaday 2017 gestartet


Es geht los bis zum 13.2.2017 können Vorträge für den Exaday 2017 rund um das Thema Oracle Engineered Systems eingereicht werden

Ich freue mich auf viele spannende Vorträge …

Der Exaday 2017 findet dieses Jahr am 20. Juni 2017 in Frankfurt – Mörfelden statt


The Call for Paper is opened until 13.2.2017

Please submit for the Exaday 2017 all around the topic Oracle Engineered Systems

http://exaday.doag. (more...)

Released for US and Canadian Payroll Customers, End of Year 2016 Phase 3 Statutory Update patches

Oracle US and Canadian Payroll Customers, The End of Year 2016 Phase 3 Statutory Update patches have been released!

Patch Numbers:

Important Notes:

  • The End of Year 2016 Phase 3 patch includes the End of Year 2016 Phase 1, Phase 2 as well as the Year Begin 2017 statutory updates. Please also note that the End of Year 2016 (more...)

Does it mean you work on boring stuff too?

Peter Sorger tweeted a not-so-serious question that is the title of this post, “Does it mean you work on boring stuff too?”

Absolutely… 🙂

Just to qualify that a bit, I work on a variety of things in my current job. Some I really enjoy, some I don’t enjoy so much. These days it’s really hard to be a specialist. To get stuff done you need a lot of different skills. I’m lucky that I (more...)

Demo: Version Control for PL/SQL in 30 Minutes

Hi Everyone! We prepared a 30 minute demo video to show you how Gitora can help you manage your PL/SQL code base. Check it out below:

New Year, New Look – Get a New UI on Us

Looks DO matter! Today’s users are fed up with the current look and feel of their Oracle Forms / EBS System, many of which were developed last century.  But we know how hard it can be to take the first step towards modernization. As Forms administrators / DBA’s your management many not want to believe there is any life left in these applications and won’t move forward. He probably thinks its wiser to move on. But (more...)

Resolve PDP Error for Named Credentials


Some of our named credentials use a privileged account to perform root actions via sudo. That account is not the same as the OEM agent binary owner and does not belong to the binary owner’s o/s groups for security reasons.

Sometime that causes problems, like this:

PDP execution may have failed 3430 Insecure operation – please consult your administrator pbrun8.5.1-01[112628]: 3201.07 Exec of /usr/bin/pb_sudo failed: Operation not permitted

The Powerbroker error is (more...)

Holiday Project, A DIY CNC Adventure

This past holiday break, I have mostly stayed in the garage – setting up a CNC machine and cutting all the things that I deemed cuttable by it.

Raymond is busy on CNC jobs

Owning a CNC machine has been on my list for a long time, it is just out of my price range for a high quality professional grade machine, or maybe not useful enough for a “toy” level DIY one. But every time I built (more...)

Explicit Semantic Analysis setup using SQL and PL/SQL

In my previous blog post I introduced the new Explicit Semantic Analysis (ESA) algorithm and gave an example of how you can build an ESA model and use it. Check out this link for that blog post.

In this blog post I will show you how you can manually create an ESA model. The reason that I'm showing you this way is that the workflow (in ODMr and it's scheduler) may not be for everyone. (more...)

The Relational Data Model

Mid-eighties. I was studying Computer Science. Little did I know back then that this thing called "The Relational Data Model" (RDM) would become huge in the IT-industry. The topic was still hot in academia at that time. My luck was that I liked those courses. Predicate Logic, Set Theory, Database Design, SQL. I aced them all. It was no surprise then, that I ended up working with Oracle software

What’s The Difference Between Oracle ROWNUM vs Oracle ROW_NUMBER?

Have you seen ROWNUM and ROW_NUMBER in Oracle and wondered what the difference is? Learn what they are and the differences between Oracle ROWNUM vs Oracle ROW_NUMBER in this article. What Is Oracle ROWNUM? You might think that ROWNUM is a function in Oracle. However, it’s not a function. It’s a “pseudocolumn”. It acts like […]

It matters where your SaaS is hosted

2017-01-16-00_32_50-photosIn the World of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions the hosting of the application is taken care of for you. You don’t need to worry where your data is hosted, or which company the hosting is outsourced to, right? That’s probably not the case. You’ll want to take careful notice of what happens to your data.

In many cases the company you pay for the service isn’t the one that hosts the servers. An (more...)

What’s New for Oracle Integration Cloud Service Release 16.4.5


This release of Oracle Integration Cloud Service includes two new adapters (DB2 Adapter and Oracle Logistics Adapter) and enhancements to the REST Adapter, SOAP Adapter, FTP Adapter, and Salesforce Adapter. Enhancements are also provided for orchestrated integrations, scheduled integrations, orchestrated integration creation options, custom adapter uploads, Expression Builder functions, XPath extension functions, exported/imported integrations, diagnostic logs, and REST APIs. See below for details.

Read the complete article here.

Learn More: More details on what’s new (more...)

Analyse Your Data on the Go with Oracle Synopsis App

Analyse Your Data on the Go with Oracle Synopsis App

How many times did you receive an email on your phone with an Excel or CSV attachment you wanted to analyse immediately in an app on your mobile, without having to wait until you reach the laptop? Not only viewing raw numbers but also creating graphs and summaries with the possibility to share the end result with your colleagues?

Analyse Your Data on the Go with Oracle Synopsis App

Your prayers have been answered with the recent release from Oracle of Oracle Synopsis. This is (more...)

Which Oracle Web Tier Utilities Patchsets Can Be Used with EBS 12.2?

The Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2's Rapid Install delivers three Fusion Middleware (FMW) components:
  1. Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.6 (this is the "$FMW_HOME") 
  2. Oracle WebTier Utilities
  3. Oracle Common Home (Part of Oracle WebTier Utilities
The fifth-level digit in the Oracle Web Tier Utilities version is not relevant to E-Business Suite certifications.  In other words, you can apply any Oracle Web Tier Utilities patchsets that (more...)

APEX 5.1 New Features

APEX 5.1 ist endlich da. Oracle Application Express wird mit jedem Release besser und zieht immer mehr Entwickler weltweit in seinen Bann. Es ist einfach, einfache wie auch komplexe Applikationen auf Basis des Oracle Stacks zu entwickeln. Es macht sogar richtig Spaß !

Mit APEX 5.1 sind als wichtiges neues Feature die Interactive Grids mit dazu gekommen. Wir haben sehr lange auf eine moderne Möglichkeit gewartet, Excel - ähnliche Funktionen auf einer Webseite mit (more...)

Oracle Parallel Execution Deep Dive Session

Here is a recording of a session I did a while ago, covering how to understand the essentials of Oracle Parallel Execution and how to read the corresponding execution plans.

Logwriter I/O

If you are on any version of the database past, then savvy DBA’s may have noticed the following message popping up occasionally in their trace files

Warning: log write time 540ms, size 444KB

In itself, that is quite a nice little addition – an informational message letting you know that perhaps your log writer performance is worth closer investigation.  MOS Note 601316.1 talks a little more about this message.


Ubuntu: Hibernate/Suspend to disk: Resume problem with ATI Radeon R7

On a new Lenovo laptop i had some issues with supsend/resume.
I installed tux on ice and the suspend process worked, but the resume just freezed after some seconds.

First step to solve this problem was to stop the graphics (/etc/init.d/lightdm stop) and try it again.

This attempt worked without a problem, so it was clear: the resume problem is a issue with the graphic card:
laptop:~$ lspci
01:00.0 Display controller: (more...)

Death and Resurrection of a Fitbit Experience

My first Fitbit Surge died. I bought the device in March 2015 and used it everywhere. I documented my user experience of the Fitbit Surge from Helsinki to Beijing and wore it the whole time, including during several marathons in the U.S. and Europe. 

I loved using the thing and the experience of analyzing and comparing recorded activity data with other Fitbit users was great, and still is. 

Sure, I bitched about (more...)

What those extra Healthcare flags on Oracle SOA and 12.2.1 update are for? by Bruno Neves Alves

Whilst upgrading to I came across the following Post Installation actions at the READ.ME doc of the 22524811 patch:
"4 Post-Installation Instructions"
2. Add em property : hc.jmsAndDBSameTxn with 'true' value.
3. Following Healthcare Server properties are needed:
        - hc.sequencedEndpoints
                + ALL,, - comman separate value
                + Any endpoints after ALL will not be sequenced.
                + In this example, will have sequcing turned off. (more...)