Fusion HCM Integration by Kiran Mundy

clip_image002Because of frequent questions from HCM customers on how they can use BPEL to integrate with Fusion HCM, I’ve put together the details here

Your orchestration layer is the software [such as Oracle's SOA BPEL or BPM Studio] you currently already use, to wire together Fusion HCM Loader/Extract programs to other apps.

Companies already using SOA/BPEL can just add Fusion HCM into the mix.
Steps to accomplish this are below:.


  1. (more...)

Using Shared AM to Cache and Display Table Data by Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image002This post is based on Steve Muench sample Nr. 156. In my personal opinion, ADF samples implemented by Steve Muench still remain one of the best source of examples and solutions for various ADF use cases. Sample Nr. 156 describes how to use Shared AM to display cached data in UI table. Typically Shared AM's are used to implement cached LOV's (session or application scope). But it could go beyond LOV, based on the use (more...)

How to use WLST as a Jython 2.7 module

WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) in WebLogic Server 12.1.3 uses Jython version 2.2.1 (based on Python 2.2.1). This can be an important limitation when using WLST. Many modules are not available for 2.2.1 or are difficult to install. See here for an example. WLST however can be used as a module in Jython 2.7. This allows you to use all kinds of nice Jython 2.7 goodness (more...)

Enterprise Manager 12c R5 – Manage Hybrid Cloud from a Single Interface

Oracle recently announced Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 5, which simplifies the journey to the cloud.  For the first time, with Release 5 ( you will be able to manage your hybrid cloud as one, from a single pane of glass. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c delivers comprehensive capabilities to manage, migrate, test and deploy applications and databases across hybrid clouds, providing for 100% reuse of existing IT operations management skills and (more...)

creating a pluggable database from an existing non-CDB Using the DBMS_PDB package

There are three ways of creating a pluggable database from an existing non-CDB:
• Using the DBMS_PDB package to generate metadata and then creating the pluggable database
• Data Pump (using the transportable tablespace feature)
• GoldenGate replication

Note :

When using the DBMS_PDB package to convert a non-CDB to a pluggable database, the non-CDB must be Oracle12c or higher.

Take care of your Non CDB and CDB chraceter set (more...)

VirtualBox 5.0.6

VirtualBox 5.0.6 has been released.

It’s a maintenance release. You can find the downloads and changelog in the usual places.

Happy upgrading!



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Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards-Every Vote Counts….

In case you haven’t heard about Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards already-this is the time to vote for the chosen finalists of various technology categories. These finalists are selected by a panel of Oracle ACE community members among the following 5 categories.

Steven Feuerstein has written about these awards here and also has published the list of the finalists.

So if you haven’t voted (more...)

Estimate_Percent und Histogramme

Dass die Sample-Größe bei der Statistikerfassung via dbms_stats ein schwieriges Thema ist, habe ich wohl schon gelegentlich erwähnt - bzw. die Artikel anderer Autoren nacherzählt, die darüber geschrieben haben. Und ein besonders heikler Teilbereich dieses Themas sind die Histogramme. Und wahrscheinlich gehe ich auf den neuen Scratchpad-Artikel von Jonathan Lewis hier vor allem deshalb noch einmal intensiver ein, weil der Herr Lewis im zugehörigen OTN-Thread meine Einschätzung des gegebenen Falls bestätigt hat - und lobende (more...)

Finally My PaaS4SaaS Workshop Blog by Debra Lilley

clip_image002I know this posting is a bit late but at the end of January I took part in a proof of concept workshop for PaaS4Sass and it’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since.

When I was thinking about moving to Certus one of the things that attracted me was there intent to write extensions for Oracle’s CloudApplications using the just announced PaaS4SaaS solution.

I attended Oracle Open World with an open mind and trying to (more...)

Create shortcut of page on a button click in Oracle ADF using JShortcut library (For windows) by Ashish Awasthi

clip_image001This post is about a small trick to create shortcut file from ADF application
Actually this type of requirement doesn't come in picture when you are working in web application , for web application bookmarks replaces desktop shortcut
Still if you want to do this then you can follow approach mentioned in this post
Creating shortcut programmatically requires access of operating system but you need not to worry about that
There is a java library (more...)

Standalone JavaFX FXML app with nashorn scripts for event handling – no java code!

In nashorn openjdk repository http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk9/dev/nashorn, there is a script called "fxmlrunner.js" in the "samples" directory. This script can accept any FXML file as command line argument and "run it". If that FXML file has event handlers written in (nashorn) javascript, then we can have complete runnable application without having to write any Java code!

When I came across this FXML example https://github.com/halcat0x15a/calculator/blob/master/src/calculator/calculator.fxml, I wanted to (more...)

SSL Issues in Chrome

I am starting to hate Google Chrome. First they take away Java applet support and now they are making my web sites look bad by giving warning on the SSL certificates for my sites that other browsers don't seem to care about.

Of course this is probably a good idea. We don't want our web sites using insecure protocols.

I ran into this at a customer recently for a WebCenter Portal site. We had Oracle (more...)

Using sed to format controlfile trace

Do you find it cumbersome having to format controlfile trace?

For the most part, it’s a manual and tedious process.

Using sed, it may be possible to automate task.

RESUSE overwrites existing controlfile trace.

alter database backup controlfile to trace as ‘/tmp/cf.sql’ REUSE RESETLOGS;

ARROW:(SYS@hawklas):PRIMARY> alter database backup controlfile to trace as '/tmp/cf.sql' RESETLOGS;
alter database backup controlfile to trace as '/tmp/cf.sql' RESETLOGS
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01277: file '/tmp/cf.sql'  (more...)

Online Partition Move fails with ORA-00932 –

Oracle 12c introduced feature to move table partitions and sub-partitions as online operations.So, this blog is related to this feature and the issue I faced.

The database was upgraded from to and this issue is seen in upgraded databases only.

Lets start!!!

SQL> create table sales_part
    (product char(25),channel_id number,cust_id number,
    amount_sold number, time_id date)
    partition by range (time_id)
    partition sale_jan values less than (to_date('01-02-2015','dd-mm-yyyy')),
    partition  (more...)

Log Buffer #443: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition finds and publishes blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


  • SCRIPT execution errors when creating a DBaaS instance with local and cloud backups.
  • Designing Surrogate vs Natural Keys with Oracle SQL Developer.
  • EBS General Ledger – Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service.
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 is available.
  • Disable “Build After Save at JDeveloper” 12c.

SQL Server:

  • Learn where to get the latest installation and learning resources for the (more...)

Batch processing in JEE7 (JSR 352)

A new feature in JEE7 is Batch Processing, an implementation of JSR 352 based on the programming model of Spring Batch. With batch processing, we understand the execution of a series of jobs (steps) , sequential or in parallel, without any user interaction. In this blog, we want to give a small overview of the capabilities of this new feature.
The code of this blog can be downloaded from here.
The zip file contains an Eclipse (more...)

Being part of the Oracle Scene… Quite Literally

I have some advice for you all.

Do not get drunk with people from Ireland who claim to be your friend and, if you do, agree to no suggestions they might make whilst you are drunk….

I am now deputy editor of “Oracle Scene”.


This is the magazine the UKOUG produce 3 times a year and you can click this link to see the latest issue. There are some very nice articles in there by (more...)

What I Wanted to Tell Terry Bradshaw

I met Terry Bradshaw one time. It was about ten years ago, in front of a movie theater near where I live.

When I was little, Terry Bradshaw was my enemy because, unforgivably to a young boy, he and his Pittsburgh Steelers kept beating my beloved Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowls. As I grew up, though, his personality on TV talk shows won me over, and I enjoy watching him to this day on Fox NFL (more...)

The Data Warrior Goes to Oracle Open World 2015 (#OOW15)

Yes boy and girls, it is that time of year again. Time for the BIG show in San Francisco – OOW15 I will as usual, attend, but only for a few days this year (been away from home too much). My Talk I will be presenting my session Worst Practices in Data Warehouse Design (UGF9985) […]

DOAG 2015 noch wenige Wochen…

Noch wenige Wochen bis zur DOAG 2015.

Dieses Jahr habe ich die Ehre 2 Vorträge zu halten, nachdem ich...
 - 2012 abgelehnt wurde
 - 2013 abgelehnt wurde
 - 2014 dabei war mit: Dynamisches Arbeiten mit Grafiken innerhalb von APEX
 - und 2015...

3 Gründe warum es sich lohnt meine Vorträge anzuschauen
1.) (more...)