12.2 Index Deferred Invalidation (Atomica)

One of the useful little features quietly introduced with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 is the ability to now defer the invalidation of dependent SQL cursors when an index is created or modified. This can be useful when you say create a new index which you know will have no impact on any existing SQL […]

Collation in 12cR2 – when AA equals Å (or not?)

Collation in Oracle 12cR2 gives some more finegrained possibilities for setting up how your data is to sorted and compared linguistically. A lot we could do before with NLS_SORT and NLS_COMP and the likes, but the collation features can both be simpler to use as well as offer more detailed control.

But do some testing for your specific language cases - you might find some small surprises like I did when trying it out with (more...)

LEAP#312 Matrix Firecracker

I was a bit dubious about the possibility of creating a decent firecracker animation on the 24x5 Matrix display. The additional PWM settings create another dimension, so the simulacrum is perhaps not so far off the mark. To light the firecracker, I want to use a real fire of course;-) As always, all notes, schematics and code are in the Little Electronics & Arduino Projects repo on GitHub


Containerization, do we need container-carriers?

In maritime logistics containers and container carriers are not really new.

Sitting in the plane, the following thoughts occurred to me…

In fact, containers in IT are a concept which is 1-on-1 derived from these physical containers.
We have seen and read many good and informative blog-posts and presentations about this. Obviously there is a lot of confusion about this as well. In my opinion you should be careful to mix and match too intensively. (more...)

Configuring Oracle Traffic Director 12c with WebGate

At a recent customer install, I was faced with configuring Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) Webgate with Oracle Access Manager.

Deploying Webgate on OD 12c is very well described in the documentation. See A Configuring OAM Agent (WebGate) for Oracle Traffic Director

There is however a flaw in the documentation. I came across that when I reached the point where Webgate get’s configured in the conf files (more...)

LEAP#311 The Boldport Club Juice

Juice is a battery replacement kit that uses a pretty nifty set of AA, AAA, A23 and CR2032 inserts to inject the required regulated power where a battery or two would normally be required. Power can be supplied via the micro USB connector, or any other power supply that can be clipped or screwed on to the body of the Juice. All the structural parts punch out from the classy PCB like a model plane (more...)

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 – Long Identifiers

Prior to Oracle Database 12c Release 2 have a problem with long identifier name, for example, in 11.2 version you cannot create long name (max 30 Bytes) tables.  As you see, from screenshots length of table name column is maximum 30.

Creating table with long name

Table Name Column size 30

In Oracle Database 12c Release 2 changed the length of identifier names, and this change depends on the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter. Documentation says:

If (more...)

Being a Beginner Again (OBIEE, ODI, OBIA)

Things have been a little quite on the blog front recently, because work has been crazy. I keep being asked to do stuff I’ve never done before and it makes life really hard.

I hate being crap at stuff, and I don’t like to do things at work that I’ve not already done at home, so when something new is thrown at me it I put a lot of pressure on myself to get up (more...)

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 – SQL*Plus History Command

As you know that we can repeat our previous SQL*Plus commands in Windows CMD. But in UNIX based systems not supported command line history of SQL*PLus.  For this reason in UNIX and Linux, we used rlwrap utility to see the SQL*Plus command line history and quickly recall previous SQL*Plus commands.

With seconds release of Oracle Database 12c coming SQL*Plus history command for the history of the command line in Linux.

I want to share some example for this (more...)

OTN EMEA Tour 2017 Baku

OTN EMEA Tour 2017 took place.

Our city Baku also included this tour this year also. We (board of Azerbaijan Oracle User Group) organized the biggest event at Baku  (Park in Hotel) by sponsored Azercell Telecommunication Company. This year 3 Oracle ACE Director  Bjorn Rost (Germany), Gurcan Orhan (Turkey), Heli Helskyaho (Finland) and an Oracle ACE Rene Antunez (Mexica)  are our guests. Attendees of our event listened very interesting Oracle technical topics at the event.

Here is (more...)

Carbonated Java & JavaScript Stored Procedures

Carbonated Java Stored Procedures

For accessing JSON Collections and documents without any knowledge of SQL, Oracle furnishes the SODA for Java API. It allows a convenient access and navigation using the dot notation.

How to use SODA for Java in Java Stored Procedures? I have posted the steps, the code samples and scripts on GitHub.

Carbonated JavaScript Stored Procedures 

Nashorn allows interoperability between Java and javaScript. By leveraging such interoperability, I've bee able to reuse (more...)

Automating Password Rotation for Oracle Databases

Password rotation is not the most exciting task in the world, and that’s exactly why it’s a perfect candidate for automation. Automating routine tasks like this are good for everyone – DBAs can work on something that’s more exciting, companies save costs as less time is spent on changing the passwords, and there’s no place for human error, either. At Pythian, we typically use Ansible for task automation, and I like it mainly because of (more...)

Virtualizing Big Data in the Cloud

I’m in sunny Phoenix this week at the Data Platforms 2017 Conference and looking forward to a break in the heat when I return to Colorado this evening.

As this event is for big data, I expected to present on how big data could benefit from virtualization, but was surprised to find that I didn’t have a lot of luck finding customers utilizing us for this reason, (yet). (more...)

LEAP#310 TEA5767 FM Stereo Chip

A couple of TEA5767 Low-power FM stereo radio chips landed in my lap. They arrived mounted on a small module board with all the essential supporting circuitry, so they should be ready to run without much external hardware. This project is a simple test drive under Arduino control. It simply skips through a selection of local FM stations and works amazingly well! As always, all notes, schematics and code are in the Little Electronics & (more...)

Interview with PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast: Cost-Based Optimizer Statistics in PeopleSoft

I recently recorded another interview with Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson for the PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast, this time about management of Cost-Based Optimizer Statistics in PeopleSoft systems.

(19 May 2017) #81 - Database Statistics

You can listen to the podcast on psadmin.io, or subscribe with your favourite podcast player, or in iTunes.

Oracle Security Training

Yesterday I made a short video to talk about my two day class " How to Perform a Security audit of an Oracle database " and added the video to YouTube. This class is going to be delivered at a....[Read More]

Posted by Pete On 26/05/17 At 09:39 AM

Semantik des parallel(n) Hints

Jonathan Lewis weist in seinem Blog darauf hin, dass der Hint /*+ parallel(n) */ keineswegs einen parallen Plan erzwingt, auch wenn eine ausreichende Anzahl an parallelen Ausführungsprozessen zur Verfügung steht. Tatsächlich weist der Hint den Optimizer nur dazu an, die Kosten der parallelen Ausführung für jeden überprüften Plan zu berücksichtigen - aber letztlich wählt der Optimizer den Plan mit den niedrigsten Kosten (sofern kein Bug im Spiel ist) und das kann durchaus ein serieller Plan (more...)

review at amazon: Apache SOLR for newbies

Last weekend this book fell into my hands:


Paul Lawson wrote a splendid introduction into Apache SOLR. At the beginning he describes the motivation behind the project SOLR:
 "Outside the firewall  [searching] is used to make money, and inside to save money."
Within 130 pages this books covers everything from installation, adminstration GUI, examples to start (importing documents, first searches, etc.) and the quick overview to the fundamental configuration files.
If you are (more...)


Headline – if you don’t want to read the note – the /*+ parallel(N) */ hint doesn’t mean a query will use parallel execution, even if there are enough parallel execution server processes to make it possible. The parallel(N) hint tells the optimizer to consider the cost of using parallel execution for each path that it examines, but ultimately the optimizer will still take the lowest cost path (bar the odd few special cases) and (more...)

LEAP#309 Audio Connectors

Audio signals can be carried by any kind of connection, but there are some more commonly used standard connectors for audio applications. I started this project folder to collect notes on the verious connectors I use or have encountered. As always, all notes, schematics and code are in the Little Electronics & Arduino Projects repo on GitHub hero_image