Cloud to Ground Mashup Webinar

At 11:00 AM Pacific on Tuesday, October 25th (tomorrow), I have the privilege of talking about Cloud and on-premise (ground) integration. Whether cloud to cloud, cloud to ground, or ground to ground, integration is probably one of the most difficult aspects of any implementation. Integration comes in two flavors:

  • Back-end
  • Front-end

Back-end integration is the most common. Back-end integration involves integrating data between two systems either for processing or presenting a common user experience.

Front-end (more...)

HotSpot JVM garbage collection options cheat sheet (v4)

After three years, I have decided to update my GC cheat sheet.

New version finally includes G1 options, thankfully there are not very many of them. There are also few useful options introduced to CMS including parallel inital mark and initiating concurrent cycles by timer.

Finally, I made separate cheat sheet versions for Java 7 and Java 8.

Below are links to PDF versions

ASH script to show query run times

I ran into a situation last week where a developer complained that a query sometimes ran for 3 or more seconds but normally runs much less than 1 second. I had just been to a local AZORA user group meeting where Tim Gorman talked about using ASH to diagnose issues so Tim’s talk motivated me to find some clever way to use ASH. I had these three pairs of start and stop dates and times to (more...)

MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Ceph Storage for Oracle Linux, Release 2.0, is Now Available

The latest Ceph Storage for Oracle Linux, Release 2.0, is now available for download on the Unbreakable Linux Network as well as on Oracle’s public YUM repository. Based on the Ceph community Jewel release (v10.2.2), Ceph Storage for Oracle Linux provides a high performing, extremely scalable storage solution offering block, file and object storage under a single system, leveraging commodity x86-based hardware. Ceph offers a number of features and is one of (more...)

Oracle Microservices Platform Partner Webcast – tomorrow October 25th 2016 16.00 CET


Attend our October edition of the SOA & BPM Partner Community Webcast live on October 25th 2016 at 16:00 CET.

Microservices architectures, lightweight and script-based applications, and cloud-native application development join the ranks of agile methodology to build better software faster.

Develop cloud native, 12-factor style applications on a modern polyglot platform with Java SE, PHP, Node.js and more.image

Mike Lehmann

Vice President Product Management, Oracle Cooperation

Visit the registration page here.

Call (more...)

Why Get Java SE8 Certified?

Getting certified may not ever make it on your 'to-do' list but it should.

Here’s why:

  1. Being certified demonstrates a skill set that can set you apart from others
  2. These skills are in high-demand
  3. There are 37,981 current job openings in the United States 
  4. Of these 28,025 have a listed salary range of $100,000 or more
  5. Top employers are Amazon, Oracle, Accenture, CyberCoders and Capital One

 See for yourself. Click to see Skills, What (more...)

Data Modeler: Foreign Key Create New Column vs Use Existing

When using the data modeler, we assume when you add a foreign key, you haven’t already created the ID column. So we create that for you. Here’s what that looks like. I draw the relationship. It’s creating a new column for me to use for the relationship/FK – I don’t want that. I don’t... [Read More]

I’m speaking at #DOAG2016 and #ukoug_tech16

This year I get to speak about advanced SQL twice at two different conferences. My first presentation is about row pattern matching with MATCH_RECOGNIZE and my second deals with ranges - including but not limited to Temporal Validity ranges.

Enhancement Request for SQL Developer for users of Logger

Juergen Schuster, who has been enthusiastically trying OraOpenSource Logger, raised an idea for the debug/instrumentation library requesting the addition of a standard synonym “l” for the package. The motive behind this request was to allow our PL/SQL code to remain easy to read, in spite of all the calls to logger sprinkled throughout that are needed for effective debugging and instrumentation.

In the judgement of some (myself included) the addition of the synonym to (more...)

SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive – Part 4, Empty matches and unmatched rows?

I have been asked a number of times during and after presenting on this topic (SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive) what is the difference between the various matching options such as EMPTY MATCHES and UNMATCHED ROWS. This is the area that I am going to cover in this particular blog post, which is No 4 in this deep dive... [Read More]

Anniversary OICA

Happy anniversary to me!

On this day 10 years ago I published the first article in my blog. It was about the parameter optimizer_index_cost_adj (hence OICA), a parameter that has been a  source of many performance problems and baffled DBAs over the years and, if you read my first blog posting, a parameter that should be

It seems appropriate to mention it today because I recently found a blog posting (dated 3rd May 2013 (more...)

A Guide to the Oracle Data Types

In this article, I explain what the different data types are in Oracle database and everything you need to know about them. What You’ll Learn about Oracle SQL Data Types There are many data types in the Oracle database. There are character, number, date, and other data types. When you create a table, you need to […]

8 Minute Apps (Easier Than 8 Minute Abs!)

Building mobile apps can be as challenging as using a certain 1990s cult workout routine in order to get into shape... that is to say, it can be pretty difficult!  IT departments often will be tasked with building and maintaining complex mobile applications, and therefore, other types of apps sometimes are de-prioritized. While widely used consumer-facing apps and upgrades/maintenance to back end infrastructure supporting those apps always will be a priority, simple apps serving useful (more...)

SOA & BPM Community Newsletter October 2016

Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community,

Thanks to all partners for making Oracle OpenWorld 2016 again a huge success! In case you have been not able to attend the conference in San Francisco you can get the latest PaaS update in the on-demand webcast with Ed Zou here. Make sure you read the excellent blog articles from ACE’s and PaaS experts or watch the OpenWorld on-demand keynotes videos. At our community workspace (membership required (more...)

New OA Framework 12.2.6 Update Now Available

Web-based content in Oracle E-Business Suite 12 runs on the Oracle Application Framework (OAF or "OA Framework") user interface libraries and infrastructure.  Since the release of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 in 2013, we have released several cumulative updates to Oracle Application Framework to fix performance, security, and stability issues. 

These updates are provided in cumulative Release Update Packs, and cumulative Bundle Patches that can be applied on top of the Release Update (more...)

BULK COLLECT into nested table

I had an observation come to me last week about PL/SQL and populating nested tables.

“The BULK COLLECT into <nested table> statement cannot be used repeatedly to append results into a table. 
Instead, it silently truncates the target table each time. “

This is true.  However, if you need to use BULK COLLECT to append results into a single nested table data structure, it is trivial to come up with a workaround using (more...)

Speaking at APAC OTN TOUR 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand

The APAC OTN Tour 2016 will be running from October 26th until November 11th visiting 4 countries/7 Cities in the Asia Pacific Region.

I will be speaking at APAC OTN TOUR 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand on 26th October on the topic which is very near and dear to me; Exadata and Cloud.

My session is 12c Multi-Tenancy and Exadata IORM: An Ideal Cloud Based Resource Management with Fahd Mirza

Hope to see you there !

Blue, Gorm, Elektrisches Blau: David Bowie in Irish and Transcreation

Táimid ann sa mhóimint dhraíochtach seo
Sin é an stuif as a bhfitear brionglóidí  …

I’m mega-fan of the music of the late David Bowie. I love everything he did from Hunky Dory (1971) up to his Lodger (1979) album (you can keep the rest). His so-called Berlin Trilogy is amongst my favorite recordings; I always go to some of his old Berlin haunts whenever I find myself in the Hauptstadt

Indeed, Berlin is the European city (more...)

Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance Consistency – Part 6

In the next parts of this series I'll have a look at the results of similar performance consistency tests performed on a comparable Amazon RDS Oracle cloud database instance.

Let's start with the configuration used, which was an Amazon RDS "db.m4.2xlarge" instance - the latest RDS generation available at time of testing. This is an 8 VCPUs resp. Hyper Threads / 4 cores configuration with 32GB of RAM.
As storage I've used (more...)

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When you purchase products from Oracle, learning from actual product experts helps you gain valuable insights about new and developing features that can directly benefit your business.

Buying a Systems Learning Subscription lets you do just that, 24/7.

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