Video : Oracle Data Guard Broker

Today’s video is a quick demonstration of the Oracle Data Guard Broker.

Having recently written an article on it (here), I though a quick run through might help people see how easy it is. Maybe they will get converted like me. 🙂

The star of this video is Liron Amitzi, whose shopping habits have probably boosted the Canadian economy since his move there. By now I expect all the shelves in all (more...)

What convention to use for PDB?

I don’t know but best to have one.

With multi-tenant database, I would use OMF to keep it simple and to avoid having to remember about FILE_NAME_CONVERT.

When creating PDB, there may be specification for ADMIN USER as show below:


Here are some examples I have come across (Names and Blogs are not provided to protect the innocents):

create pluggable database PDB1 admin user pdb1_admin 
CREATE  (more...)

New SOA Diagnostics Tool – IWS Reports – Overview by Malkit


Among many new features added for 12.2.1 version of Oracle Fusion Middleware (announcement link) and demoed at this year's recently concluded Oracle Open World, I'm particularly excited about brand new diagnostics feature of Oracle SOA Suite called IWS Reports - being the lead designer and implementer of this project.

IWS stands for Integration Workload Statistics and is intended to provide Oracle DB AWR like diagnostics for SOA applications. At high (more...)

WordPress Fatal error: Call to undefined method PHPMailer::getCustomHeaders()

With numerous new themes and new versions of the wordpress, when you try to publish some post or page or try to send email or try to use contact form, you might get following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method PHPMailer::getCustomHeaders()

This error normally occurs if you are using incompatible wordpress and theme and plugin versions. The best course of action is to update your wordpress, your theme, and all the plugin and make (more...)

Friday Spotlight: Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux is now certified as “OpenStack Powered”

One of the top 3 reasons users are adopting OpenStack for their Cloud is “Open platform and ecosystem, including flexibility of underlying technology choices”.   

Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Release 2.1 is now certified as “OpenStack Powered” achieving high level of interoperability amongvarious products and services enabling a large OpenStack ecosystem for end users. 

User’s can accelerate their ability to innovate and compete by deploying applications faster on Oracle “OpenStack Powered (more...)

Like Classroom Learning, Minus the Travel? Try Live Virtual Classes

Image courtesy of

Do you enjoy learning in a traditional, interactive classroom environment, but don't have time to attend in person?

Not to worry - Oracle University offers Live Virtual Classes that bring the classroom to you, in real-time.

You watch live classes as they're happening from anywhere with an internet connection.

Oracle University instructors teach live students in a "virtual" classroom; you attend these courses online. Includes demonstrations and hands-on labs.


OTN Summit Replay: Watch our most recent content!

The latest OTN Summit content is ready for OnDemand viewing, select a Category below.  12C  App Integration  Big Data Prep Start Here to Transform your Cloud Implementation: Oracle Database Cloud... [Read More]

Five Reasons To Have Coding Skills Now

Oracle Academy recently partnered with Burning Glass to analyze the millions of job postings across the United States.   Read the full report here .

They found 5 great reasons to build your career in coding now.  

  1. Coding skills are in high demandSeven million job openings in 2015 were in occupations which value coding skills.
  2. Coding Skills are Not Just for ProgrammersCoding skills are of value to candidates across five major (more...)

Hit by the ‘Tech Support’ Scammers

I got a call earlier today from the Tech Support Scammers. You’ve probably heard of this horribly unethical practice already, but the premise is that they cold-call seemingly randomly and try to convince you that there is a problem with your PC/router, and then attempt to get you to allow them remote access to your PC to ‘fix it’. Some then claim problems are due to expired warranties on the computer and demand payment, others (more...)

Checking out the Oracle Reserved Words using V$RESERVED_WORDS

When working with SQL or PL/SQL we all know there are some words we cannot use in our code or to label various parts of it. These languages have a number of reserved words that form the language.
Somethings it can be a challenge to know what is or isn't a reserved word. Yes we can check the Oracle documentation for the SQL reserved words and the PL/SQL reserved words. There are other references and (more...)

Five Minutes That Will Make Users Happy

My kitchen has a very nice range hood over the cooktop. It has a powerful  fan and beautiful brushed steel finish. And it has a user experience like most IT systems: Lousy.

Let’s think about what a range hood does. It has two main functions:

  1. Start the fan to extract grease and fumes
  2. Turn on the light over the cooktop

Because of the shape of a range hood, the buttons to operate it are typically (more...)

12c XSLT Editor – XSLT View Overview

clip_image002XSLT View is one of two graphical views provided by the new 12c XSLT Editor. 

(For a quick introduction to the graphical views in the 12c XSLT Editor see here.)

XSLT View provides the ability to edit any XSLT file graphically. It is intended for XSLT developers who have a general understanding of XSLT and have written XSLT source code in a text editor.

XSLT View is effectively a graphical source view. It (more...)

Oracle 12c Learning Series: In-database Archiving and Temporal Validity

One of the major challenge faced by an Oracle DBA is – how to effectively deal with historical data? Today, if we consider database tables for an enterprise, data in the table goes back several years and most of the data in the table is inactive. Challenge remains as to how to archive this data and make our query run efficiently.

If we choose to archive old data outside of database on a tape, cost (more...)

OTN Tour of Latin America 2016 : It’s Nearly Here

ace-directorIn a couple of days I will be setting off for this years OTN Tour of Latin America 2016 (Northern Leg). For me, the tour consists of the following locations:

  • Panama City, Panama:  01-Aug-2016
  • San Jose, Costa Rica:  03-Aug-2016
  • Mexico City, Mexico: 05-Aug-2016
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala: 08-Aug-2016
  • Pereira, Colombia: 11, 12-Aug-2016

I’ve had a last minute panic over hotels, but the main thing is I have flights. 🙂

If you’re coming to the events, it will be great (more...)

Schedule Your 12c OCM Exam Now

The Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master exam is now available for scheduling.

- Check the schedule in your region.
- If there is not an event scheduled, select the option to 'register a request'.

There is minimum participant requirement to run an OCM exam event. Help Oracle University take the guess work out of scheduling desirable events, and get your OCM exam scheduled sooner in your location by registering your interest for when and (more...)

Query materialized view refresh timestamp

Unlike my lengthy posts, this is really a quick one. Alright, so how do you get to know when your materialized view got refreshed? Well, no biggies. There are bunch of dictionary views who capture refresh date but none of them give you timestamp. For fast refresh, you can work with SCN or timestamp based MView … Continue reading

Banishing some PeopleSoft Myths

There seems to be quite a bit of uncertainty and misinformation in the PeopleSoft marketplace currently, so I thought it might be time to banish a few myths:

1. PeopleSoft isn’t being improved/getting investment

There are those with vested interests or other biases that will always deny this regardless of the evidence put in front of them, but PeopleSoft is improving in leaps and bounds. In the last couple of years PeopleSoft has been moving at (more...)

Fishbowl’s Agile (like) Approach to Oracle WebCenter Portal Projects

In this video blog, Fishbowl Solutions’ Technical Project Manager, Justin Ames, and Marketing Team Lead, Jason Lamon, discuss Fishbowl’s Agile (like) approach to managing Oracle WebCenter portal projects. Justin shares an overview of what Agile and Scrum mean, how it is applied to portal development, and the customer benefits of applying Agile to an overall portal project.

Customer Testimonial:

“This is my first large project being managed with an Agile-like approach, and it has made (more...)

Important Reminder: Managing Your OPN Membership

OPN Agreements executed after October 2015 have a two-year term. As previously communicated, you must validate your membership every year. Depending on your membership level and other programs in which you are enrolled, the validation may simply be submitting the annual membership fee or it may include criteria compliance validation.

Please watch for your 90-day notification or go to the Oracle Partner Store prior to your Membership End Date and be guided through the process (more...)

Denovo Achieves Oracle Validated Integration With Quick Calculator for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Denovo Ventures, LLC, a Platinum-level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of the Quick Calculator with Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2. Denovo is a cloud solution innovator and a trusted advisor to companies preparing for growth.

Denovo's services portfolio manages the unique business demands of implementing and sustaining Oracle's enterprise resource management (ERP) ecosystems.

Read more.