Surprising calibrate_io result

Recently I used DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER.calibrate_io to measure disk I/O performance using a call like this:

 l_latency PLS_INTEGER;
 l_iops PLS_INTEGER;
 l_mbps PLS_INTEGER;

 DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER.calibrate_io (num_physical_disks => 10,
 max_latency => 20,
 max_iops => l_iops,
 max_mbps => l_mbps,
 actual_latency => l_latency);

 DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Max IOPS = ' || l_iops);
 DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Max MBPS = ' || l_mbps);
 DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Latency = ' || l_latency);


Using this call I have a surprising result.  This test returns very different results when (more...)

Depreciation Calculation Considerations in Fixed Assets

There are many variables that can affect the depreciation calculation for an asset.  Some of the basic variables include: 

  • Cost Financial Inquiry
  • Depreciation method
  • Date Placed in Service (DPIS)
  • Prorate convention
  • Prorate date

You can view these variables for an asset via the Financial Inquiry form and make changes to these via the Asset Workbench / Books form.

Additional factors in the calculation of depreciation for an asset include:

  • Specifics of the depreciation method
  • Depreciation calendar
  • (more...)

Oracle Usable Apps @ Smashing Conference Los Angeles: Performance Time!

Sarahi Mireles (@sarahimireles), User Experience Developer on the Oracle Applications User Experience Communications and Outreach team, shares her exciting experience and thoughts about SmashingConf LA she attended in April.

In April I attended SmashingConf (@smashingconf) LA organized by Smashing Magazine. The venue was the great Hotel Casa del Mar, located right on the beach by the Santa Monica pier. The views were amazing, the people were fun, and the conference (more...)

Your Opinion Wanted – What Would You Like to See in OTN Virtual Summits?

| May 29, 2015

If you don't know about the OTN Virtual Technology Summit yet, you are doing yourself a serious disfavor. The summit is a set of free online events covering various technical topics such as Java SE and Java EE but also WebLogic, Coherence, Middleware, Database and so on. Each topic is presented by a subject matter expert coming either from Oracle or from the community (Java Champions, Oracle ACEs and so on). During each session a (more...)

Meet the JavaOne Java EE Track Committee: Markus Eisele

By Guest Blogger Reza Rahman - From Original Blog Post

This is the first in a series of interviews for you to meet some of the committee members for the JavaOne 2015 Java EE track. The committee plays the most important part in determining the content for JavaOne. These good folks really deserve recognition as most of them devote many hours of their time helping move JavaOne forward, often as volunteers. If JavaOne matters to (more...)

Meet the JavaOne Java EE Track Committee: Markus Eisele

| May 29, 2015

This is the first in a series of interviews for you to meet some of the committee members for the JavaOne 2015 Java EE track. The committee plays the most important part in determining the content for JavaOne. These good folks really deserve recognition as most of them devote many hours of their time helping move JavaOne forward, often as volunteers. If JavaOne matters to you, these are folks you should know about.

This first (more...)

Load More Scroll Policy for ADF 12c Table and Range Paging

There is a new scroll policy for the table component in ADF 12c. This new policy is called - load more. I think it gives good potential, it allows to reduce access load on heavy tables. In ADF 11g we are implementing similar approach with RowCountThreshold = -1 setting, this is preventing full scroll at once (How To Disable SELECT COUNT Execution for ADF Table Rendering). Load more is better, it integrates with (more...)

Increase throughput of your Workflow Mailers

The Workflow Notification Mailer is a component running on the Workflow Mailer GSM Service (also known as container). This service can host multiple instances of the Workflow Notification Mailer so that the load of sending and receiving e-mails can be shared, improving the overall performance. This is specially true as more and more applications moved from PLSQL-based notifications, that pretty much only required access to the database, to HTML/Framework-based notifications that also require access to (more...)

Make More Rainmakers by Virginia Lo

Sales RainmakersWhat keeps sales execs up at night?  For most, it’s whether they will hit their revenue targets.  With rising sales quotas and unavoidable cost cutting measures, sales leaders must find ways to sell more with less.   In the past, sales leaders could simply put more feet on the street to increase sales.  But today, they are expected to sell more with a leaner team, all while increasing the company’s profitability.  Let’s look at ways (more...)

Kscope15 Scavenger Hunt

Are you attending Kscope15 (#kscope15)?

If yes, then you should join the Kscope15 Scavenger Hunt. We have partnered with the Oracle Development Tools User Group (aka @odtug) and created a fun way to get points and win prizes!

Visit and register now!


Stay tuned to hear more on how we built this and how we are leveraging mobile, IoT and wearable technologies for this fun activity.Possibly Related Posts:

OT: Get your next job through Twitter?

From Gwen Shapira’s interview in the May 2015 issue of the NoCOUG Journal : “I got my current job at Cloudera through Twitter. At the time, I was working with a retailer in Japan, as a consultant through Pythian. I was there to help them migrate to Exadata, but their data warehouse system was tightly integrated with Hadoop, and I got to work on this integration too. I got a lot of exposure to Cloudera’s (more...)

Friday Philosophy – Make a Team by Letting Them Burn

The title of today’s Friday Philosophy sounds extreme, but it’s true.

Recently, I was watching a TV program about “experts” helping companies turn around. A couple of decades ago the BBC had a program called “The Troubleshooter” where a gentleman called Sir John Harvey-Jones gave companies in trouble advice {the similar idea but without the cheap and tacky elements we have today with making the targets of the program cry and over-emote for good TV}. (more...)

Java EE Deployment Scenarios for Docker Containers

I've been posting some content around Docker since a while and I like to play around with containers in general. You can find some more information about how to run Docker-Machine on Windows and also showed you how to use the Docker 1.6 client. One of the first blog posts was a compilation of all kinds of resources around Java EE, Docker and Maven for Java EE developers. Working more detailed and often with (more...)

Complex probleem? Een simpele oplossing is genoeg

De dagelijkse praktijk van de IT specialist bestaat uit het oplossen van problemen.  Nu houdt een IT specialist wel van een uitdaging.  De oplossing wordt dan ook vaak gezicht in de lijn van het probleem, dat vaak complex is. Geef een ingewikkeld probleem aan een groep hoogopgeleide puzzelaars en je krijgt een ingewikkelde oplossing.  Engineers zullen niet vaak zeggen dat iets té complex is. Ze zien het juist als een mooie uitdaging. Want een (more...)

Writing Tips : Summary

In this series of posts I’ve been discussing my opinion on various aspects of writing, including blogging, writing articles and whitepapers, or just writing documentation in your company. If anything more comes to mind I’ll write it and link it from this post.

Here are the posts that made up this series.

Big Table Caching mit 12c

Eigentlich glaubte ich, mich erinnern zu können, hier schon mal einen Eintrag zum in 12c eingeführten Big Table Caching verlinkt zu haben - aber offenbar ist das nicht der Fall. Daher nun der Verweis auf die einleitende Untersuchung zum Thema von Martin Bach. Grundsätzlich dient das Feature dazu, einen Anteil des Buffer Caches für Full Scans zu reservieren. Dieser Anteil kann zwischen 0% (default) und 90% liegen, mindestens 10% müssen für sonstige Operationen verfügbar bleiben. (more...)

Warning: standby redo logs not configured for thread – BUG

Surprise to find the following error for single instance Data Guard environment:

    Warning: standby redo logs not configured for thread 3 on boston


This will be fixed with an upcoming patch for the existing issue in Oracle Database – good reason to stay up to date on patching?

Also, the number of Standby Redo Log Groups do not match since thread = 1 is being used.

Not *ALL* SRL have thread (more...)

Oracle Forms at KScope 2015

Hi everyone! Mia has been hustling to prepare for her upcoming events and, as a result, struggling to keep the blog as updated as she would like. So, this is Jackie, Auraplayer’s Marketing Manager, serving as her stand-in blogger for the time being. Let’s hope I can do her justice :-)

It’s that time of year again; ODTUG’s 2015 KScope Conference is less than a month away. This year’s conference will be held from June 21-25 in Hollywood, Florida, at the (more...)

SLOB 2.3 Is Getting Close!

SLOB 2.3 is soon to be released. This version has a lot of new, important features but also a significant amount of tuning in the data loading kit. Before sharing where the progress is on the front, I’ll quickly list some of the new important features that will be in SLOB 2.3:

  1. Single Schema Support. SLOB historically avoids application-level contention by having database sessions perform the SLOB workload against a private schema. The (more...)

EBS Workflow Service Components Status

| May 28, 2015