12.2 Online Conversion of a Non-Partitioned Table to a Partitioned Table (A Small Plot Of Land)

In my previous post, I discussed how you can now move heap tables online with Oracle Database 12.2 and how this can be very beneficial in helping to address issues with the Clustering Factor of key indexes. A problem with this technique is that is requires the entire table to be effectively reorganised when most of […]

Running NetBeans IDE 9 Development Build on JDK 9 EA Build 162

For the adventurous, interesting times ahead since you're able to try out the NetBeans IDE 9 development build on top of JDK 9 EA, in my case, Build 162.

When you configure that in your 'etc/netbeans.conf' file, the first thing you see on start up is this error, which appears to be related to the Darcula plugin that I'm using. Of course, since it's awesome despite this aspect for the moment, I'm using the (more...)

Google dashboard for lazy businessman

Once you start your own business or startup, the very first thing that comes to mind is "How many visitors did my website receive?"

Google Analytics provides tons of metrics and it becomes quite a chore to keep up with all the dashboard pages and filter options. As a small biz owner myself, I went through a phase where I ended up spending significant amount of time checking out Google Analytics

To save time and (more...)

racattack-ansible-oracle Up and Running

From a time long ago – https://mdinh.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/toys-for-when-you-i-are-bored/

With help from oravirt, I was able to install RAC VMs.

At this point, only the servers have been created and nothing has been installed; that’s coming up at some point.

Some clarification for setup=standard vagrant provision

setup=standard (shell environment variable)

vagrant provision (executable)

This is where the confusion was at first.

falcon@falconidae MINGW64 /e/racattack-ansible-oracle (master)
$ setup=standard vagrant provision

collabn2 eth1 lanip  :192.168.78. (more...)

More chaos as an OWSM policy by Jeroen Ninck Blok

imageErrors & failures

So it is very easy to implement a happy flow. However handling errors, rolling back transactions and recovering from errors and failures can be quite challenging. It is not possible to find all the possibilities during development or design. Some errors or failures will only occur when very rare circumstances come into play together. Then all the parts of the application either will handle the error and will ensure that no data (more...)

eDB360 new features (March 2017)

As many of you know, eDB360 is a free tool that provides a 360-degree view of an Oracle database without any installation. A new version is available like once per month, but occasionally a large number of enhancements are implemented at once. This new release v1708 (March 25, 2017) includes several new features requested recently by some users of the tool, thus the need to blog about what is new:

  1. Reducing the scope of eDB360 is (more...)

RAC Attack Vagrant FAILED

If anyone has successfully configured RAC Attack using Vagrant, I really would love to know how you did it.

First, instructions are all over the place and I finally followed the one below.


Does anyone know what the vagrant password is?

E:\vagrantfile\OracleLinux\racattack12cR1>vagrant up

collabn2 eth1 lanip  :
collabn2 eth2 privip :
collabn2 dns server role is slave
on first boot shared disks will be created, this  (more...)

Nokia 6 Price 2017 – Nokia 5 Price 2017 – Nokia Price 3 2017 -…

Nokia 6 Price 2017 - Nokia 5 Price 2017 - Nokia Price 3 2017 - Nokia 3310 Price 2017
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Vagrant was unable to mount VirtualBox shared folders – Solved

My starting point of installing Vagrant on Windows:

If you are attempting to use Vagrant with VirtualBox, you may encountered issues with mounting shared folders.

Update VirtualBox to 5.1.18r114002

E:\Vagrant\sitepoint>vagrant version

Installed Version: 1.9.3
Latest Version: 1.9.3

You're running an up-to-date version of Vagrant!

E:\Vagrant\sitepoint>vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64

A `Vagrantfile` has been placed in this directory. You are now
ready to `vagrant up`  (more...)

OUG Ireland 2017 : It’s a Wrap

I guess four blog posts and 3 videos over a two day period is a little excessive, but this is the closing post to make it five. 🙂

Here are the posts I put out during the event. I’ve added in some videos I finished editing today.

This is the first time (more...)

How to optimize you reporting with Google Analytics

There are lot of ways you can optimize your reporting with Google Analytics and I would like to bring your attention to a very powerful solution as described below.

Our solution is not an Excel plugin but it is a packaged Datawarehouse. Let me assure and explain in very simple terms.

  1. Connect to your profile [or as many profiles]
  2. Pick your metrics
  3. Save your query

This 3 step process will let you define a complete (more...)

Review at amazon: Quality of Service for Intenet Multimedia

Over the last three months i read a really amazing book about quality of service techniques.
Today everyone has internet access with more than 50Mbit/s, it seems like overbooking does not happen anymore and traffic priorization is no longer needed.
But this is only the half of the truth: Using cloud service, video streaming, onling gaming, ... you can really fast reach the limit of your internet access bandwith.
Companies face the same problem at a (more...)

Install PyGame on Fedora

The PyGame library is a wonderful tool for building games with Python. It lets you accomplish a great deal by simply managing events. You need to understand how to use Python functions, modules, and events to build games with this Python library.

You can download and install the PyGame library with the yum utility like this:

yum install -y pygame

It should generate the following list when you install it as the root user:

Loaded  (more...)

Is Oracle Database in Cloud PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, or DBaaS?

Question: Is Oracle Database in Cloud PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, or DBaaS?
  • If you install and manage Oracle database in cloud by yourself, then you are using it on IaaS.
  • If you are just using it in cloud without installing or managing it, then it's PaaS.
  • If you are configuring the database instance and have access to it through SQL*Net, then its DBaaS. 
  • SaaS not really relevant when it comes to Oracle (more...)

Configuring Amazon RDS as the Oracle SOA Suite Database by Fabio Douek

imageWe are proud to announce that RDS support is fully integrated and certified against MyST 3.8.2, which was released on 15/Jun/2016. To know more about MyST visit: http://myst.rubiconred.com

1. Overview

We started to provision Oracle Fusion Middleware platforms against AWS in anger about three years ago. From the beginning we took advantage of the ability to create the AWS infrastructure within minutes. We could also use MyST to provision complex Oracle (more...)

Nokia 3310 – The Original Mobile Phone, UpdatedNokia 3310 for…

Nokia 3310 – The Original Mobile Phone, Updated
Nokia 3310 for Sale
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OUG Ireland 2017 : The Journey Home

I left the hotel bar with Martin, Chris and Neil and after an abortive attempt to get an airbus, we got a taxi to the airport.

I was convinced Dublin Airport was one of the few airports that don’t want you to unpack your laptops from your bag so I didn’t and my bag got flagged. I have no idea where I got that idea from, but I felt like a dick. 🙂

We then went (more...)

Huawei Announces Oracle Linux Certification for Huawei FusionSphere

Huawei announced today that the Huawei FusionSphere cloud operating system has been awarded Oracle Linux Hardware Certification and now supports the Oracle Linux operating system as a guest operating system. With this announcement, Huawei’s FusionSphere cloud platform further extends its compatibility by supporting popular enterprise Linux operating systems.

FusionSphere is an OpenStack-based cloud operating system designed for customers from a wide range of industries. It offers powerful virtualization and resource pool management functions, rich cloud (more...)

OUG Ireland 2017 : Day 2

I got up a little after 08:30, which was a bit of a surprise, and headed down for breakfast, where a met a bunch of other speakers.

By the time I got showered, changed and checked out of the hotel I had missed the first session of the day (sorry). The first session I went to was the wife presenting “PaaS4SaaS”. I know what you are thinking, and yes I could do this presentation as (more...)

Nokia 3 2017 – Android Phone with All The Smartphone…

Nokia 3 2017 – Android Phone with All The Smartphone Essentials
Nokia 3 2017 - United we make memories
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