Find block in ASM

In the post Where is my data I have shown how to locate and extract a data block from ASM. To make things easier, I have now created a Perl script that automates the process - you provide the datafile name and the block number, and the script generates the command to extract the data block from ASM.

The is a Perl script that construct the dd or the (more...)

October issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter

The October issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available here.


OAUG Survey: The State of Enterprise Applications Performance

With the expanding adoption of social, mobile, and cloud technologies geared toward helping enterprises connect, communicate, and deliver goods and services, a new survey by Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) finds rising pressure to achieve high availability and performance of growing, complex IT environments.
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Oracle Enterprise Manager Reduces Middleware Management Costs (more...)

Oct 2014 Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform PSU patches have been Released

Oct 2014  Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform PSU patches have been Released
Oct 2014 Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform PSU patches were released on Oct 14, 2014. This includes:
  • Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Grid Control (OMS) PSU.
  • Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Grid Control (OMS) PSU.
  • Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Cloud Control (OMS) PSU.
Here is the related (more...)

Configure Oracle Exadata Write Back Flash Cache

In addition to improving read I/Os, Oracle Exadata Write back flash cache also provides the ability to cache write I/Os directly to PCI flash. Exadata storage software version is the minimum version required to use write back flash cache. Grid infrastructure and database homes must run or later to use with Write-back Smart […]

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Oracle Hyperion BI+ Production Reporting and BI+ Web Analysis の今後について

Oracle Hyperion BI+ Production Reporting および Oracle Hyperion BI+ Web Analysis の今後の方針について、情報が公開されております。

Oracle Hyperion BI+ Production Reporting の今後について(Statement of Direction) (Doc ID 1933899.1)
Oracle Hyperion BI+ Web Analysis の今後について(Statement of Direction) (Doc ID 1933882.1)
ナレッジへのアクセスには、My Oracle Support へのログインが必要です。)

これらの製品の バージョン 11.1.2.x は、この製品のターミナル(最終)リリースになります。Oracle Enterprise Performance Management や Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ポートフォリオリリースの一部として Hyperion BI+ Web Analysis 12c のリリースを行う計画はありません。(詳細は、リンクされているナレッジを参照してください。)

多次元データソースのための Enterprise Business Analytics の戦略的方向性は、Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (more...)

PeopleSoft’s PS_HOME evolution

One of the new features of PeopleTools 8.54 is the portability of the PS_HOME directory. Before going into the analysis of its benefits, let's have a look back to how  PS_HOME has evolved.

One Directory for Everything

PS_HOME is the name of the environment variable holding the PeopleSoft installation directory. Before PeopleTools 8.50, the full PeopleSoft installation was done on a single directory, including PeopleTools binaries, application external files, customized files, logs, etc. (more...)

日本OAUG Cusotomer Support Council(CSC)のご案内

来る2014年11月7日(金)に開催される、日本OAUG 2015年度 第2回合同SIGsミーティングのCustomer Support Council(CSC)において、島津製作所様より、Oracle E-Business Suite(EBS)のシステム診断ツールであるアナライザ・ツールの活用事例をご紹介いただきます。

これらのツールはEBSをご利用のユーザ様は無償で、 すぐにでもお使い頂けるツールです。

今回、Apps Tech、およびAdvanced Supply Chain Planning(ASCP)モジュールにおいてツールを実施いただきました。



My Oracle Support(MOS)へ移行されたKROWN文書の検索方法や、その他、ナレッジを参照するうえでのMOSの便利な機能




ORA-16534 When Converting to/from Snapshot Standby with DataGuard Broker

We here at Seilerwerks Industries (not really) have been using snapshot standby databases to refresh an array of unit test databases from a common primary. During the business day, these would be converted to snapshot standby databases for testing, then overnight they are converted back to physical standby and recovered up to the master again.

However we ran into one problem the other week. I noticed that the test3 database was still in physical standby (more...)


Arrow Fusion Middlewareセミナー

◆OPN限定◆Oracle SOA Suite 12c 製品概要セミナー & ハンズオン 
2014年10月21日10:00 - 18:00 (受付開始 9:30)  詳細 / 申込はこちら 
◆OPN限定◆Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12cハンズオン 
2014年11月18日-19日  確定後こちらに掲載
◆OPN限定◆Oracle WebLogic Server 12c & Java EE 6 ハンズオンセミナー 
  2014年11月21日10:00 - 17:00 (受付開始 9:30)   詳細 / 申込はこちら

Arrow BI/EPM セミナー

◆OPN限定◆Hyperion Planning 導入ベストプラクティス 
2014年11月28日10:00 - 12:00 (受付開始 9:30)  詳細 / 申込は (more...)

Using the tc Server build pack for Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.3

On Pivotal network you will find various build packs you can download and apply to PCF and use for your applications outside of the shipped build packs, using the link below.

I am going to show how you would take one of these build packs , install it and then consume it from an application. In this demo I am going to use "tc server buildpack (offline) v2.4"

1. (more...)

A Q&A with Australia’s Mobile Luminary Andrew Paterson

| Oct 22, 2014
Looking for an insight into what makes an award winning mobile solution amongst Oracle's customers? The following Q&A exert captures an online interview with Andrew Paterson from Rubicon Red, sharing his experiences in building a mobile solution for Australia's National Pharmacies that won the Enterprise Mobility Award at Oracle Open World 2014. The application was built using Oracle technology, a combination of Oracle's Mobile Application Framework (MAF) for the mobile front end, and Oracle's (more...)

Resetting Forgotten Passwords with @ForgeRock #OpenAM

Implementing the “Resetting Forgotten Passwords” functionality as described in the OpenAM Developer’s Guide requires some additional custom code.

It’s pretty straight forward to implement this functionality and can be done in 4 steps (per the Developer’s Guide):

  1. Configure the Email Service
  2. Perform an HTTP Post with the user’s id
  3. OpenAM looks up email address (based on user id) and sends an email with a link to reset the password
  4. Intercept the HTTP GET request to (more...)

New Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Academy Course

If you want to get into mobile application development with Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF), there is a new Oracle Developer Academy course available for you.

This new course introduces you to the Mobile Application Framework, how to design a MAF-based application, integrate with device capabilities, how to develop with web services and how to secure a MAF application.

In this FREE two-hour interactive online course you'll learn and master the design, architecture, interoperability (more...)

What’s coming in Taleo 14B

The release notes are out, and the other night I attended a webinar showing the highlights of the Taleo Enterprise Edition 14B release (provisionally due on November 24th). It was a really worthwhile hour and the presenter – who I believe was Fabrice De Carne – was very engaging. Here’s what caught my eye:

Talent Acquisition:

Evaluation Management

  • The ability to mark some questions as requiring responses (shown with a star) to ensure that you don’t (more...)

Updated Case Study: Oracle’s Own E-Business Suite 12 Environment

Oracle's own use of the E-Business Suite has always been an excellent case study. Our internal EBS environment has grown and evolved over the years. We were running EBS 11i in 2006 with a 6 Terabyte database, after consolidating over 70 EBS instances into a Global Single Instance.  It grew to a 14 Terabyte EBS 12 database by 2008.

Larry Klein, Vice President of Oracle's Enterprise IT group, gave a snapshot of the latest (more...)

JCP Executive Committee Elections: Meet the Candidates Call

There are 8 Ratified seats and 5 Elected seats up for election for the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee 2014-2015 term. The ballot will be open to all JCP members from 28 October until 10 November. The results will be available on on 11 November.

The JCP will host a 'Meet the Candidates' call on Thursday, 23 October at 9:30 AM PDT. The eight Ratified candidates are:  Freescale, Gemalto M2M, Goldman Sachs, (more...)

Reminder: first Arizona Oracle User Group meeting tomorrow

Fellow Phoenicians (citizens of the Phoenix, Arizona area):

This is a reminder that tomorrow is the first meeting of the newly reborn (risen from the ashes) Arizona Oracle User Group.  Here are the meeting details: url

I hope to meet some of my fellow Phoenix area DBAs tomorrow afternoon.

– Bobby


OCP 12C – DataPump, SQL*Loader, External Tables Enhancements

Oracle DataPump Enhancements Full Transportable Export and Import of Data In Oracle 12c you now have the possibility to create full transportable exports and imports. A full transportable export contains all objects and data needed to create a copy of the database. To create a fully transportable export of your database you need to specify [...]

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ADF Archtitecture Practice – JDeveloper Silent Patch

This article describes how to standardize your JDeveloper Patching as requested in Planning & Getting Started – Team, Skills and Development Environments. It is part of the ADF Architecture Practice lessons and describes the patching with examples for windows.

Version 12.1.x

In this version  the Oracle OPatch is delivered with the silent installation of JDeveloper.

All what you need is the patch file for your platform (e.g. for JDEVADF SECURITY (more...)


A recent question on the OTN forum asked about narrowing down the cause of deadlocks, and this prompted me to set up a little example. Here’s a deadlock graph of a not-quite-standard type:

Deadlock graph:
                                          ---------Blocker(s)--------  ---------Waiter(s)---------
Resource Name                             process session holds waits  process session holds waits
TX-00040001-000008EC-00000000-00000000         50     249     X             48       9           X
TX-000A001F-000008BC-00000000-00000000         48       9     X             50     249           S

My session (the one that dumped the trace file) is 249, and I was blocked (more...)