April 2014 FMW Proactive Patches Released

| Apr 17, 2014

The following Fusion Middleware Productive patches were released April 15, 2014. You can get more information from here.

Bundle Patches :

Bundle patches are collections of controlled, well tested critical bug fixes for a specific product  which may include security contents and occasionally minor enhancements. These are cumulative in nature meaning the latest bundle patch in a particular series includes the contents of the previous bundle patches released.  A suite bundle patch is an aggregation (more...)

And then there were four – the JCP.Next effort continues!

The JCP Executive Committee (EC) continues to work on improving the JCP program as part of the JCP.Next effort started in 2010.  Several JSRs have started going through the process.

First: JSR 348, Transparency aka JCP 2.8 (implemented in 2010-2011).

Second: JSR 355, EC Merge (implemented in 2012-2013).

Third: JSR 358, A major Revision to the Java Community Process.  This JSR continues in development.  It is difficult (more...)

Get The Goods From The Source – Fast, Efficient, Accurate.

Lyle Ekdahl
Senior Vice President General Manager, Oracle’s JD Edwards

Oracle’s JD Edwards has a vibrant, thriving eco-system, and for that we are thankful! This eco-system is a community of passionate, energized people and organizations that are eager to share their knowledge, resources, ideas and solutions with the market. We believe our community is unique and we truly consider ourselves a family. We hope you have experienced the benefits of being part of this family.


I Love Logs

It occurred to me a few days ago, as I was reading this article on DevOps, that I might actually be a DevOps.

I think of myself as a developer, but my current role is in a small team running a small system. And by running, I mean that we are 

  • 'root' and 'Administrator' on our Linux and Windows servers
  • 'oracle / sysdba' on the database side, 
  • the apex administrator account and the apex workspace (more...)

GlassFish Story by Rakuten/Makito Hashiyama

| Apr 17, 2014

Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Japan and perhaps the world. They chose GlassFish to form a core of their extensive (24 X 7) platform. Makito Hashiyama, the lead for the Rakuten marketplace platform shared their adoption story at the JavaOne 2013 Sunday GlassFish community event - check out the video below:

Makito detailed how GlassFish enabled Rakuten to handle the peak load of one of the biggest online sales events in (more...)

GlassFish Story by Rakuten/Makito Hashiyama

| Apr 17, 2014

Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Japan and perhaps the world. They chose GlassFish to form a core of their extensive (24 X 7) platform (they also use Oracle Coherence). Makito Hashiyama, the lead for the Rakuten marketplace platform shared their adoption story at the JavaOne 2013 Sunday GlassFish community event - check out the video below:

Here is the slide deck for his talk:


Migrating a Database to an Exadata Machine

We have been migrating our databases from the non-Exadata servers to the Exadata Database Machine using the “RMAN 11g Duplicate standby from Active database” command, to create the standby databases on the Exadata machine. Below are the steps which were performed for these successful migrations. Assumptions Here we assume that the following tasks has been […]

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Cloud and On-Premises Integration for Oracle Applications

As cloud computing becomes an essential aspect of business operations for many companies, there is a pressing need to integrate cloud applications with on-premises applications. According to a recent study, however, companies frequently have significant cloud integration challenges, with 53 percent of respondents saying lack of integration with cloud applications is their main hindrance to innovation.1 The middleware solutions in the Oracle AppAdvantage program eliminate this hindrance by sharing standards and components among all (more...)

Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Pre-Install RPM available for Oracle Linux 5 and 6

| Apr 17, 2014
One of the things we have been focusing on with Oracle Linux for quite some time now, is making it easy to install and deploy Oracle products on top of it without having to worry about which RPMs to install and what the basic OS configuration needs to be.

A minimal Oracle Linux install contains a really small set of RPMs but typically not enough for a product to install on and a full/complete install (more...)

Oracle RAC: Rotating the TDE Master Key and Oracle Wallet Password with a Wallet Copy on Each Node

Here at Oracle, we have been getting lot of questions regarding TDE Master Key rotation and Oracle Wallet password rotation in RAC environment. In this blog post, I am explaining one of several possible ways to achieve this.


On an Oracle RAC cluster running a TDE encrypted database, rotate the master key and the wallet password. Repeat the rotation once or twice per year based on your corporate policy.

This is one of several (more...)

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 17-APR-2014

RDBMS and Performance

Frequently Misused Metrics in Oracle, from The Oracle Alchemist.

Some notes from Tyler Muth on Oracle Database 10.2 De-Supported.

Also from Tyler Muth, a quick posting on Create Bigfile Tablespace – Oracle Managed Files (OMF).


From the dbi services blog: Implementing Oracle Database as (more...)

3 Modes for Moving Data to the BI Applications DW from a Source Application Database

| Apr 17, 2014
In BI Applications the adaptors for the following product lines use the LKM BIAPPS SQL to Oracle (Multi Transport) to move the data from the source Application database to the target BI Applications DW database:
  •  E-Business Suite
  •  Siebel
  •  PeopleSoft
  •  JDE

A key feature of this LKM developed specifically for BI Applications is that the data from the source system may be transported in 3 different ways and using a parameters (more...)

Compression Advisor estimates compression ratio possible with Oracle Advanced Compression

What if you could estimate the compression ratio in your database environment to see how much Oracle Advanced Compression can reduce your storage footprint before you consider adding more storage?

If the biggest challenge facing your organization is managing data growth cost effectively, you'll need a better strategy for managing your database storage environment that doesn't involve throwing more storage hardware or administration at the problem.

With Compression Advisor, a FREE database tool from (more...)

Simple Example with REPLACE

The REPLACE function allows you to change a string of characters to another string of characters and can accept three parameters:
(1)    Input column name.
(2)    Old string value.
(3)    New string value.
You can see what I mean in the example below, which I tested on Oracle 11.2:
SQL> create table directory_name
  2  (location varchar2(30))
  3  /
Table created.
SQL> insert into directory_name

Beta Opportunity Soon to Close: “Oracle Application Express 4: Developing Web Applications” (1Z1-450)

The beta period closes soon for the "Oracle Applications Express 4: Developing Web Applications" exam (1Z1-450). This is your last opportunity to take the certification exam at the greatly discounted rate of $50 USD.

The exam leads to the Oracle Application Express Developer Certified Expert certification. The exam has been updated for Application Express 4.1 and 4.2. Develop applications more quickly with fewer performance issues with an Oracle APEX certification. As you prepare for (more...)


This was tested on an Oracle 11.2 database. You cannot GRANT or REVOKE object privileges to or from yourself:
SQL> show user
SQL> grant select on blah to john
  2  /
Grant succeeded.
SQL> grant select on blah to andrew
  2  /
grant select on blah to andrew
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01749: you may not GRANT/REVOKE privileges to/from
SQL> revoke select (more...)

What’s new in C++11

| Apr 17, 2014

I always enjoy chatting with Steve Clamage about C++, and I was really pleased to get to interview him about what we should expect from the new 2011 standard.

Three Tips for DukeScript Fanboys

| Apr 17, 2014

Here's my advice for DukeScript fanboys, of which there are currently two: Jaroslav Tulach and Toni Epple.

  1. Stop talking about "DukeScript". Whenever you say "DukeScript", any sane person assumes you're talking about a language. You're not. And that's what's confusing. You're talking about a framework. The DukeScript Framework is equivalent to HTML5 minus JavaScript plus Java. That's it. And that's a powerful message.

  2. Stop playing games. Instead, create real applications. Create CRUD applications, for example. (more...)

The Art Of Easy: Easy Decisions For Complex Problems (Part 3 of 6)

A Guest Post by  Heike Lorenz, Director of Global Product Marketing, Policy Automation

Making complex decisions EASY by automating your service policies allows your organization to efficiently ensure the correct decisions are being applied to the right people.

Like the hit British TV series Little Britain suggests, when “Computer Says No”, you can be left wondering why?

It’s not easy to automate your Customer Service polices, let alone do it in a way (more...)

Oracle WebCenter Portal Jump Start Kit

Check out the new Oracle WebCenter Portal Jump Start Kit.

The Jump Start Kit (JSK) for WebCenter Portal is a utility that installs a fully functional version of WebCenter Portal pre-integrated with Oracle WebCenter Content, including key features enabled and preconfigured, all within a single machine instance (virtual or physical). The JSK supports Linux x86-64. It also includes a series of templates, examples, and lesson guides to walk you through a series of typical use (more...)