New Oracle Q&A site

I saw many posts about new Eddie Awad’s site Oracle Questions and Answers. Some of them criticize it some of them recognized it as a new Oracle Q&A site.
It was interesting to read what Tom Kyte and Howard Rogers wrote about it. One simple solution presented on Oracle Q&A (more...)

Oracle Streams problems … Check the Alert Log first!

Some days I just don’t have luck.
Whatever I tried to do, I couldn’t achieve it. But, fortunately it is only one day and not whole day :-).
I was investigating Oracle Streams whole month. I got good results and everything seemed to be going so well until, I decide (more...)

"Optimizing Oracle Performance" in Russian

В декабре 2005 года издательство Символ-Плюс выпустило перевод книги "Optimizing Oracle Performance" под местным названием "Oracle. Оптимизация производительности". ISBN новой книги 5-93286-078-2. Тираж 2000 экземпляров.