Raise a Business Event from your OAF Page

After quite a while of inactivity, due partly to a frantic schedule and the addition of a new obsession in the form of my new mountain bike, I am back on the horse and very excited to start blogging again. A Big thanks to Steven Chan for profiling the Oracle EBD Developer on his blog, just the kick I needed to get going again.

I recently had the opportunity to present the 11i/2.6 (more...)

100,000 more?

| Nov 14, 2006
18 months.107 posts.110,000 reads.Not too long ago I reacted with humble incredulity that 10,000 people had read what I had to say about Oracle.Here I am, exactly one year later, and there have been 100,000 more visits. I'm almost afraid to continue, will I be talking about 1,000,000 in November 2007?I wonder why people are reading my blog because, despite how numerous we are, it seems like

Some books might make you think wrong

It is amazing how confusable some of the books could be.
You better check any information you think is different than you know.
Currently I am reading a book that is suppose to prepare me for OCP exam.
There are some questions and answers after each Chapter. I found few (more...)