Simple Auditing using TopLink JPA

In a forum post on the Oracle TopLink forum on OTN there was a request for an approach to tracking entity history in a separate table. While Oracle TopLink includes support for automatic historical versioning this support does not exist in TopLink Essentials.

The following is a simple example for (more...)

10046 trace file content

Robert Freeman wrote in one of his articles:

  The 10046 trace file contents differ greatly between different versions of Oracle.

Indeed, format of trace files changes sometimes between Oracle versions but definitely not greatly.

Somewhere near STAT lines changed a bit (row source execution statistics was added).
Instead of just:
STAT #2 id=1 cnt=1 pid=0 pos=1 obj=17 op='TABLE ACCESS FULL FILE$'
they started look like this:
STAT #2 id=1 cnt=1 pid=0 pos=1 obj=17 op='TABLE ACCESS FULL FILE$ (cr=4 pr=0 pw=0 time=91 us)'

And in 10.2 format of WAIT lines and BINDS sections changed significantly.

BINDS (more...)

TopLink Essentials using Oracle Spatial … a sample application

Andrejus Baranovskis has posted a sample application using Oracle Spatial with TopLink Essentials JPA. The steps are based upon my previous post.


Multi value selectors

APEX had three multi value selectors: check box, multi select and list manager. APEX 3.0 introduces a new multi value selector: the shuttle. An shuttle consists of two text areas with buttons between the the area's to move items back and forth. At the right side, the selection, there (more...)

Java Persistence 2007-04-12 16:15:00

Oracle Spatial using TopLink Essentials JPA

As discussed in my previous post the usage of Oracle Database Spatial support is definitely growing in popularity. This post describes how TopLink Essentials, the reference implementation of JPA within GlassFish, can be extended to support mapping to MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY columns and (more...)

Oracle Beefs

| Apr 5, 2007
I've got very few beefs with Oracle. It is extremely complicated and tough to learn compared to other relational databases, but that's partially offset by the tremendous documentation, and the huge Oracle community.Don't get me wrong, I love Oracle. I'm regularly impressed by the sophisticated and often clever ways it handles the requirements of an RDBMS, and quick to recommend its use. But

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Using Oracle Spatial with TopLink

I have been working a growing number of customers assisting them with their usage of Oracle Database Spatial support through TopLink. Actually my first exposure with Spatial and TopLink dates back to 1999, long before I joined (through acquisition) Oracle. It was an extended consulting (more...)

APEX 3.0 on XE part 2

On 29 Februari 2008 Oracle released Application Express 3.1 . With this release you can upgrade the Application Express within Oracle XE to 3.1. For more information on this topic see Oracle Database XE and Application Express 3.1 and APEX 3.1 on XE .

If you followed the (more...)

A new home

With the launching of the Java Persistence Platform Project (aka EclipseLink) I decided to increase the scope of my blog so that it is not focussed just on TopLink. I also wanted to move to a different host.

After working on TopLink in many different roles for over a decade (more...)