Fix Control

Oracle has introduced a fix control mechanism in 10.2 which allows customers to turn off fixes for optimizer related bugs. This is governed by the underscore parameter _fix_control. The bugs for which fixes can be turned off are listed in v$session_fix_control and v$system_fix_control and can also be seen in a 10053 output.

On a database

SQL> select distinct bugno from v$session_fix_control;


20 rows selected.

SQL> select distinct sid from v$mystat;



OA Framework or ADF?

Check out Sara Woodhull's article on OA Framework and ADF.

Joe’s Blog: And Now for Something Completely Different

| Jun 28, 2007

Every once in a while my non-programmer friends give me feedback about my site like "the blog posts are good, but when it comes to all that SQL stuff, well, it's a little over my head ... SQL sure seems to rely on that SELECT command a lot though."

So, I thought it might be good to take a break from SQL tutorials and spend time writing about something a broader audience will find useful. I looked through my archives and found some notes I made a few years back when I rewired the telephone cabling in my home and (more...)

OAF Key Do’s and Don’ts (Part 1) – "Top 10" Golden Rules

I don't know how many of you have come across this in the OAF Devguide, it was only by change that I found it, thought I'd share:

There's a lot to learn when getting started with the OA Framework, but the following list of rules are so universal -- and so fundamental -- they should be familiar to anyone who's doing Framework development.

1) ALWAYS try to declaratively define your UI. Resort to a programmatic (more...)

Remote debugging Code Tester

Quest Code Tester for Oracle (Code Tester) helps you with defining test cases, generating test harnesses and presenting the test results in a structured way. Code Tester does not provide any features to debug your code. If you run into a red light situation when a test case fails, you (more...)

Joe’s Blog: Google Street View

| Jun 8, 2007

Here's something cool. A new Google Maps feature called "Street View" is available for some streets. With it you can "virtually" walk down a road seeing actual street level photographs as you go. You can pan the image 360 degrees or zoom in and out as you please.

Here's a Google Maps Street View image of Marine World Parkway in front of Oracle's HQ buildings in Redwood Shored, CA. Click on the E or W arrows to travel along the road or click and hold the image then drag your mouse pointer to the right to see the (more...)

Eclipse Persistence Services Project – Passed Creation Review

We are now busy working through the logistics of provisioning the product and getting the initial code contribution available through the parallel IP process.

If you have any questions please post them to the forum.



Transformations: Numbers to Words (New SQL Snippets Tutorial)

| Jun 7, 2007
Two new techniques for converting numbers into words have been added to SQL Snippets. Unlike the ubiquitous Julian based solution (which uses the J and JSP format models) the new SQL Snippets techniques use the fractional second format models FFn and FFSP. Using fractional second models produces solutions that, unlike the Julian solution, can handle the numbers 0, 1,721,058 to 1,721,423, and those greater than 5,373,484 without errors or elaborate workarounds.

Overcoming the limitations of set row

| Jun 7, 2007
Techniques to avoid superfluous updates with SET ROW. June 2007

External tables in oracle 9i

| Jun 6, 2007
Select directly from flat-files as though they are tables. August 2002 (updated June 2007)

Subquery factoring in oracle 9i

| Jun 6, 2007
A new way of expressing subqueries in 9i. December 2005 (updated June 2007)

Ansi joins in oracle 9i

| Jun 6, 2007
Oracle adds ANSI-compliant joins to SQL in 9i. January 2003 (updated June 2007)

Type enhancements in oracle 9i

| Jun 6, 2007
Constructor functions, type evolution and substitution in 9i. December 2005 (updated June 2007)

SQL Interview Questions

| Jun 3, 2007
You pick up the candidate's resume and it proudly proclaims "SQL Expert: 10 Years." Your boss trusts you, as the technical expert on the team, to participate briefly in the interview to gauge this individual's knowledge of SQL. Where to begin?I have asked literally hundreds of different questions during interviews over the past decade. Some were simple questions that were nevertheless


There are so many new views in 10G that you begin to wonder if many of them are
actually populated correctly. For example there are quite a few bugs with some of the DBA_HIST* views not being populated correctly. One such view DBA_HIST_TBSPC_SPACE_USAGE is notorious for incorrect values .But the view DBA_HIST_FILEMETRIC_HISTORY which supposedly stores alerts only for 7 days does not even seem to be getting populated.

So on a database

SQL> select count(*) from dba_hist_filemetric_history;


If you have a look at the definition of the view from catawrvw.sql

create or (more...)