Useful Metalink NOTE ID’s

| Jul 31, 2007
RDBMS and E-Business Suite Installation and Configuration
118218.1 11i. Installing a Digital Cerificate on both the Server and Client.
252217.1 Requirements for Installing Oracle 9iR2 on RHEL3
146469.1 Installation & Configuration of Oracle Login server & Portal3i
146468.1 Installation of Oracle9i Application Server(9iAS)
152775.1 XML gateway installation
165700.1 Multiple Jserv configuration
207159.1 Documentation of 9iAS
210514.1 Express Server WebIV Note numbers
170931.1 Notes on Motif troubleshooting
177610.1 Oracle Forms in Applications FAQ
258021.1 How to monitor the progress of a materialized view refresh (MVIEW)
330250.1 Tips & (more...)

Database Upgrade from 8i to 9i

| Jul 30, 2007
Pre-Upgrade Tasks

1) Make sure that you have 9iR2 software (9.2.0 CD Dump) before starting the installation.

first need to download the software on the server. Following are the details of the software to be downloaded:

i. for Solaris:
Disk1: Part# A99349-01
Disk2: Part# A99350-01
Disk3: Part# A99351-01
ii. for Linux
Disk1: Part# A99339-01
Disk2: Part# A99340-01
Disk3: Part# A99341-01

2) Login to orxxxxxx user and make sure that you have minimum 4 GB free space in /xxxxxx/oracle mount point. If you do not have enough free space, you need (more...)

Integer Series Generators: CONNECT BY LEVEL Method (Updated SQL Snippets Tutorial)

| Jul 29, 2007
This tutorial has been updated to include a discussion of how hierarchical queries that do not have a CONNECT BY condition with PRIOR behave. A sample query that uses "PRIOR DBMS_RANDOM.VALUE IS NOT NULL" to make the CONNECT BY LEVEL technique conform to documented requirements has also been added.

String to Rows: Hierarchical Methods (New SQL Snippets Tutorial)

| Jul 29, 2007
A new, hierarchical technique for converting strings to rows has been added to the SQL Techniques Tutorials - String to Rows tutorial in SQL Snippets.

Integer Series Generators: Multiple Integer Series (New SQL Snippets Tutorial)

| Jul 29, 2007
The SQL Snippets "Integer Series Generator" section has been expanded to include new topics covering techniques for generating multiple integer series in a single query. Unlike previous topics which only demonstrated queries that created a single integer series, like 1,2,3,4, the new topics show how a query can generate a series like 1,2 for one row and 1,2,3 for another row in the same query.

11.0.3 to Upgrade

| Jul 27, 2007
Production Cut-over Checklist
10th Novembert, 2006

Environment Name:

Prepared By:
Madan Mohan K

1.0 Pre-Upgrade Checks

· OS user for RDBMS
· Group for or11iuat
· OS user for APPLMGR
· Group for ap11iuat
· OS utilities to be in PATH
· Java version
· Perl version
· Zip version
· Unzip version
· Oracle Inventory file
· Oracle Inventory permissions
· Add to .profile for all Unix users
· Permission for $APPLCSF
· X-server installed
· Stage area is installed


ar cc make ld zip unzip perl java javac

Using dbx collector

It is quite possible that you have a single piece of sql which consumes more and more cpu over time without an increase in logical i/o for the statement or due to increased amount of hard parsing.

The reason could be extra burning of cpu in an Oracle source code function with time which has not been instrumented as a wait in the RDBMS kernel. One way to find out which function in the Oracle source code is the culprit is via the dbx collector function available in the Sun Studio 11. I guess dtrace would also help but I (more...)

Google Maps in APEX on XE with spatial data

A picture says more than thousand words is well known saying, well let's have a look.

Choose your favorite country from the list, and the Google Map will pan to your country. As a bonus the selected country is colored red, the country shape is based on spatial data. You (more...)

Anydata and anytype in 9i

| Jul 11, 2007
An introduction to generic types in Oracle 9i. October 2002 (updated July 2007)

Encapsulating bulk pl/sql exceptions

| Jul 11, 2007
Using object features to encapsulate FORALL .. SAVE EXCEPTIONS error-handling. July 2007

SQL Techniques Tutorials: Pattern Matching Over Rows (New SQL Snippets Tutorial)

| Jul 9, 2007

This topic was inspired by Tom Kyte's So, in your opinion ... blog post about a new SQL feature Oracle is considering (described at Pattern matching in sequences of rows).

I'll admit I've never tackled this kind of pattern matching before and I didn't understand the entire paper. It's a pretty dense read. From what I can tell though, using the new feature would be a lot like applying regular expressions to rows of values. This got me thinking. Instead of adding a whole new feature for this, why not simply convert the rows into strings and then use existing (more...)

el-caro 2007-07-08 06:13:00

So 11g is finally upon us and it seems just the other day that 10g was released. I am looking forward to playing with some of the new features.

So here are some of the features in the TO DO list

Real Application Testing (RAT), which includes Database Replay and SQL Workload Analyzer.
APIs like

Sql Plan Management

DBMS_SHARED_POOL.PURGE api which can be used to flush a single cursor. This is important in a high intensive OLTP environment where you have a sql statement which has gone bad because of a sub-optimal execution plan. I believe (more...)

Its alive…

I am just heading out on vacation this morning and wanted to update the community on our progress in the Eclipse new project process. We have completed our initial incubation provisioning of the Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink).

We now have our home page up ( (more...)

OAF Key Do’s and Don’ts (Part 2) – Performance Tuning: "Top 10" OA Framework Development Rules

1) ALWAYS use design time view objects (VOs) rather than dynamic VOs. Dynamic VOs have to be described by BC4J through an additional execute call for the VO prepared statement, and they potentially result in non shareable SQL due to different combinations.

2) ALWAYS set precision for all columns in the VO. This reduces the VO memory footprint. Without a set precision, for example, all String columns default to 4KB in size each.

3) AVOID (more...)

SQL Techniques Tutorials: Varying IN Lists (New SQL Snippets Tutorial)

| Jul 1, 2007
This new SQL Snippets tutorial explores different approaches for implementing varying IN lists, including ones that use LIKE, MODEL, and integer series generator logic. The solutions will be presented as SQL commands, but the logic can be easily implemented in PL/SQL functions if required.

APEX 3.0.1 on XE

On 29 Februari 2008 Oracle released Application Express 3.1 . With this release you can upgrade the Application Express within Oracle XE to 3.1. For more information on this topic see Oracle Database XE and Application Express 3.1 and APEX 3.1 on XE .

Oracle released Application Express (more...)