Oracle 11g New Features – PL/SQL enhancements Part-I

I was going through the enhancements made for PL/SQL in Oracle 11g and learn that there are quite a few. I am going to post on these new features in two parts. Here goes the first part.

1. Usage of sequences in PL/SQL expressions

Allows you to assign a sequence value in an expression that is, you do not need to use a SQL query to generate sequence value and assign it to variable. Here is an example :-

SELECT seq_name.nextval INTO variable FROM dual; –> this was how we used to generate sequence values inside PL/SQL

From 11g (more...)

ESB consolidation – Progress buys Iona

I guess Iona was one of the first well known Irish software companies, and now it must be one of the last. It has succumbed to Progress Software for $106M. Paul Freemantle beat me to the news that Progress now owns or is a major committer for at least 4 different ESBs - Sonic, Artix, C24 and ActiveMQ/Camel/ServiceMix (plus Actional if you like) - hey, that's more than Oracle isn't it? (or maybe not...).

Size UNDO tablespace for Automatic Undo Management

| Jun 28, 2008

ActiveRecord Oracle enhanced adapter version 1.1.1 released

I just released new version of ActiveRecord Oracle enhanced adapter which includes several new enhancements which could be useful if you use ActiveRecord with legacy Oracle databases:

  • Added ignore_table_columns option for class definitions
    You can specify which table (or view) columns should be ignored by ActiveRecord – these could be either columns which you do not need in Rails application or which have currently unsupported data types. For example:
    class Employee < ActiveRecord::Base
      ignore_table_columns  :phone_number, :hire_date
  • Added support for TIMESTAMP columns
    You can create tables with :timestamp data type which will create TIMESTAMP columns and you (more...)

EclipseLink Graduates

Yesterday, the EclipseLink project graduated from its incubation status, and was allowed to remove the egg from it's home page.

EclipseLink is on track for a release on July 9th. Mark your calendars, and come check it out.

Peter Krogh

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Its been a big week for graduations. Earlier this week my son completed his time in kindergarden and today the EclipseLink project graduated from incubation status. Tonight I took a few minutes to finally remove the big egg from the EclipseLink home page.

As for my son, he is pretty (more...)

ruby-plsql gem now supports JRuby and Oracle JDBC driver

Some time ago I created ruby-plsql gem which provides simple Ruby API for Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.

Initially this gem supported just MRI with ruby-oci8 library which provides connectivity to Oracle database as this was my main development and production environment for Ruby & Oracle applications. But as JRuby is fast growing alternative Ruby deployment platform and as it can be integrated into Oracle Fusion middleware platform (e.g. Oracle Mix is running on JRuby on Oracle Fusion middleware) then I planned to support JRuby as well.

I started to work on JRuby support during RailsConf JRuby hackfest and (more...)

Auxiliary Constructs Appeal

Will somebody give this guy some auxiliary constructs? He just needs to know what's the auxiliary constructs, and examples in the auxiliary constructs. So if you have any auxiliary constructs you don't need, now's the time to dig deep. The appeal starts here.

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APEX 3.1.1 Released

Just upgraded from APEX 3.1 to 3.1.1 on an Oracle Enterpise Linux 4 Update 4 platform.

Intall took: 5:39 and termintaed without error.

The patch can be downloaded from metalink (patch number 7032837)

All in all, a very simple upgrade and now onto the task of regression testing our current 3.1 apps

EclipseLink 1.0M8 is available


We are pleased to announce that EclipseLink 1.0M8 is available for download. Please see the roadmap page for functionality that has been added since the M7 build:

Download the milestone and try it out here -

We are currently targeting a 1.0 release in July, and moving to RC Milestones every two weeks in preparation for this release.

Peter Krogh

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DBMS_STATS becomes INVALID after Refresh/Database Upgrade.

| Jun 2, 2008

One of the DBMS JOB failed and recorded error in the alertlog as

From ORCL database alert log file /ORCL/ORCLDB/10.2.0/admin/ORCL_ctloraerp06/bdump/alert_ORCL.log

9:ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job 282253
10:ORA-04063: ORA-04063: package body "SYS.DBMS_STATS" has errors


SYS.DBMS_STATS Package Body is Invalid.

select object_name,object_type ,owner, status from dba_objects where object_name='DBMS_STATS';

-------------------- ------------------- ------------------------------ -------


Rebuild/ Re-compile the DBMS_STATS Objects as

connect / as sysdba