Human face to recruitment

Remember the time you go for an interview from campus, you would have met a team from the recruiting organization that typically does a presentation sometimes more to tell about the company. Now contrast this with off campus or lateral recruitment, which might happen in a manner radically different.... With (more...)

Is Platform really the service ???

I read an article on the Taleo blog here.
While this article talks about how Platform can integrate services in its offering, thus making it more flexible.In my view, the real world operates differently. While any amount of flexibility is welcome, can it be at the cost of integration ?


Smart Phones and Web 2.0 and Employees

First the iPhone, and now gPhone. It seems that we are just about to enter a new world of mobile computing where enterprises would be surprised, in some cases overwhelmed by the way such technologies can impact them.

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and in this lies the (more...)

How I Changed My Blog with 3 Column Template and Right & Left Sidebars?

I have been looking for the steps/code to prepare my blog with 3 column template, but couldn’t get a proper reference for that. Luckily, today I came across a wonder full blog for “3 Column Templates Step by Step Guides”, which will fit to my blog template.

It’s as easy as simple.

Step -1: Before going to change the original template, I gave a try on the test template by creating a new blogspot for (more...)

How We Resolved the Account Locked (Timed) issue?

An application user account, in one of our Oracle 10g Databases, is being locked every time. Below are our findings and solution to resolve the issue.

Oracle Database Version:
10g R2 (
Application User: APPUSR
Error: ORA-28000: the account is locked

Login as SYSDBA

SQL> conn /as sysdba

Check the APPSUSR account status.

SQL> SELECT username, account_status FROM dba_users WHERE username= ‘APPUSR’;
-------------------- -------------------- ---------------


Web Cache Compression and MOD_GZIP

Some of my colleagues are working on a project where bandwidth is massively limited (64k). One suggestion to increase application response time was to use MOD_GZIP (an open source compressor extension to Apache) to compress the outbound HTTP traffic. The only drawback is that MOD_GZIP is not supported by Oracle.


Data Modeling with SQL Developer

Unlike Open World 2007 there were many database oriented sessions at Oracle Open World 2008. There were many good performance oriented sessions, so many in fact that there were several conflicts in the schedule, and I had to pick one in several time slots that had multiple choices.

One of the more interesting sessions (for me anyway) at OOW 2008 was a session not on database performance, but on data modeling.

The SQL Developer team has been hard at working creating a data modeling plugin for SQL Developer.

This appears to be a very full featured tool, and appears to (more...)

OpenWorld unconference presentation about Rails on Oracle

On last day of Oracle OpenWorld I did my unconference presentation – Using Ruby on Rails with legacy Oracle databases.

As I did not know if anyone will come to listen to it I was glad that six people attended (including Kuassi Mensah from Oracle who is helping to promote Ruby support inside Oracle). And on the previous day I also managed to show parts of my presentation to Rich and Anthony from Oracle AppsLab team.

I published my slides on Slideshare:

And I published my demo project on GitHub:


Thanks to all Oracle people who recognize my work on (more...)

Exadata and the Database Machine – the Oracle "kilopod"

There has already been plenty of interesting posts about Oracle Exadata - notably of course from Kevin Closson here and here (update: and this analysis from Christo Kutrovsky)- but I just have one thing to say.

Larry Ellison was quoted in a number of reports saying the Oracle Database Machine "is 1,400 times larger than Apple’s largest iPod".

Larry, when you want to get over that something is big - really big that is, industrial scale even - just don't compare it with a (however wonderful) consumer toy. Not even with 1,400 of them. 1.4 kilopods is so (more...)

Exadata – has it been in development for two years?

Just my nit-picking mind, but why does the Exadata technical white paper say (at the time of writing at least) that it is "Copyright © 2006, Oracle"? I don't think they've been working on it that long - much more likely some soon-to-be-embarrassed technical writer has cut and paste the standard boilerplate from an out of date source.

What, no rule-driven content management?

Oracle Portal users meeting Thursday at 2 p.m.

I’ve booked an Unconference slot today, Thursday at 2 p.m. for a meeting of Oracle Portal users. I’m not going to be presenting anything, but with all the WebCenter and Beehive hype here, it might be useful to meet other Oracle Portal users and discuss where we go from (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld, Wednesday

Wednesday morning I spent the morning in the ADF Methodology Group unconference session. Fellow Oracle ACE Director Chris Muir had convened the meeting and explained the rationale for the ADF Methodology group. We discussed several aspects of ADF methodology: Eric Marcoux spoke on ADF testing, Steve Muench discussed how to (more...)

Oracle announces Storage server and Database machine

SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 24:  The new Oracle ...Larry Ellison announced Oracle's foray into hardware arena with the launch of storage server and database machine at the ongoing Oracle Open World 2008 in his keynote address. Oracle has partnered with HP for this. Read the press release.

Oracle has announced a new storage server called "Oracle Exadata" and a database machine partnering with HP. The database machine is named "HP Oracle Database Machine". It's a pre-configured machine with Oracle Enterprise Linux consisting 8 database servers, 64 Intel processor cores, grid of 14 Oracle Exadata storage servers,. It's specially been designed for data warehousing market. It's being seen as (more...)

Exadata: It really works!

For the past three months, I and a small group of people in the creative department at Oracle have been working in secret on the HP Oracle Database Machine that Larry just announced in his OpenWorld keynote. Our group has been writing scripts for demos and videos, designing branding elements, shooting photos, and art-directing Web and print pieces. But we had no access to any REAL information about how the product was doing in real-world (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld, Tuesday

In the morning, I heard Robert Nocera from Vgo present on redeveloping Oracle Forms applications in ADF BC and ADF Faces. They have been doing this for years and used to convert stacked canvases in Forms to PanelGroups in ADF. However, with JDeveloper 11g, stacked canvases can be converted into (more...)

My Mentor is an Oracle Certified Master in Oracle 10g now!

Dear All,

I’m pleased to say that my elder brother, Mr. Syed Jaffar Hussain, is an Oracle Certified Master in Oracle 10g now. He is truly deserved for it. In addition to this, he is already an Oracle Certified Professional in multiple tracks such as Oracle 10g/9i/8i, RAC DBA Expert, and also an Oracle ACE Award winner.

He is my mentor and motivator. So, I will have to gear up for Oracle Certified Master (more...)

Some positive drag-and-drop experience

In the previous post I wrote that I didn’t quite like drag-and-drop development style in JDeveloper that I experienced during Oracle OpenWorld hands-on session.


Today I was in Oracle BI Answers & Dashboard hands-on session and during this session I was also drag-and-dropping to create reports, charts and business intelligence dashboards. But in this case I liked it as it seemed natural way how to create such reports.

The main difference why I liked it was that I got immediate feedback how the end report will look like – after each change I could immediately see and test real report (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld, Monday

In the morning, I saw fellow ACE Director Eric Marcoux present an overview of all Oracle Portal Products – an ambitions undertaking, given that Oracle has four portals and Eric also covered Universal Content Management. With such a wide topic, it is probably unavoidable that some errors creep in – (more...)

Loading File into a Blob


Yesterday I received a request from a developer to load file into a BLOB. To be honest I have never loaded a file into a BLOB in past. I had some idea that I would have to use DBMS_LOB pl/sql package to achieve this.

Here are the steps to do this.

1. Create an oracle directory object.

create directory tmp as ‘/tmp’;


2. Load the file into BLOB


l_blob BLOB;

l_bfile BFILE;

l_offset_dest INTEGER :=1;

l_offset_src INTEGER :=1;


/* Get a BFILE pointer to OS file. */


INTO l_bfile

FROM dual;

/* (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld, Sunday

Sunday at OracleWorld was filled by the Oracle ACE Director briefing. Unfortunately most of the information given out is embargoed until the relevant Oracle VIP makes the official announcement during the week. Stay tuned…But we did have some of the usual interesting discussions about Oracle pricing, especially in the light (more...)