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Just in time for the new year! The Oracle PeopleSoft group now have their docs on in HTML format, hooked up to a Tahiti search:Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Hosted PeopleBooks

NEW option in ADRCI purge acommand – UTSCDMP

NEW option in ADRCI purge acommand - UTSCDMP
There is new option in ADRCI for purge command - UTSCDMP

adrci> help purge

Usage: PURGE [[-i ]

Purpose: Purge the diagnostic data in the current ADR home. If no
option is specified, the default purging policy will be used.

[-i id1 id1 id2]: Users can input a single incident ID, or a range of incidents to purge.
[-age ]: Users can specify the purging policy either to all the diagnostic data or the specified type. The data older than ago will be purged

[-type (more...)

RMAN Duplicate Gotchas – Part 2: Standby DB Restores and Redo Log Group

In my previous post I discussed identifying which media you would need to use when performing a restore in order to duplicate a database via RMAN.

In this post, I'll discuss a couple of other issues that you may come across; although, admittedly, they are fairly uncommon.

Standby DB Restores

Like a lot of other sites we maintain a physical standby database, managed using Dataguard, ready to use as a failover instance, in case of problems with the main RAC database. This database is the source for all backups, to avoid overloading the production servers. This leads to a small (more...)

Gartner stresses on Employer Branding and Social Networking

Came across this press release from Gartner and I thought its a wonderful piece of information capturing the need for building employer brand and use of software and Social Networking tools to manage talent.
I would present my two takes on the article here.

To start with, we have all (more...)

Stay on top of your talent

Nothing could have been worse than your CEO asking you to cut the flab !!!
These are tough times indeed and HR / Talent / People are the first to bear the brunt.
Isn't it ironical that the function that has been trying to prove that people investment is like investment (more...)

CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey Results

I had blogged about the Cedar Crestone HR Survey here

CedarCrestone has released the results of its HR Systems survey, the FIRST one to be conducted in APAC. CedarCrestone has been doing this worldwide survey for the last 11 years, covering major trends and providing insights into the latest practices (more...)

Google Connect on my blog

I thought I would update you with some changes to my blog.
I have just joined Google connect, and its a useful tool to keep people connected.
You can also follow me on my blog and stay connected with all the updates
Comments and feedback are welcome on my blog (more...)

Review your HR technology

I am often being asked this question these days " What impact would the slowdown have on HR technology investments" and " what's the advice for HR on technology these days" ??
While I did write an article on impact of slowdown , but to be honest and fair that was (more...)

My Blog Story

William Tincup just published my blog story here. Thanks William !!!

When I started, I never thought I would become a regular blogger.
I think blogging as a medium of expression of thoughts is very powerful and can leverage big ideas and explore thoughts of communities like never before.
I just (more...)

Just Another day

What globalisation can do is amazing and the fallout of a recession is even more amazing. Jobs are getting wiped by scores. The other day I was speaking with a few of my friends who are thought leaders in the HR community and they seem to be unanimous that these (more...)

Coding Horror: Hardware is Cheap, Programmers are Expensive

You've probably heard both sides of this argument: throw hardware at performance problems, no no, improve the code. Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror comes down on the "more hardware" side in this post:Coding Horror: Hardware is Cheap, Programmers are ExpensiveUsually I agree with Jeff, but I

User Group Leadership: A Path to Success in Life?

I met with Steve Lemme of the IOUG for a story on user groups in Oracle Magazine, but the written story died during the editorial process. However I taped the interview for my Up Close series and the video lives on! My Up Close series focuses on the Oracle user (more...)

I’m an Oracle ACE Award Winner now !

Dear All,

I’m pleased to inform you all that I have received an email from Oracle ACE Program Committee that I have been nominated for the prominent Oracle ACE Award. I’m honored to be the second person working in the Saudi Arabia to be an Oracle ACE.

Hope you are curious to know who the first person is working in the Saudi Arabia to be an Oracle ACE. Well, he is none other than my (more...)

Download Free Oracle Certification Dumps Here!!

This blog post is for them; those who are desperately looking for free Oracle Certification dumps.

Well, you might be surprised to see the message of the post is irrelevant to the subject. All my intension is to bring your attention towards How bad it is? Cheating the Oracle Certifications by simply reading the exam dumps”.

Mr. Paul Sorensen, Director of Oracle Certification, and other certification team members have launched the Oracle Certification (more...)

Comparison of Oracle Portals

In one of my presentations at this year’s UKOUG Conference, I made a comparison of the five Oracle portal products:

  • WebCenter Services
  • WebCenter Suite
  • Oracle Portal
  • WebCenter/AquaLogic Interaction
  • Weblogic Portal

The comparison included framework capabilities, content management and built-in functionality, and I came to the following conclusion:Comparison of Oracle Portal ProductsThe evaluation applies (more...)

Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification?

Hello All,

Choosing whether to go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification is becoming complex to the Novice or Newbie DBAs. And also, I have seen a couple of posts asking such similar certification doubts more frequently in the OTN Forums, when they are not really sure or confused.

Well, this is ever been told by everyone that going for latest version certification is good and ideal. But, what I advise is, first (more...)

Celebrating Second Year Anniversary of the Blog Launch

Dear My Blog Readers,

It's been two years that I have lanuched and updated my blog by today. The blog originally started on 12-Dec-2006.

During the last year, I wrote and published good articles. I would like to thank all of my blog viewrs who made my blog popular by reading the interesting posts in m blog.

I hope, I would write more and more good articles which my blog viwers definitely like them and (more...)

"World Changing" Database?

“We’re living in the shadow of architectural decisions that were made decades ago... but all these architectural restraints have gone away...”
-- Terry Jones of Fluid Info.

When Scoble and O’Rielly call a new take on database technology “world changing,” I figure someone at Oracle should look into it. (more...)

UKOUG Conference Report

The UKOUG conference in Birmingham is over, and I have placed PDF files of my two presentations on the papers page.

I was only there for two days this year, but did pick up a few interesting things:

  • Oracle is now promising App Server 11g (including WebCenter) first half of (more...)

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