Security, Forecasting Oracle Performance and Some stuff to post… soon…

I’ve been busy this February “playing around/studying” on the following:

1) Oracle Security products (Advance Security Option, Database Vault, Audit Vault, Data Masking, etc. etc.). Well, every organization must guard their digital assets against any threat (external/internal) because once compromised it could lead to negative publicity, lost revenue, litigation, lost of trust.. and the list goes on.. I’m telling you, Oracle has a lot to offer (breadth of products and features, some of them (more...)

Get Rid of NULL

| Feb 24, 2009
"My query isn't returning the right rows" is a problem we all hear often. Upon investigation, I find that the most common cause of a miswritten query is a misunderstanding and/or mishandling of NULLs.Well, you know what? I've had it. Let's get rid of NULL. There, I said it.I've written articles explaining NULL before, a couple of times in fact*. So have plenty of other Oracle specialists, in

A Salute to Dan Vlamis’ College Girlfriend

My interview with Dan Vlamis, of the BIWA SIG, is missing some key points. Neither the video nor the Oracle Magazine column talk about his degree in technology from Brown or the fact that he took the job that launched his Oracle-based BI career just to be near his (more...)

APEX SQL Workshop Insufficient Privileges Error

An APEX user was attempting to create a table in the SQL Workshop and received the "ORA-01031 insufficient privileges" error message. I went into SQL Developer and was able to create the table. So why did it not work in APEX SQL Workshop?

After some "data dictionary" digging comparing this schema to one that works, I realized that the CREATE TABLE privilege was granted to the schema via a role and not a direct grant. Since APEX runs within PL/SQL you have to have the CREATE TABLE grant issued directly to the schema to be able to create a table (more...)

BPEL Processes failing without a trace

I am running Oracle BPEL and had a mysterious problem: Some workflows would fail without leaving any trace. They did not show up in the BPEL Control as Faulted – indeed they did not show at all. My process had a CatchAll branch, but this was (more...)

Remote dependencies

When changing plsql code in a production system the dependencies between objects can cause some programs to be invalidated. Making sure all programs are valid before opening the system to users is very important for application availability. Oracle automatically compiles invalid programs on their first execution, but a successfull compilation may not be possible because the error may need code correction or the compilation may cause library cache locks when applications are running.

Dependencies between plsql programs residing in the same database are easy to handle. When you compile a program the programs dependent on that one are invalidated right (more...)

Doubly dynamic SQL

It is great to see a new post from Oracle WTF last week, after a quiet period. Which reminded me to post this example of a dynamic search.

I won't post the whole thing, and I have disguised the column names to protect the guilty. The basic problem is that the developer didn't quite understand that if you are going to generate a dynamic query, you don't have to include all the possibilities into the final SQL.

Let's say the example is based on books published in a given year. First, to decide whether to do a LIKE or an (more...)

RMOUG, Kaleidoscope 2009, Slight Change to flex_ws_api

I know that I am horribly overdue for a post. I was out at the RMOUG Training Days last week and presented on Integrating Web Services and Application Express. The presentation should be linked from the referenced page soon. Unfortunately I only had 60 minutes to present 90 minutes worth (more...)


| Feb 20, 2009
"What's wrong?" the guru asked as he sat down next to the company's newest database analyst. "I heard you were having some trouble with the room booking application.""Yep," said Chad. "I just can't seem to get it right.""Don't put it all on yourself," said the guru. "What can I do to help?""Well, I've got it narrowed down to this one procedure, which is responsible for checking if the room is

Oracle Reserved word as a Table name

I ran into a table today that was named GROUP, so I attempted to do a
Since GROUP is a reserved word in Oracle, I got an "ORA-00903: invalid table name" error. So how do I query the table? I went into SQL Developer and was able to view the data in the table via the "Data" tab. So how was that possible? It ended up SQL Developer was doing a


I knew that SQL Developer placed double quotes around the schema, table, and column names in the CREATE TABLE statements in (more...)

The Consultant

The Consultant has a Ph. D, vast experience of high-performance systems architecture, a black belt in karate and a reputation as a genius. He's been brought in by senior management at vast but necessary expense for a strategic rethink of the way data is shared between systems, while implementing SOA, improving performance and finding the Higgs Boson. Needless to say, he tends towards the view that database development is overrated. He's already sorted out the data warehouse. Overheard by our correspondent:

I’ve finished the design for the data warehouse. Although I say design, it’s pretty simple. That’s why it was (more...)

Coming to a Playful Decision

While watching this eight-minute talk by John Cacioppo on economics and social behavior I couldn’t help think of the Oracle user groups I’ve come to know in the past year.

“Bringing experts together isn’t sufficient,” say Cacioppo. Real progress is made “when you foster a deeper connection” between people with (more...)

Future of Relational Database

I read an interesting article on RWW about future of relational database; thought it might be of interest to you too!

This article talks about the emerging database (key/value database) and compares it to RDBMS. One of the interesting things being that you may not be able to perform JOIN operation. It is being described as the suitable model for cloud service provides (and pay-as-you-go service providers) and big players like Amazon (SimpleDB), Google (AppEngine Datastore), Microsoft (SQL Data services) have already started the offering. There are non-cloud providers too like - CouchDB (more...)

A Comprehensive Database Security Model

This week I am taking a bit of a departure. Normally I write about things I have already done, but this week I want to speculate a bit on a security model I am thinking of coding up. Basically I have been asking myself how to create a security model (more...)

do as they do, not as they say…

Yeah, well: I never said this blog would be a regular thing, so there!I'm not sure what is going to happen to the world economy. I keep hearing about these fantastic rescue packages that seemly no one has to pay for?Recently, I was reminded of why I am so cynical of modern theories of education and economy. I do have a lot of respect for the engineers who made the moon landings possible

Thanks Computer Junkyard

Just a quick thank you to Computer Junkyard I had a great experience there today.

If you are in or around Tampa, please check them out.

Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD) for JEE 5

by Wellington Carvalho I hope my feedback can help those who want to prepare for The Web Component Developer exam (SCWCD) for JEE 5. I will use the same structure of an older post that Fabio Souza...

This is a summary only. Please, visit the blog for full content and (more...)

Bye bye raw device, ¡bienvenido ASM!

Durante décadas se han venido usando raw devices en un intento de obtener el mejor desempeño posible para las bases de datos Oracle. La alternativa eran los file systems que si bien eran fáciles de administrar, tenían un desempeño que dejaba mucho que desear. Con el transcurrir de los años los fabricantes han venido mejorando los file systems, agregándoles direct I/O y concurrent I/O por ejemplo, al punto que los han hecho casi tan (more...)

Tibco RV in a box – would appliances help streaming SQL?

Several others have posted on the new Tibco Messaging Appliance - apparently it's Tibco Rendezvous (RV) in a box OEM'd from Solace Systems. Paul Vincent ponders at the Tibco CEP blog:
    It’s quite feasible that the same approach could be used for “basic” complex event processing operations, especially those that don’t require history (or much persistence)
Paul is certainly right that CEP and event/data stream processing engines could benefit from the appliance approach. However I think that it is precisely those applications that require history that could most benefit. A high-speed streaming engine with a co-located database (running with (more...)

ORDER BY Clause in "Filter" field In SQL Developer

I was in SQL Developer today and discovered something by accident. I double clicked on a table name in the "Connections" tab and went to the "Data" tab to view rows of data. In the "Filter:" field I entered a WHERE clause but accidentally also included an ORDER BY clause, too. The rows of data displayed in the order I requested. This got me to thinking. The "Sort" button provides a basic column by column sorting order, but if you need more complicated sorting logic you could just type it into the "Filter:" field.

This is useful if you want (more...)