Lucky to find it…

Earlier this month I was able to bought the book “Sun Performance and Tuning: Java and the Internet (2nd Edition)” for only 190pesos at some bookstore :)


Amazon sells it for 2400pesos.. ;)

It’s a pretty old book and was published around 1995-1996 but the content is still interesting. This led me to research more on the author and all of his work. Well hey! This guy is a recipient of the Michelson Award by Computer Measurement Group (CMG) I strongly suggest you subscribe to the monthly MeasureIT publication.. lots of good stuff on performance. The name of the mystery guy is (more...)

What I’ve Learned from Scripting Corporate Vids

As the script writer for several 11gR2 vignettes, I have been thinking about what we have done right so far and what we can improve. Here are my top five thoughts:

1. Remember that people watch these all the way through because they care about the characters, not the information. (more...)

Come in, Relax, Enjoy a Little “Implicit Learning”

Pick up Winifred Gallagher’s new book “Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life”, and you’ll find arguments to support the “tech vignettes” we’ve been filming for Release 2 of Oracle Database 11g.

She describes “implicit learning” as a process of leaning something without intending to. It (more...)

R12 12.1.1 Installation on Solaris

| Jul 26, 2009
You might be wondering where this guy disappear. I am getting released from my current engagement that's why busy in transition and other works. And got another engagement in hand for R12 (12.1.1) installation on solaris. I am working with team to get this done. Will update all with the status and issues faced.
Until then Stay tuned.
Happy Troubleshooting.

Joe’s Blog: 15 Mintues of Fame

| Jul 25, 2009

They say everyone gets at least 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime. Here's my total to-date.

1 minute (Middle School): my picture and some artwork appeared in The Toronto Star after I won their weekly cartoon contest for kids

30 seconds (High School): I was pictured in The Etobicoke Guardian performing a welding demonstration at a local shopping mall (this doesn't count for a full minute because a welding mask covered my face in the picture)

1 minute (University): I was pictured in The Toronto Star again, this time they caught me with my arm dyed purple, pants rolled (more...)


I have been working on an Application Express 4.0 feature to support consuming REST Web services. REST Web services use a simpler architecture than the popular SOAP style Web services. Instead of posting some big XML document wrapped in a SOAP Envelope, REST requests are typically done by passing (more...)

Enterprise Architecture Roundtable in Berlin and Frankfurt – Bookmark Your Calendars

On September 2nd, 2009 in Frankfurt and September 3rd, 2009 in Berlin, Oracle will organize an Enterprise Architecture Roundtable to discuss trends in infrastructures and methods for modern IT platforms. Main focus is to facilitate the exchange of Enterprise Architecture knowledge and experience between lead architects of our main customers. (more...)

Silence is Golden

Even with more daylight, I struggle with finding enough time to juggle family, work, and blog (not necessarily in that order, but pretty close most days). As a result of increased activity, I have been silent on the blogging front. This is not to say that I have not been thinking about all the interesting things to write about. With the workload increasing, the number of topics that I would like to discuss in an online forum also grows. Unfortunately entropy is hard to beat and without a perpetuum mobile as a source of energy, I have to find that (more...)

Initial version of DataMapper Oracle adapter


What is DataMapper?

DataMapper is Ruby Object/Relational Mapper that is similar to ActiveRecord (component of Ruby on Rails) but still it handles several things differently than ActiveRecord.

I got interested in DataMapper because I liked better some of its design decisions when compared with ActiveRecord. And in particular DataMapper architecture can suite better if you need to work with legacy Oracle database schemas – that is the area where I use Ruby on Rails a lot and for these purposes I also created Oracle enhanced adapter for ActiveRecord.

But as there were no Oracle adapter available for DataMapper I (more...)

Too many Managers spoil the project

| Jul 19, 2009

All of us in our childhood must have heard of the proverb "Too many cooks spoil the broth". If too many people try to take charge of a task, the end product might be ruined. This applies to any task like an implementation project as well.An easy way to identify if the project is going awry is when you find many people following up to find the status of the job being done. In one of my earlier projects there was one developer writing a piece of code and there were four managers chasing the poor lady for updates (more...)

An Interloper at ODTUG

If you see me at a user group conference pondering the conference guide, don’t think I’m looking for my session. What I’m looking for are the people who attend and teach sessions. Watch out, I might be looking for you. I’m at the conference to collect stories and information from (more...)

Running Oracle Soa Suite 11g on OpenSuse 11.1 – Part 2

PART 2 – Starting SOA Suite and Creating a First SOA Composite in JDeveloper 11g Version 11.1

This continues Part 1 which can be found here.

After installation we need to take one steps before starting the servers:

  • Configure a file in the soa_domain root directory:
    This (more...)

Primer PSU ya está disponible, instalémoslo!

Para complementar el Post anterior, les aviso que ya está disponible desde ayer el primer Patch Set Update, lo pueden encontrar en Metalink (My Oracle Support) como el Patch 8576156 - DATABASE PSU (INCLUDES CPUJUL2009). En este Post les indico cómo instalarlo, acompañenme en esta aventura.

Este Patch Set Update está disponible para las siguientes plataformas:
  • Sun Solaris SPARC (64-bit) / 21M
  • Linux x86 / 11M
  • Linux x86-64 (more...)

vi, Still Relevant

I thought this was a good summary of why vi (or more accurately vim) is still a good choice for editing today:Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi?One trick I learned from this article that I hadn't known: keep the cursor on the same line, but position that line at the top, middle, or bottom of the script via 'zt', 'zz', and 'zb' respectively. I am always ending up with the cursor at the

Classic MetaLink vs. My Oracle Support

If you are in any way involved with supporting Oracle products, then you know that the death knell for Classic MetaLink has sounded. MetaLink will be unplugged at the end of July 2009.

The new support site, My Oracle Support, seems to be causing some pain for quite a few people in the Oracle user community.

Some of the complaints regard limited platform support due to the Adobe Flash 9 requirements, navigation and response times.

On the other hand there are some cool new features such as Power View, Configuration Manager and the new Advanced Search options.

How do you (more...)

Patch Set Updates

Oracle acaba de hacer público en My Oracle Support, mediante el Note 850471.1, que a partir de Julio y de forma trimestral, estará liberando un conjunto de patches recomendados a los que se conocerá como Patch Set Update o PSU. Los PSU son acumulativos y su aplicación origina un cambio en la versión a nivel del quinto número, es decir, el primer PSU para Oracle originará que tengamos (more...)

ETL patent case: Constellar and DataMirror let off off the hook; DataStage still in dock

Once again Vincent McBurney delivers a fantastic summary of the latest state of the Juxtacomm ETL patent case: SQL Server, DB2 and DataStage will fight out Data Integration Patent Infringement.

I'm most interested from the Constellar point of view - I first came across Constellar (then Information Junction) as a product on sale in late 1993 / early 1994 (before joining the company from Oracle in 1995), so it always seemed clear to me that it would qualify as prior art to Juxtacomm's 1998 patent. Oddly, it seems that the parties to the trial have agreed that Constellar Hub (and (more...)

SQLstream delivers instant data stream analysis of Mozilla 3.5 downloads

Here are a couple of posts that describe the download monitor/dashboard which is giving up-to-the-second statistics for downloads by country of the latest Mozilla release 3.5 (just about to top 5.5 million downloads since yesterday's launch). The dashboard has been put together with the help of my friends at SQLstream. Just don't try looking at this with Internet Explorer, as it doesn't support HTML5.

Julian Hyde on Open Source OLAP. And stuff.: SQLstream powers ...
By Julian Hyde
SQLstream gathers data from Mozilla's download centers around the world, assigns each record a latitude and longitude, and summarizes the (more...)