Now where are those user accounts?

The IM conversation below is part of a much longer one (notice the date stamps) between a friend who we'll just call 'TR' and a developer.

Developer (11 Oct 2009 14:39:51): I created some users and now they are gone?
TR (11 Oct 2009 14:40:01): We have implemented a daily flashback to the data baseline so that repeatable tests can run every day in that database.
TR (11 Oct 2009 14:40:03): You need to notify us (as per the mail I sent out) when you make data changes that you want to keep from day to day.
TR (11 Oct (more...)

Friday the 30th, Halloween is just around the corner

Always been confused between 13th and 30th, when it goes to English pronunciation - go figure.

There has been a lot going on, and it may explain why my blog has been so quiet lately. Here are some fun facts and though about Web square (a.k.a 2.0):

How to innocently corrupt a data table block

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This really happened to me when trying to learn how the INITRANS
attribute works, was very surprising how easily you can have this
transitory error state.

Replicate the error is very straightforward, you just need one table and
4 transactions. It happened on a database.

DATAFILE '/u01/MASTER/unif.dbf'

create table scott.t2 (c1 number, c2 char(10)) tablespace unif;

Table is created with storage defaults, therefore INITRANS is 2 initially.

insert into scott.t2 (c1, c2) values (more...)

Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started (Paperback) by Robert Griesemer

[[|{{ :book:oracle_warehouse_builder_getting_started_11g.jpg|}}]] [[|Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started by Robert Griesemer]] – ISBN 1847195741 Packt Publishing offer me the chance to review this book and I want to thank them as the author Robert Griesemer because writing a book is never an easy task. The book is a step by step tutorial offering to construct [...]

Fear of maths is a problem worth solving

According to researchers at the University of Granada, 6 out of every 10 university students present "mathematical anxiety". This study was carried out in a sample consisting of 885 first-year students from 23 different degrees given at the UGR which include the subject of Mathematics, both compulsory and core. (more...)

Interview Questions for Collaborate #c10

After much deliberation and thought, I finally decided to go a completely different direction for Collaborate 10 and do something for Professional Development. In the past I have presented on Clusterware, Data Guard, Oracle Portal, and, most recently, the PeopleSoft Management Pack for Grid Control. So, now for something completely different, I thought it would be fun to do something on interviewing.

Over the years, I have probably been on more than my fair share of interviews. Fortunately, so far, all have been by choice. The thing that always strikes me is the different types of questions that are asked. (more...)

SOA Manifesto fails to inspire

Did you see the SOA Manifesto? It seems that software vendors and SOA luminaries feel the need to fire up some enthusiasm for SOA, so they are trying to replicate the success that the Agile Manifesto had in defining and focusing Agile development.

Unfortunately, the manifesto is a bit of (more...)

Share your knowledge – submit an abstract for ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010

I’m spending the weekend writing abstracts for the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference 2010, which will be held in Washington, D.C. June 27 through July 1.If you have solved an interesting challenge, have a real-life project experience to share or have tried out some of the latest technology, I (more...)

REST Now Supported in flex_ws_api and Other Good Stuff

I have finally added support for consuming RESTful Web services in the flex_ws_api API. I have also added new globals in the API to keep track of cookies, HTTP headers and the response code returned from a service. There is also a global you can populate prior to calling any (more...)

Back to the Real World and RAC Architecture

I find it amazing that my last post was nine days ago already. It really seems like yesterday that I was still in San Francisco for OpenWorld. To close out that thought, the Aerosmith concert was pretty good, but not great. The could have played a little longer and done some more of the older stuff... (I was really hoping to hear "Big 10 Inch"). It is pretty amazing that they are able to put on that kind of a show at that age. I can only hope to be that active.

Thursday was actually not too bad mostly because (more...)

Increased Momentum to Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud as depicted in the following diagram is a middle path for enterprises for taking advantage of the public clouds as well as addressing the security and ownership concerns of mission critical as well as sensitive data.

Recently at OOW 2009 is SFO, Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, showed (more...)

What’s the bedrock to your Social CRM Strategy?

Perhaps it is taken for granted, but Esteban Kolsky's recent article on The SCRM Roadmap, is missing the requirement for a Social Media Participation Policy for employees. No matter where you are on his SCRM pyramid such a policy is vital. The first thing it does is give an (more...)

Oracle Access Manager 11g

More coverage of Oracle IAM 11g suite based on OpenWorld sessions. If Oracle Identity Manager 11g is an evolutionary step and Oracle Identity Analytics 11g is fresh air then OAM 11g is a shot heard round the world. Changes, they're a comin'.

The current release of Oracle Access Manager is based on the 2005 acquisition of Oblix. The Oblix product is written in C++ and is comprised of a number of independent components that all function, well, independently! In the late 90s-early 00s world of enterprise applications where CORBA was still considered a viable deployment option, J2EE was learning how (more...)

NZOUG Conference 2010 Call for Papers – 15-16 March

If you're interesting in presenting please take a moment to read this message from the New Zealand Oracle Users Group, and note the deadline for submissions is at the end of next week 31-Oct-09! For full information please see the NZOUG Website. Disclaimer: I'm on the NZOUG Committee.

The New Zealand Oracle Users Group is pleased to announce…

Call for Papers and Training for the 2010 Conference

15th and 16th March 2010

We only require your presentation or training topic and short abstract at this stage.

We invite all users and suppliers of Oracle technology, Oracle applications (more...)

OpenWorld 2009 done – back to Windy Wellington

With OpenWorld 2009 all done plus a few highly enjoyable days in the Valley I'm now back at home. I had a fantastic time once again, second time around was much less daunting - I went for less sessions, more unconference and more shopping!

The first couple of days of OpenWorld this year seemed very light on attendees, but with a flurry of activity in the last few days and a fantastic appreciation event - an awesome performance from Aerosmith - things really picked up. Very few product announcements of essence from the Oracle team so the real highlights for (more...)

Oracle Identity Analytics 11g

UPDATE (Feb 2010): The product described in this post is dead. Sun Role Manager has been renamed to Oracle Identity Analytics and the end result is NOT the same as the product announced at OpenWorld. Stay tuned for more details in another blog post.


Another session at Oracle OpenWorld I attended was for Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA), a new product Oracle built from existing parts for 11g. The product was first announced in early summer of 2009 but if you were reading Oracle tea leaves, you knew about it even before that.

Oracle Identity Analytics is a "classic" (more...)

Notes from Oracle OpenWorld 2009


Last week I participated in annual Oracle OpenWorld 2009 conference. There is quite wide coverage of conference in various web sites and blogs therefore I will write just some personal notes that I wanted to highlight.

For me the most value was meeting with different interesting people. At first thanks to Justin Kestelyn and all OTN team for Oracle community support. Oracle ACE dinner, bloggers meetup, OTN lounge and unconference were great places where to meet and discuss with interesting and active Oracle community members.

It was nice to meet Kuassi Mensah and Christopher Jones who are supporters of (more...)

Latest storage Adventure

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Datamarts/Datawarehouse performance issues can be scaring events, taking into account the massive amount of data they handle; the tuning task is even more daunting if they're used for operational day-to-day decision making.

During the last week and days, I've been involved on a 15 Tb datamart with performance issues on dataloading, not querying. Tablespaces for indexes and data share filesystems, nowadays this is not a concern anymore, however I prefer to encourage customers to allocate independent storage for each type, that way they are able to discriminate the source of IO.

They have concurrent schedules (more...)

Hosted Security Breakfast Seminar: Dublin

Staying on the topic of hosted applications and security I thought I'd bring this to your attention. MessageLabs, a Symantec Company, is organising a breakfast seminar on Hosted Security in Dublin, in November. Although I won't be attending, you may find the presentations interesting and maybe get a free croissant (more...)

Oracle, the applications company

Leaving the details of the individual sessions aside, the impression from this year’s OpenWorld is that of a shift in Oracle’s perception of themselves.

Oracle used to present itself as a technology company that happened to use its technology to build applications. Now, Oracle is an applications company that happens (more...)