Craig Shallahamer is now blogging!

Craig Shallahamer is now blogging… check out his initial post here!

Earlier I had a few mail exchanges with him and got to check his new work.. called the Stress Identifier. Hmm.. so how it will be helpful? Well if you have already characterized your workload, you may want to definitively determine which internal database activity is stressing your CPU, IO, and network subsystems. So this tool will avoid the guess work of selecting that “unit of work”… check out the link for more details…

And most of all.. grab a copy of his new book Oracle Performance Firefighting (more...)

Workload characterization using DBA_HIST tables and kSar

Been busy these past few days..

Well, this post is about taking advantage of the built in data store that started in 10gR1.. yeah it’s AWR, and it’s very much like a “Statspack on steroids” (got that from Kyle Hailey’s modules). What’s exciting about 10g and above is we could utilize the “Time Model” and the OSSTAT view and use them together with the SYSTAT view to have a far better workload information when going through all the SNAP_IDs.

I have this “little” issue before of getting lazy when generating multiple AWR reports… yeah it’s just so daunting, you’ll get (more...)

Things I wish from Oracle in 2010 (3): Set ADF Free

The third thing I wish for from Oracle in 2010 is a free ADF runtime license. I believe that the current licensing is limiting ADF to existing Oracle enterprise customers, and that’s too bad.

I am not looking for Oracle to make ADF Open Source – but just to get (more...)

One simple web page saved my day

| Jan 28, 2010

As an Oracle specialist you meet it from time to time: something is not working as expected. Lots of times the information is right under your hands on the web. We open Google and search for some error message we get. If I cannot find it there I open Oracle support (for some time already the flashy new site, I am getting used to it after a few weeks of hesitation and missing MetaLink). Probably it should be the other way around: Oracle problems should be explained best on the Oracle support site. And they probably are, but they are (more...)

So yes, it really is just a big iPhone.

So, if, and it's still really an if at this stage, the iPad takes off in a big way (and you know how what happens next - designers/marketing/sales, etc buy them, take them to meetings, then everyone in the company wants one) this really is going to have an impact (more...)

User Group Leaders’ Summit Day 1 – #oraclesun

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Oracle User Group Leaders' Summit at Oracle HQ in Redwood City this week.  Once the Oracle-Sun deal was given the go ahead by the EC last week, we were invited to sit in live for the big announcement.  My day started early after about five hours of sleep because my flight was late getting in last night.  I met some of my fellow IOUG Board members for breakfast and ran into many others including Ronan Miles, UKOUG Chairman, who went to Brussels with IOUG President, Ian Abramson, to (more...)

Book review: Middleware Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R5

In December last year the publisher of IT books Packt Publishing contacted me to ask me if I was willing to read their newly released book about Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control:

Middleware Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R5

They've selected me based on the contents of my blog.

The book is well structured and written in a clear language. The book starts with explaining the main features of Oracle Enterprise (more...)

Multi touch and web applications

The award for the "worst kept secret of the last 12 months" will no doubt be awarded to Apple later this week after the unveiling of the iThingamy this Wednesday (27th).   As I said in an earlier post, this is likely to herald the start of the era (more...)

Improving performance with pipelined table functions

Using pipelined functions as a performance tuning tool. January 2010

Shop ’til ya drop, Apex 4 style.

Bad title I know, but it's late here in the UK, so I hope you'll cut me a little slack?

Now I said I would update you on my progress with creating an online shop for my wifes business.  So, this is what I have so far.

I've taken (more...)

Your ScrumMaster is a project manager in disguise

In 6 attributes of a good ScrumMaster Mike Cohn repeats the common line that the ScrumMaster role does not always require a full-time, eight-hour-a-day commitment. Often the 'orchestra conductor' role of ScrumMaster is an unofficial one within your organisation even though it clearly has well defined functions and responsibilities. So (more...)

Interview questions

A friend recently had a telephone interview for an Oracle technical contract role. Here are the questions he was asked:

  1. What is the command to edit a crontab?
  2. What are the first and fourth parameters on the crontab?
  3. What is the command to email the list of files that are too big and need to be deleted to prevent a tablespace getting too big?
  4. Have you used the OLAP command? and who invented it?
  5. When do you set PCTFREE?
  6. When is the PGA in the SGA?
  7. Where is the Java pool?
  8. How do I stop a checkpoint when I commit?

Stay Competitive: Join Me at the COLLABORATE 10 – IOUG Forum

I invite you to join me at COLLABORATE 10 – IOUG Forum, April 18-22, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.  As a member of the IOUG Board of Directors, I am excited to let you know about the educational content that the conference committee has created for the Forum.

You will have the opportunity to attend educational sessions in all of the tracks offered at COLLABORATE,  including: Application Strategy and Services, Infrastructure Technologies BI/Data Warehousing/EPM, Database, Development, Governance Risk and Compliance, Master Data Management/Application Integration and Professional Development.

The IOUG Forum does not only offer top-notch educational sessions that (more...)

iSlate, iPad, or whatever it will be called

Interesting article on the BBC News site regarding how Apple 'manages' controlled leaks.

It looks like a dead cert that Apple will anounce the iWhatever next week, and in doing so will arguably kick start the next generation of computing, that of the tablet based computer.  This (more...)


Well just 3 years after creating an account on Blogger I am writing my first post. This of course is at a time when, we are told, blogging is dying (or should actually be dead now according to this Wired article from a little while back).

So, with this in (more...)

Things I wish from Oracle in 2010 (2): Call off the license sharks

The second thing I wish for from Oracle in 2010 is that Larry calls off the license sharks.

It seems that Oracle is currently working agressively to maximize the license fee from existing customers, and customers are unhappy.

Here in Denmark, the last month has seen the media reporting:

How to: OSB – FMW SCA 11g interoperability supporting transaction propagation

Currently, the BPEL transport in OSB is not supporting FMW 11g. However, I just found a way, although it still is proven in theory based on my knowledge, to enable transaction propagation between OSB and FMW 11g SCA composites. The basic idea is that you have to communicate between OSB and FMW 11g SCA composites using the SDO - EJB binding in 11g. The t3 protocol used as the communication protocol between the ejb client (more...)

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Ten Years Gone

I've been pretty quiet lately, because I'm in a transitional period. After 10 years on documentation for Oracle Database and other enterprise server products, I'm switching to the InnoDB group that already works with MySQL. New development environments, new customers, it's an exciting time!A decade seems to be the right timeframe for me. It was 10 years at IBM before that. Check back in 2019, I'm

George Trujillo at Oracle and MySQL Conferences

Some of my best friends I've gained and things I have learned have been at business and technical conferences.  Here are three excellent conferences I hope to attend in the next few months:
  • RMOUG (Denver: Feb 16 - 18) - Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group - A fantastic local Oracle users conference.
  • Collab 10 (Las Vegas:Apr 18 - 22)  - Collaborate 10- The big Oracle users conference of the year.
  • MySQL Conference and Expo (Santa Clara:Apr 12 - 15) - MySQL users conference.