11gR2 upgrade with 12.1.2

| Mar 31, 2010
Steps for 11gR2 Upgrade
Pre-Upgrade Task
Remove DB from archive log mode
Complete Backup of the Database & Application Binaries
Apps Patches:
9062910 -- 11g Release 2 interoperability patch for Release 12.1
7651166 -- 12.1 TXK Delta 2 patch
Adconfig Patches

Set the path of oraInventory in /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc file.
Make entry for the oracle home that needs to be upgrade in /var/opt/oracle/oratab file.
Take a backup of the existing RDBMS oraInventory folder.

Software (more...)

Cloning eBS environment on windows….

| Mar 31, 2010
For a new project I am working with Oracle eBS 11i on the windows platform. When cloning an environment using rapidclone, the database clone is showing me an error. When the clone is trying to create a new controlfile, the following error is shown : The log information will be written to"F:\oracle\behdb\9.2.0\appsutil\log\beh_smdbp02\adcrdb.txt"ECHO is off.ECHO is off.Creating the control file

Interface Oriented Design

This book has been sitting on my desk for a long time and I've been dipping in and out of it for at least a year. I'm a big fan of The Pragmatic Programmers and the topic of interface is very close to my heart as it is often the (more...)

CKEditor Image Browser – APEX Style

FCKEditor has been used with Oracle APEX for a long while, in APEX terms it is known as HTML Editor Standard and HTML Editor Minimal items. In APEX 4.0 it looks like the new CKEditor is included, called Rich Text Editor item. It actually looks like you are given (more...)

“Ideas build off ideas”… making use of Social Networking sites


In this post (which has been looong overdue :p ) I’ll show you how you could make use of Social Networking Sites to make knowledge sharing and meeting people more fun. As you can see from the illustration above, I’ve made use of the following sites/services to build a dynamic and multidimensional means of communication:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • FeedBurner RSS
  • FeedBurner Mail Subscription
  • Google Sites
  • LinkedIn

The story behind it…

I am a DBA for 4years+, and started with zero knowledge about Oracle. I joined SQL*Wizard, which has a great training program and exposed me to a lot of difficult (more...)

DECODE/CASE vs. Mapping Tables

| Mar 25, 2010
I was helping a colleague recently with some SQL. He had about a dozen SQL queries that all looked something like this:SELECT (some stuff),DECODE (status, 'A', 1, 'I', 0),(more stuff)FROM(wherever)I made a few observations about his DECODE statement:1. Sometimes he used DECODE and sometimes he used CASE2. Sometimes he would map ' ' to 0, and sometimes it would go to the default value of NULL,

some interesting developments

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last coupla months.Not only have I been very busy at work, but also a very dear old friend has passed away after a short tussle with cancer. That affected me a lot more than I thought. Vale, John Alexander Wildgoose. My fierce Scot friend, IT colleague of 29 years and long time golfing buddy. A master of the comic understatement, his last words to me were:

Coding music!

My colleague listens to podcasts when he  codes. I listen to this (just the same song on repeat)…


I don’t even like it that much – it just allows me to switch off and get on with the job (nice chorus though!).

So… comment – (more...)

SQL: Override Address for Workflow Notification Mailer in the Oracle E-Business Suite

In the Oracle E-Business Suite I often need to develop code that sends emails. Easy enough to jump in and code it using a variety of options like workflow, utl_smtp etc. but what sort of things do we need to consider here?

  • Don't hardcode Outbound SMTP Server details in your code
  • Source the SMTP Server details from a single location
  • For test/development environments we don't want to send out email to real email addresses, so use an email address for test purposes and source it from a single location
  • If you select an email address from a record in the (more...)

Job Market

The job market must be getting a little better. In the last weeks I've had three recruiter calls and they actually had jobs to fill.

Parallel Execution of OLAP DML

| Mar 16, 2010
While I was teaching a workshop in Moscow recently a student asked about parallel execution of OLAP DML. Their cube processing included the usual loading and aggregation, which are automatically parallelized, but they also have some assignments into the cube which are done using an OLAP DML program. They noted that this was slow because it was single threaded on one CPU. I told the student that Oracle OLAP supports a multi-write attach mode that can be used to update multiple objects in parallel using separate sessions. I checked the documentation, but didn't find a clear explanation of how this (more...)

Apex 4.0: SQL in Plugins and seeing Stars…..

This is my first post in a few weeks as I've been a little busy with work recently, which is just criminal as I really just want to play with Apex 4 EA2.  Oh well, bills have to be paid and children fed I suppose.

Anyway, let's cut to (more...)

Working for the Community: hatools 2.14

This post is about my current work on release 2.14 of my most beloved OSS project: hatools. Just some observations, objectives, rants and an advertisement.


My scope for this release was rather limited: implement -v switches to hatimerun and halockrun to make them more communicative.

The reason for that is quite simple; hatools will be easier to learn and use if they talk more. I also noticed that there are two “new” tools in the ever growing locking tool zoo—not to mention flock(1)—that talk more than hatools:

My original (more...)

Back to HOTSOS, HOTSOS 2010 Day 1

As always Hotsos started off with a nice keynote, this time done by Tom Kyte. Tom Kyte was introduced by Hotsos president Gary Goodman after the HOTSOS 2010 opening. Tom’s keynote theme was “Should we be less smart some times”. Tom told about own experiences, that he in the past gave sometimes too fast an answer. It is very important to think about an answer before giving it… Why? Well some things applied in the past or for a specific version, and now they don’t anymore… this can be a problem, a real issue. Always make sure you talk about (more...)

Don’t be smart. Never implement a resource bundle cache!

by Eduardo Rodrigues Well, first of all, I’d like to apologize for almost 1 year of complete silence. Since I’ve transferred from Oracle Consulting in Brazil to product development at the HQ in...

This is a summary only. Please, visit the blog for full content and more.

It’s not you, it’s me – Check the bugs log before going crazy

How many times have you been working on implementing, unsuccessfully, a feature in your application which relies on a framework, container, or some other indirection layer? You've studied the specifications, memorised the API and you're following the developers guide which are all telling you that what you are trying to (more...)

Upgrading to R12.1.2, Tip #1

While applying patch 7303033 on top of a 12.1.0 R12 installation, I got the following error in one of my workers: FNDLOAD APPS/***** 0 Y UPLOAD @FND:patch/115/import/afscursp.lct @JTF:patch/115/import/US/jtfdiagresp.ldt - Connecting to APPS......Connected successfully. Calling FNDLOAD function. Returned from FNDLOAD function. Log file: /r12u/apps/apps_st/appl/admin/UPG/log/

More on Single-Action UIs

In my post Deconstructing the iPod Shuffle UI, I talked a bit about the notion of a limited UI where you really only do one thing -- in that case, click the button on the headphones.Every now and then, I rediscover the infrared remote that goes with my iMac, and realize that for many mundane tasks, the remote does everything I need. (Mira lets me assign different actions for the remote button for

Clustering Factor: Row Migration’s Victim

This article describes the effects of a high row migration rate on the clustering factor and the optimizer’s ability to select the best execution plan.

In my previous article—Row Migration and Row Movement—I have demonstrated that the “insert empty, update everything” anti-pattern can lead to 100% row migration. This article continues the research on row migration and unveils surprising effects on the clustering factor. To be precise, the clustering factor can become completely bogus in presence of a very high row migration rate. Once the clustering factor is “wrong”, it’s just a finger exercise to construct an optimizer (more...)

How-to: Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 – Oracle FMW B2B 11g interoperability

In this posting I will describe how you can integrate Oracle B2B 11g and Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 to send messages to Oracle B2B 11g from an OSB 10gR3 service.

The most easy way to integrate Oracle B2B 11g and OSB 10gR3 is by using JMS. Oracle B2B 11g supports JMS as protocol for its internal inbound and outbound delivery channels out-of-the-box.To enable JMS set the Use JMS Queue as default property to true (more...)