EclipseLink Summit 2010 Wrap Up

Last week we held our first EclipseLink Summit here in Ottawa with attendees from Canada, Germany, India, and the US. The principal goal of the summit was the exchange of technical information and ideas. We believe the event was a tremendous success!

We spent 2 days with committers leading technical sessions discussing areas from high level components and architecture to the detailed workings of EclipseLink's querying, caching, transactions, management, diagnostics, metadata processing, JPA 2.0 metamodel, and several other subsystems.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of the committers who lead those sessions. The preparation (more...)

ExcelDocTypeUtils New Features: Worksheet Orientation and Repeating Column Headers

At the request of several folks, I’ve added two new features to the ExcelDocumentType and ExcelDocTypeUtils PL/SQL package:

1. The ability to specify whether or not a worksheet’s orientation is Portrait or Landscape.

2. The ability to specify whether or not column headers for a worksheet will repeat at the top of each printed page.

See the EmployeeReport demo files in the code bundle (or download the ExcelDocTypeUtils Developer Guide) for specifics.

(Download the code here:Code)

Book review: Oracle Coherence 3.5: Create internet scale applications using Oracle’s high-performance data grid

The IT book publisher PackT asked me, based on my blog activities here, a couple of weeks ago if I was willing to review the newly published book Coherence 3.5. Being a person who works with Coherence, follows the developments around Coherence and believes in the capabilities of Oracle Coherence for building reliable scalable architectures, I was definitely willing to review this book and to bundle my feedback in a blog posting afterwards.

The (more...)

Seeing Exadata in action

Last week I was able to attend a 3 day exadata workshop conducted by performance engineers from Singapore. It was supposed to be a 5 day workshop with hands on labs but everything was squeezed (unfortunately no hands on) and just the critical sections were tackled.. The workshop highlight was the demos and these are as follows:

- loading large amount of data from an external table
- cell offloading on a typical datawarehouse query
- creation of a 400gb tablespace
- linear scalability of storage cells

Although all of these demos were done on Exadata Version (more...)

Corporate Dashboards

During a recent consulting engagement I was asked about dashboards and where one should begin when the boss comes in and says I want a dashboard. I decided what I needed to do was step back and look at the dashboard concept, then explain my understanding in simple terms. I share those thoughts here and invite your comments.

Dashboards are unique to an organization and what works in one place will not be suitable in another. But of course, it all depends on your definition of a dashboard. The one that I like and the one that keeps me out (more...)

License shark attack – Oracle suspected

Coop (the biggest Danish retail chain with several brands) was just hit with a license claim in excess of 100 million Danish kroner (more than $16 million) by an unnamed vendor – see e.g. (in Danish). They are known to be a big Oracle customer, but (more...)

How to upgrade your Dell’s BIOS directly from Ubuntu

I know this post is totally off topic but I faced this same issue last week and I’m pretty sure this will be very handy for a lot of people out there. So why not share it, right?! Many people...

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Traditional vs OLAP

I have been following a very interesting thread on LinkedIn in the group called Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Architects. The thread is discussing the pros and cons of OLAP as compared to more traditional methods of modeling. Personally I love these discussions. Here's what I recently said:

For me, probably an oldie in terms of these discussions, I have been working with modeling and data warehouses coming up on 25 years. I find it very, very strange that for some reason the term OLAP gets pushed around as if it is the answer to everything. This is probably being (more...)

Should we ban anonymity on the Internet?

In an Information Security article a few months back, Bruce Schneier (author of Schneier on Security) and Marcus Ranum put some points forward for and against internet anonymity. I have to admit that I agree with Schneier and find Ranum's argument quite weak. He appears to suggest that the (more...)

New Discoverer Books

I thought I would let you know that McGraw-Hill may well be interested in doing 2 extra versions of our best selling Discoverer book. As you know, the current book is on version 10g and incorporates both end user and administration. We are going to separate these out into a brand new Oracle Discoverer 11g Administration Handbook and a smaller one for end users as a sort of tutorial for getting to know the tool. There is still demand for material on Discoverer and now, following the release of 11g, I believe would be a good time to bring our current (more...)

Hands-on: Run-time datasource selection with JCA adapters in the Oracle Service Bus 11g

Read my blog post Hands-on: Run-time datasource selection with JCA adapters in the Oracle Service Bus 11g.

Linux auto start/stop scripts

Normally DBAs and SAs have a tendency to create the auto start/stop scripts like following.

# cat /etc/init.d/oracle
case $1 in

# ln -s /etc/init.d/Oracle /etc/rc.d/rc0.d/K01oracle
# ln -s /etc/init.d/Oracle /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S99oracle
# ln -s /etc/init.d/Oracle /etc/rc.d/rc4.d/S99oracle
# ln -s /etc/init.d/Oracle /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/S99oracle
# ln -s /etc/init.d/Oracle /etc/rc.d/rc6.d/K01oracle

This works (more...)

Micromanaging Memory Consumption

by Eduardo Rodrigues As we all know, specially since Java 5.0, the JVM guys have been doing good job and have significantly improved a lot of key aspects, specially performance and memory management,...

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The X (Path) File

by Eduardo Rodrigues This week I came across one of those mysterious problems where I had some test cases that needed to verify the content of some DOM trees to guarantee that the test went fine....

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How-to: Analyzing Out-Of-Memory issues in WebLogic 10.3.3 with JRockit 4.0 Flight Recorder

Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.3 provides out-of-the box support for JRockit Flight Recorder (JFR); the new enhanced run-time JVM analyzer in JRockit 4.0 positioned as the replacement for JRA with the following points of improvement Always on, Better data, third-party application integration through an API and low-to-zero overhead. JFR integrates seamlessly with WLS 10.3.3 to produce recording images on demand or event-based to analyze and solve all kinds of (more...)

How-to: Building REST/JSON services with OSB 11g and JAX-RS

Last couple of weeks, I have read a lot of blog postings about REST services in combination with the Oracle Service Bus (like this posting). I've even made a first attempt to write a posting about this subject, but I got really constructive comments in return on that posting that I decided to write a complete new one. Thanks for the comments :)

I decided to play around with REST and OSB myself and choosed (more...)

Time Dimensions with Hourly Time Periods

| May 6, 2010
I was working on an application last week that required time series analysis at Hour, Day, Month, Quarter and Year levels. Two interesting things came out of this application.

First, a little implementation detail. The data was supplied in the fact and dimension tables at the Hour level with a TIMESTAMP data type. As you might expect then, there were time periods at the hour level such as:

02-JAN-10 AM
02-JAN-10 AM
02-JAN-10 PM
02-JAN-10 PM
02-JAN-10 PM

In my (more...)

Flooding in Tennessee

As many of you will be aware there has been unprecedented and extensive flooding throughout Western and Central Tennessee this weekend. My home town is Cookeville which lies about 75 miles to the east of Nashville which as you know is one of the worst hit areas with well over 14 inches of rain in the last 48 hours. To everyone who has asked after me and my family I just want to say thank you and to let you know that we are safe. Even though there is water all around the area with trees down and rivers over (more...)

The easy-small-simple-quick-step-by-step-how-to article on AspectJ you’ve been looking for is right here

by Eduardo Rodrigues That’s right. Have you ever spent hours of your precious time googling the Web trying to find an easy, small, simple, quick and step-by-step tutorial, article or sample on how...

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Apex on R12 – patch 7377023

This patch brings back the good old SSWA plsql menu functions on R12. And in more recent versions of R12, they are part of the base install.That does not mean that the eBS team supports mod_plsql. No. But it gives more possibilities to integrate Apex on Apps.Again:- Oracle supports Apex- Oracle supports mod plsql- Oracle does not support customizations- Oracle eBS does not support customizations-