The Art of Agile Development

Keep this book to hand
The Art of Agile Development was recommended to me by Jeff McKenna when he provided some Scrum coaching to those of us in the Dublin office working on Oracle Social CRM. Back then it was a new, hot off the press book, but I have (more...)

ODTUG Kaleidoscope presentations

I’m at the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conferences in Washington, D.C. June 27 – July 1. I’ll be giving three presentations:

  • What’s Hot and What’s Not – An Overview of Oracle Development Tools (Wednesday, June 30 at 1:30 PM in Virginia AB
  • Forms to APEX – Live! (Thursdag, July 1 at (more...)

The “Not a Problem” Problem and other related stuff

It’s been a while since I visited the Sun Video RSS feed and I found some interesting videos related to performance that are worth sharing and something you could watch over a big cup of coffee..

First is titled Performance: The “Not a Problem” Problem which I could also relate when doing performance analysis for example…

  • When a client instantly jump into conclusion that the performance degradation is caused by the database link well in reality when everything is measured/profiled it turned out that it’s because of the slow IO subsystem..
  • Or when the Data Guard environment was being blamed (more...)

New Opportunities , Onwards and Upwards into the local market again

Looking at my last blog post (related to Oracle that is) it looked to have occurred back in Oct/Nov of 2008, right before I joined pythian. I'm sure I left a lot of blog topics for the Pythian blog in my head. It was a fun ride working for pythian. I think my 19-20 months working there gave me the skills and experience you just can't get anywhere else in the same time frame. I have the utmost respect for my co-workers there, as well as for Paul Vallee as the Founder, President, and COO!!!

I'm not one to reflect (more...)

EclipseLink 2.1.0 Helios Release Now Available

Hi all,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the release of EclipseLink 2.1.0 (Helios). This release of brings a number of exciting features many of which were voted on, and chosen by the community.

Some of the JPA features included in this release are
- improved JPQL enhancements, and extensions including 'TREAT...AS' and 'FUNC'.
- Fetch, Load, Copy & Merge of partial entities using 'AttributeGroup'
- extentions to 'eclipselink-orm.xml'
- Dynamic Persistence: JPA without requiring Java classes.
- New Platforms: SAPNetWeaver Server Platform and Symfoware Database Platform
...and more...

Some of (more...)

APEX 4.0 released

APEX 4.0 just got released, this is the BIG one for APEX developers, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release (and a few bets have been known to placed on when exactly it would be released!).

More information is available on Joels blog, and you can download APEX 4. (more...)

Dynamic sql enhancements in 11g

Oracle completes its dynamic SQL implementation for PL/SQL. February 2008 (updated June 2010)

Listagg function in 11g release 2

A new built-in function for string aggregation. June 2010

Pl/sql function result cache in 11g

Oracle provides a cross-session cache for user-defined PL/SQL function results. January 2008 (updated June 2010)

Updating Side-effects

As Joel Kallman posted upgraded to APEX 4.0, version To do this we ran a one-off patch on

This patch caused the Websheet Data Grids and Reports to be lost.
Therefore, if you had defined a Data Grid (more...)

Be inspired today

This truly inspirational clip makes me proud to hail from Liverpool. I hope you enjoy it and if you do please pass it on and make someones's day.

Be inspired and go on and inspire someone else.

Oracle enhanced adapter 1.3.0 is Rails 3 compatible

Rails 3 is in final finishing stage (currently in beta4) and therefore I released new Oracle enhanced adapter version 1.3.0 which I was working on during last months.

Rails 3 compatibility

The major enhancement is that Oracle enhanced adapter is now compatible with Rails 3. To achieve that I also developed Oracle SQL compiler for Arel gem which is used now by ActiveRecord to generate SQL statements. When using Oracle enhanced adapter with Rails 3 you will notice several major changes:

  • Table and column names are always quoted and in uppercase to avoid the need for checking Oracle (more...)

New APEX Listener Forum Now Available

We have created a new OTN Forum just for the APEX Listener:

We thought it best to separate this forum from the regular APEX Forum as the APEX Listener will have unique posts and to make it easier for all to review.


Support for Discoverer

As you probably know, if you are using Discoverer 3 or Discoverer 4 Oracle no longer provides support for these. I've seen a lot of folks recently who are still on these older versions and who are now out of support.

I wanted to let you know that I am able to offer remote support using gotomeeting for troubleshooting issues. I can connect to your system and help diagnose problems. In most cases we can get issues resolved within an hour.

Obviously there is a fee for this service but if you are really stuck and need help who you going (more...)

Compile forms in Release 12

| Jun 18, 2010

Shared Application File System in R12 and 11i

| Jun 18, 2010

Bissantz DeltaMaster – Cool Tool for OLAP

| Jun 18, 2010

I recently returned from a trip to Germany where visted a Bissantz, a relatively small company in Nürnburg that develops and markets an interesting reporting and data visualization tool named DeltaMaster that works with Oracle OLAP (and other data sources). I was very impressed with this tool. There are few things that I really liked about it:

  • It's very good at displaying a lot of information within a single report. One of the ways that it does this is by mixing graphical representations of data with numerical representation (they are very big on something called 'Sparklines'). This makes it very (more...)

Apex 4.0

Oracle will never confirm this, but I guess Apex 4.0 will see the light before the end of the worldcup.This could be understood in between the lines of what was told at the OBUG Apex SIG day in Belgium yesterday.The feature list looks impressive, and with all demonstrations seen yesterday, I have a way better understanding of the way forward.But I'm still wondering how to use Websheets in an

Unable to start OACORE OC4J in R12

| Jun 18, 2010
We were doing JRE upgrade today and had issue in one of the instance not coming up. Basically OACORE OC4J service was unable to get start. Script was failing to start this service and erroing out:
Executing service control script:/Path/admin/scripts/ start
Timeout specified in context file: 100 second(s)
script returned:
ERROR : Timed out( 100000 ): Interrupted Exception
You are running version 120.13
Starting OPMN managed OACORE OC4J instance ...

After looking at log file :
06/18/10-01:32:04 :: Starting OPMN managed OACORE OC4J instance
opmnctl: starting opmn managed (more...)

Oracle Mix – OOW 2010 Suggest-A-Session

I hope it’s not too late. I just finished my Suggest-A-Session on Oracle Mix titled “Mining the Oracle Database AWR repository for Capacity Planning“, this might be of interest to you… below is the abstract:

“New CPUs and storage arrays, they are getting faster but these resources are finite and come at a cost. Hence, capacity planning plays a very important role to ensure proper resources are available to handle expected and unexpected workloads. Another critical matter for the DBAs and IT managers is justifying the expense of adding resources on the system. With guesswork you’ll end up (more...)