Games (Asian) Indians Play

I recently read this book. This book is not about Indian games like Kho-Kho, Kabbadi etc. But it is about "why do Indian behave how they behave". To be precise, the sub-title of the book is "">Why we are the way we are". The author, Raghunathan, as used his studies on "Game Theory and Behavioral Economics" to make sense of Indians behavior. Its a though provoking book which uses "Prisoners Dilemma", the famous problem from game theory, to eloborate how Indians are 'rational' but thier self-centered rationalism undermines their long term as well as community interests. His examples cover day to day scenarios covers almost everyone, individuals, politicians, or community by and large. At the end of the book, the author tried to propose crux of "Bhagwat Geeta" as a solution to behavior and explained it in the context of the game theory problem.

Oracle @ EclipseCon

Although it does not look like I will make it to Santa Clara this year for EclipseCon the rest of the team here at Oracle has put together an impressive set of sessions. If you are planning on attending EclipseCon here is a summary of the Oracle related sessions.

Direct NFS Clonedb

Direct NFS Clonedb is a feature in 11.2 that you can use to clone your databases. Kevin Closson explains what it is in this post. In his demo videos he is using a perl script to automate the process of generating the necessary scripts. That script is not publicly available as of today but the MOS note 1210656.1 explains how to do the clone manually without the perl script.

Tim Hall also has a step by step guide on how to do the cloning in this post. He also uses the perl script mentioned above.

We have been (more...)

Be Featured on My Next Presentation, Win Amazon Gift Certificates

My next presentation is at the annual Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) conference called COLLABORATE11 in Orlando, FL.

The session is entitled:

"OCP Advisor's Tips on How To Become An Oracle Certified Professional"

If you are Oracle Certified, here is your chance to win gift certificates!

Please list your Oracle certifications with year you were certified as a response to this post or e-mail me at

I will select 4 certified professionals and include their certification story in a detailed case study. If you have any tips to share, please post here or send (more...)

SQL Injection

Sometimes I wonder why I still find stuff like this, there are so many articles/blogs/documents about sql injection how does a developer come up with the following…

create or replace function row_count (p_table varchar2)
return number
v_str VARCHAR2(1000);
v_row NUMBER;
v_str := ‘select count(*) from ‘||p_table;
execute immediate v_str into v_row;
return v_row;

My simple explanation of why this is bad was that passing in the parameter ‘all_objects,all_objects,all_objects’ will result in a fairly nasty cartesian join and an attacker who knew the names of the database tables could potentially pick a really large table. Run enough (more...)

UKOUG Director Elections – Please Vote!

>There’s only a few days left for voting in this year’s Director Elections, with the process closing on February 28th.

More information on the election process, including information on the role of Directors, and this years candidates can be found here.

Each UKOUG membership is entitled to one vote, (more...)

Tiny tips: Mount linux distribution ISO and create local repository for yum

So you have this server that was built a few years ago, and you need to install a couple of rpms for whatever reason. Unfortunately the distro disk has been used as a coaster and cannot fulfill its original role. And then you think – why didn’t I create an ISO image on the local [...]

Upgrade stories : Web Adi again

We had a nasty web ADI issue on a few of the upgraded instances. It worked before, it works on some other R12 instances, but we are not able to make it working again.It throws all the time "Mail Merge Aborted due to error in creating the Mail Merge Data Source". Nothing in the log files.Escalated the P2, but no reactions from support side. After some background fighting, a senior support analyst

Upgrade stories : Apex integration

The security model in 12.1.3 is a little bit more picky, so we had to add a few more configuration steps to made the secured HR views working again. Without these 2 steps, the secured views returned 0 rows.First, we registered the APEX_PUBLIC_USER in eBS via the regular Forms, and then a little update was needed to make it working. update fnd_oracle_userid a set a.read_only_flag = 'U' where

Whatever happened to Fusion Applications?

| Feb 17, 2011
Oracle Fusion Applications were announced with great fanfare at an event at San Francisco City Hall over five years ago.  The announcement created a high enough level of concern and confusion that a year later Oracle introduced the concept of “Applications Unlimited” – a promise to keep the traditional applications (including JDE and PeopleSoft) viable [...]

A single procedure to “hang” the database.

I really enjoy it when people don’t understand the features they are using it makes life really interesting, automatic parallelism is a great new feature of 11.2 but we found a new and interesting way to break things. As part of the application we are implementing customers may re-request fairly large volumes of data to limit the impact on the system as a whole the design is such that a cursor is opened and the data returned in chunks of between  500 rows, if two customers execute re-requests at the same time then two cursors are opened cutomer1 gets (more...)

How Oracle got to where it is today

Here is a great presentation about the history of Oracle got to where it is today.

Building a database engine of our own. Part One. Connectivity.

Once upon a time (long time ago) I was consulting a small start-up. The nature of their business needed an SQL-like database with some specific features. The choice was between - 1. using an RDBMS for simple data storage and then developing those specific features on top of it, or 2. building an application that [...]

Session Time out Setting in R12

| Feb 11, 2011
Many occassions we have seen end users reporting session timed out even though they were working on. This is for sure its an issue from client end and JRE version which client is running on is the culprit for the same. Try to have the same version of JRE which is running on your server or latest one.
Even if this doesn't help try at client end following setting with running JRE:
1. Navigate to: Start > Control Panel > Java > Advanced > Java Plug-in
2. De-select the option "Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in "
3 Restart the browser

OPP jobs failing with time out

| Feb 11, 2011
Hi All, I am back after long time. Never late then never. Now onwards I may focus on R12 issues which I have faced in my project. Here is first one.

Log file : The Output Post-processor is running but has not picked up this request. No further attempts will be made to post-process this request, and the request will be marked with Warning status.Setting the profile option Concurrent: OPP Response Timeout to a higher value may be necessary.

Increase the value of following profiles:
Concurrent:OPP Process Timeout
Concurrent:OPP Response Timeout

Happy Troubleshooting !!!

FLOAT data type migration

| Feb 11, 2011
Sybase FLOAT is generally used to save non integer numbers like fractions where no number of precision can hold the exact value. Sybase FLOATs do not store an exact value
"It stores slightly imprecise representations of real numbers as binary fractions at the hardware level"

Oracle has two data types, FLOAT and BINARY_FLOAT.
  • FLOAT is really a decimal data type with exact values (basically it is a NUMERIC)
  • BINARY_FLOAT (more...)

Open Account AP Balance Listing

| Feb 11, 2011
As per Metalink Note 604739.1, the AP Trial Balance has been replaced by the Open Account AP Balance Listing in R12. This report is a variation on the more general Open Account Balances Listing, and shows basically the outstanding amount (liability) for all open AP invoices. The balance should match your AP liability account(s) in General Ledger. Users can create their own layout and publish their custom reports using Oracle XML Publisher.

No electricity, but the application is up

Dakar is having more troubles then normal with electricity. Never thought that the SaaS model would be that useful when the light goes out. And the extra battery in the office dies, and the router goes down. But you still can access the application over your smartphone and finish your payroll run.And hope you can charge your phone's battery some time in the evening ...

JPA 2.0 in WebLogic with OEPE

To add to my previous post. Greg Stachnick has posted the steps for enabling JPA through the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.


Migration Reports 3.0

| Feb 9, 2011
We have revamped the migration reports in SQL Developer 3.0 to provide significantly more information about your migration. Instead of "hiding" this information under the Migration Report navigator , now the reports can be viewed by double clicking on any of the folder nodes in the Migration navigator. The reports are smart enough to tailor the information depending on where in the Migration Navigator you click.


Gives you a heads up of the status of each migration project/model.
Also provides links which when double clicked, launch the migration wizard to perform the appropriate action


Provides the number (more...)