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So I’ve finally got round to moving my blog over here, it’s just a shame I had to break my leg in order to find the time!

I’ve been meaning to do it for a while (move the blog that is, not break my leg) as I wanted an updated (more...)

Expert Oracle Application Express

Expert Oracle Application Express

It’s been around 3 years since I wrote Pro Oracle Application Express (with a chapter contributed by Scott Spendolini), and like most first time authors I said “That was a great experience, but I’m in no hurry to write another book again!”.

Writing a technical book is a very (more...)

PL/SQL Developer User Preferences (Windows 7)

| Mar 29, 2011

If you changed your computer and want “your PL/SQL developer login history and preferences” as well in your new computer. Copy the following folder to your new computer in the same path format!

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\PLSQL Developer

If you need only the login history, open the following file:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\PLSQL Developer\Preferences\[username]\user.prefs

In the file, copy [LogonHistory] part to your new user.prefs file. It’s encrypted but it does not matter. PL/SQL Developer will dencrypt it :)

I need this, because I deal with a lots of database with a lots of schema.. It is really hard to (more...)

When is DDL not DDL?

If you ever thought that the LAST_DDL_TIME on a table only tells you the last time that DDL was performed directly upon that table, then think again.

We recently noticed some tables which appeared to have been recently changed, yet we couldn't find any related DDL changes.

Then we remembered that we regularly rebuild a handful of indexes (once a week, on Sunday morning) for performance/plan-stability reasons.

Could it be that rebuilding an index resets the LAST_DDL_TIME for the index's table?

Let's find out.

SQL> create table poo (x date);

Table created.

SQL> create index poodex on poo(x);

Index created.


The Cost of Mediocre

Over the years I've written tons of scripts to monitor all sorts of things on the database.  Some of those scripts turned out to be helpful on an ongoing basis and some ended up dying on the vine when new features of Oracle came out. One of my scripts looks at the top processes in a database from the CPU's perspective.  In other words, how much time did the process use on the CPU over it's

Concatenation, Concatenation, Concatenation

I'm still not sure what this one does, but you have to be impressed by 11 nested CONCATs.

(And by the way, you also have to be impressed by the inventor of the CONCAT function who evidently considered two arguments sufficient, unlike, say LEAST, GREATEST, DECODE, COALESCE and BIN_TO_NUM. But not NVL. Who knows what goes through these people's heads.)

   ( p_xyz_id_out OUT NUMBER,
     p_input_array IN myarrayrectype )
   p_xyz_id_out := NULL;

      INSERT INTO xyztab

Oracle E-Business Suite and APEX White Paper

The Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Application Express teams are proud to announce the release of the Extending Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 using Oracle Application Express white paper.

Oracle E-Business Suite delivers a wide range of functionality to handle core areas of your business processing needs. However, there are (more...)

Upgrading to Oracle 11gR2

I am about half way through upgrading all my dbs to Oracle 11gR2 from various versions of 10gR2.  Out of all the upgrades I've performed from 7.0 up to 10gR2, the 10g to 11g upgrade is by far the most hassle free of all. I have abandoned the GUI upgrade tool this time.  The GUI tool is fine, but internal issues prevented me from running the GUI remotely.  This meant that somebody had to be

Best practices for building cloud based applications

I wrote another article outlining some best practices for building cloud based applications. You can read the article at

I am writing this blog using my iPad and blogger is not iPad friendly

Collaborate 2011 Oracle Users Conference

The Oracle Collaborate 2011 Users Conference  in Oracle the week of April 10th, 2011 is right around the corner.   As always the Collaborate conference with the IOUG, OAUG and Quest User Groups is one of the top Oracle events of the year.

Call for Papers for Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 will be held this year from October 2-6, 2011 in San Francisco, CA. If you want to get a free conference registration, respond to the call for papers and submit a presentation proposal. If your submission is selected, you get a FREE registration!

This year the site for presentation proposal submission is a new one. So you have to register on the site first and then submit. Read the submission guidelines before your submit your proposal. There are strict character limits on abstracts and other sections.

The title should be 80 characters or less which is about (more...)


I haven't done any research on this yet, so I don't know if it is fixed in a subsequent patch or a later version.  But seriously, a space? SQL> select * from v$version; BANNER ---------------------------------------------------------------- Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi

OGh APEX day 2011

Yesterday I attended OGh's APEX day. Previous year was already pretty successful with 150 people attending. This year the maximum of 150 people was reached in only a few days, so we scaled up the event to a maximum of 250 people, and in the end we still had to disappoint several people. And this year we had several sponsors as well: Oracle, Ciber, Transfer Solutions and Itium. These must be signs

Recommendation Pays Off (aka I Told You So!)

Yesterday, Oracle announced that they will no longer be developing for the Itanium processor. SearchOracle posted a blog this morning with a few more details. This caught my attention because last summer my company made the move from HP-UX on Itanium to Oracle Enterprise Linux on X86-64. The initial plan a year ago was to replace the current Itanium server with a bigger one to support our growing processing needs of the Oracle environment. When we started scoping the project, the DBA team suggested looking at Oracle RAC and using smaller, commodity hardware with Linux. Long story short, that was (more...)

Oracle by Example portal now shows 12g

A quick post… which is a bit interesting…

As I was searching for Exadata viewlets in Oracle By Example portal ( I clicked on the “Advanced Search”

and then filtered by Product Family (Database) and then by Product

to my surprise there was an option for “Database 12g”….

oh well.. I checked on the Lifetime Support Policy ( and looking at the release dates
it could be possible that they will release the new version anytime this year..

could be in Oracle Open World 2011? hmmm… ;)



cost claims and the law…

Been a long time since last post.  It's been a busy period since the start of 2011. Mostly because we are in a period of turmoil when apparently every man and his dog is trying to get into our site for "outsourcing".  Even though that is most definitely not what we are doing.  But never let reality interfere with a good dose of marketing... We've seen a lot of "cloud computing" and SaaS

Blog:: Missed Paddys day :(

Ok, so I missed out on a proper Paddys day celebration this year.. But I`m not going to miss 4way 42″ Hi Def Classic SNES Drunk Mario Kart with some friends this weekend :D


The (M)other (O)f (A)ll (T)uning (S)cripts. A tuning and diagnostics utility for SQL*Plus co-developed with Tanel Poder. Includes active session sampling and a TOP-style utility for displaying instance activity at regular refresh intervals. Supports versions from 10g Release 2 onwards. September 2010 (updated March 2011)

Cloud Computing for Java Developers

I wrote an article Java Cloud Development: What Developers Need to Know at This provides an introduction to Cloud Computing from Java Developers perspective. You can read the article here.

Blog:: Bunny Inc. – Episode 2. Mr. CIO meets Mrs. Sales Manager

So.. As you can see.. Up to my neck in work haven’t transitioned across to Fishbowl CFour just yet so get you Bunny Inc dosage in..

Also on a side note for all you iphone enthusiasts the latest iphone WebCenter package has been released!
Goto the apple market and download your copy lots of awesome improvements well done CB.. Great work here.