Payables Hold Release Workflow

| Apr 28, 2011
In R12 Oracle Payables integrates with Oracle Workflow to provide a resolution of user releasable holds through workflow. A new transaction type called “Payables Hold Resolution” (APHLD) in AME has been introduced in R12 for the same. There has been a business requirement to release the AP invoice holds, especially the matching holds based on an approval mechanism. In R12 of Payables, this feature has been provided so that, we can send the invoice lines on hold to approvers before the hold is released. As usual the seeded AME objects can be extended to accommodate different approval groups, rules and (more...)

Time Spent, Time Wasted

Sometimes tuning a database can be rewarding.  I get great satisfaction when helping a user take their query from 10 minutes down to 3 seconds.  But it doesn't always work that way.  Consider this recent exchange: Developer to DBA Manager: The database is slow. DBA Manager to DBA: Trace his process. The DBA traces the developer's process and comes up with about 12 queries that can benefit from

crs_stat deprecated in 11gR2

The most used to command "crs_stat -t" is gone (deprecated) on 11gR2. Instead you would use - 

crsctl status resource [the output will be status of all resources]

You can still use the "-t" option to get a tabular report though ;)

crsctl status resource -t

Specify resource name "" to get the status of any particular resource -
crsctl status resource

In fact, quite a few commands have been deprecated in 11gR2; For the complete list refer to

Fusion HCM

The radio silence of Oracle around Fusion is over. Last week a webcast explained the Next Generation of Hr software in the cloud.If the Easter tea leaves are right, Fusion HCM will be available within a few weeks. Fusion Talent management will be Saas-ed by Oracle.

mission accomplished : apex on apps

Years ago we developed a solution to integrate Apex with Oracle's eBusiness suite.It worked fine on 11i, and we came with a jsp solution for some of our initial R12 customers.We had sometimes the "Apex is not supported by Oracle for the EBusiness Suite" discussion.On the Apex site you can now read the "official" white paper how to integrate Apex on Apps. You should be on a recent 12.1.3, and it

Instance Caging

Many of you would already be aware of this one while I discover it now but still putting down my thoughts on this 11g new feature.
Most of the times, we end up running multiple instances on a single box for developmental effort. Or even on Production by buying a reasonably big box to save on licensing cost and also in the name of consolidation exercise :). But doing so, throws up the challenge for a DBA in terms of allocating resources to each instance. Some low priority activity on an instance eating up CPU resources and thus depriving the (more...)

Ekdahl informs and entertains at Collaborate 2011

| Apr 18, 2011
Oracle VP Lyle Ekdahl can be counted on to be entertaining whenever he makes a public appearance as he did Tuesday at Collaborate 2011.  His annual state of the union address to over 500 of the faithful was energetic, articulate and informative as usual.  His declaration that we are entering a “new era for ERP” [...]

A Definition of Cloud Computing

A definition of cloud computing:

HTML Image Saving Protection (Save Image As >> Point.gif)

| Apr 15, 2011

If you have a web page with full of your copyrighted photos and do not want to visitors to save images in (easy way!) to their local computers. Let me show a trick about it.

In the photo (img) section of the page, we have always something like as following;

     <img id="myImg"
      width="667" height="472"
      style="border-top-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px;">

On the image, when we right-click to the mouse and click to “Save Image As” command, we can save the image to our local disk. However, if we create a basic (more...)

Collaborate 11 Thursday – John Kanagaraj a great leader in the Oracle Community

April Sims is the new Executive Editor of IOUG SELECT Journal, taking the place of retiring Executive Editor  John KanagarajJohn Kanagaraj is a key leader in the IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group) and has been an invaluable member of the Oracle user community in his role as Executive Director of the IOUG Select Journal.   While I was on the IOUG Board of Directors, John was the consummate professional and had a great management style that was critical in being successful.  John has a very collaborate style that is very inclusive and is able to raise the (more...)

New German Article about Enterprise Architecture Management and Cloud Computing

Today we published a new article about the role of Enterprise Architecture in Cloud Computing. (This is german-only)

More Information in German:

Heute ist ein neues Online-Special des Objektspektrum erschienen mit dem Themenschwerpunkt Enterprise Architecture Management. Mit enthalten ist ein Artikel von mir und meinen Kollegen aus dem Oracle Architekturboard, (more...)

It’s always X, except when it’s not

I drill into my DBAs heads that the first step in tuning any process is to get a trace.  Don't show me the query plan until you show me what the database actually executed.  The trace is the fundamental clue in any performance investigation.  The wait events tell you exactly what's going on and there is no question where the bulk of the time is being spent. When we see a large number of waits on

Exadata Special Event – have you registered?

The UKOUG is holding our first Exadata Special Event on Monday.

We’ve lined up an amazing agenda with fantastic speakers to ensure that the day is jam-packed with all you need to know.  There’s something for everyone, with all presentations being given by people with real first-hand experience.

It really (more...)


| Apr 13, 2011
From slashdot I see that there is once again a new language in town. Now then, there are a great many Java developers who have preached the benefits of implementing data logic (what they call business logic) in the application so-as to create RDBMS-independent code, including James Gosling who apparantly leads the pack in “not [...]

V$OBJECT_USAGE view empty.

This is a very old issue, but one that sometimes is hard to remember when needed. I tried to monitor index usage to get rid of some indexes which in my opinion are not in use. I implemented the traditional method of index monitoring:

Start monitoring the index.
alter index SchemaOwner.IndexName monitoring usage;

After a while, query the V$OBJECT_USAGE view.

select * from V$OBJECT_USAGE;

It came to my surprise that the view was empty. The reason ... I knew it some time back ... but I forgot. I googled and I found a very good reference from Alex Gorvachev, who went (more...)

11g Gotcha

Something I discovered recently is that the DEFAULT profile for Oracle 11g sets the PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME to 180 instead of UNLIMTED by default.  Applications will encounter an "ORA-28002: the password will expire within X days" error message if you keep the default value. To change the PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME, you: ALTER PROFILE default LIMIT password_life_time UNLIMITED; One thing to keep in mind is

Taking the edge off implementing SLA…

Are you struggling w/SLA burnout??  Looking for something to fill the time during a potential government shutdown??

Fully understanding and implementing SLA for Federal Financials continues to be quite a challenge in a current upgrade I’m working on.  This is especially true when trying to ensure all the proper Upward/Downward accounting is properly done, but at the same time ensuring the PYA adjustments are not overstated as part of document revisions.

So, we thought we’d have a little fun and honor Colorado’s Microbrewing heritage with a nice new little home-brewed special for our team to help us enjoy (more...)

What’s old is new again

We had a fair number of problems related to bind variable peeking in our and dbs.  In fact, the plans became so erratic that we decided to just turn bind variable peeking off by setting _optim_peek_user_binds=false in all the init.ora files. Flash forward to Oracle 11g ( and the optimizer has been enhanced to use bind variable peeking much better.  After converting to

Rep gone rogue or disturbing trend?

| Apr 7, 2011
A JDE customer has told me that the local Oracle applications sales team is pushing his company hard to replace JDE with eBusiness Suite. In doing so the Oracle team has lost all credibility with this customer and has made serious enemies out of the many JDE advocates within his company. I have heard a [...]

cloud services

In the last 48 hours or so there have been two interesting events in the Oracle and IT front in Sydney.   First one was the Oracle Cloud Summit at the Sofitel Wentworth. Like so many other marketing events it had its fair share of "ooh-aahh" stuff. You know, the usual:   "Exadata can finish work before it started",  "Exalogic can finish it before it was thought out in the first place",