Step by Step learning of Oracle ADF 11G using 10 Video Training Sessions

Imran Mirza did a good job compiling those training videos from Oracle:


Amazon search box is gone

Until I can find a way to setup my french account on Amazon Associates, the link to search is gone from by blog as it's now a dead account.

From twitter:
RT @Scobleizer An Open Letter To Jeff Bezos On Terminating The Amazon Affiliate Program In California from (more...)

Yet Another ORA-00600

ORA-600 [kkoipt:incorrect pwj].

There are some ORA-600 which can be easily googled, and there are others which are pretty difficult to find. This is the case. M.O.S reports this ORA600 to be related to a bug (9929660) on the 11.2 platform and which is fixed on 12.0.

Recently this error showed up on a Windows 2003 platform with Oracle After deciphering the almost cryptic related trace and dump file and diagnosing after the possible environment causes. I found out this error was triggered at one of the internal performance maintenance task, (more...)

How expensive are literals?

As a follow-up to my last post I finally got around to writing a small program to demonstrate the difference between bind variables and literals, the test is a simple c++ program the reads a text file and updates 27,000 rows in a single table. The code runs the updates in three different ways.

Method 1: Bulk bind 200 rows at a time into the update statement.

Method 2: Bind 1 row at a time

Method 3: Use literals in the updates.

Tkprof output from the test looks like this.

Method 1
call     count        (more...)

Virtathon – A virtual conference for Oracle community

BrainSurface is organizing an online, virtual conference for the Oracle community called “VirtaThon” which includes Java and MySQL communities as well. I like the idea of online and virtual conference since personally I have not attended many conferences like Oracle Open World or IOUG etc. being in a part of the world where such conferences happen very less. I have always rued that I haven’t been able to attend such conferences organized for my community but now I’m very excited and looking forward to participate in VirtaThon.
I feel this is definitely a great way to learn about (more...)

Oracle RMAN command prompt hang???

This afternoon on a Oracle installation, i was trying to run the Oracle RMAN utility. Rman cli was just hanging and not going into RMAN.

[oracle@linux2 ~]$ . oraenv
ORACLE_SID = [oracle] ? 11202
The Oracle base has been set to /opt/oracle/product/rhel4/database/
[oracle@linux2 ~]$ rman

After entering above rman command, nothing happened. It just hung on the command prompt. I did not receive any error at all. Hmm… whats happening? (more...)

EclipseLink 2.3.0 (Indigo) Released

Since joining the family here at Eclipse a few years ago, one thing I can always count on is a hectic and exciting start to summer. This summer is no exception, and is kicked off with the release of EclipseLink 2.3.0 (Indigo).

Before I continue with brief descriptions of some of the new features of EclipseLink 2.3.0, I would like to thank everyone who was involved with this release. Whether your (more...)

Pre-packaged Oracle VM Images for Oracle Database and RAC

Oracle has made available pre-configured virtual machines containing pre-installed Oracle enterprise software stacks. These Oracle VM templates can be downloaded from Oracle's E-Delivery site.
Pre-packaged VM’s would greatly useful if you need to quickly test out or do a POC etc. You would anyways download the software so why not download a pre-installed VM image and get started immediately as opposed to going through painstaking process of installing it unless your POC is about installation and configuration.
All you would need is Oracle VM already installed on your server/desktop. Then you can simply download the VM images, import and deploy (more...)

Doraemon to the Rescue

Doraemon - you’ve seen him even if you don’t know his name, the cutest robotic cat from the future! He was my favorite cartoon character when growing up and he's going to help us today.

When attempting to visualize this (magic) migration tool from Oracle Waveset/Sun Identity Manager to Oracle Identity Manager 11g, (see previous blog entry "Grown Kittens Need a New Home"), I can’t help but to think of Doraemon. He has a 4-dimensional pocket from which he produces gadgets and tools from the future. The Take-copter (a propeller which can be attached to anything to enable flight) (more...)

Exadata Model Comparison

Many times i find myself comparing various Oracle Exadata models. It becomes tedious to compare various data sheets for various Exadata models. So i have put together this spreadsheet (Exadata Model Comparison) for comparing various models in one glance.

It gives following details and more.

  • At Exadata level,
  • number/model of compute nodes and cell nodes.
  • number of Infiniband switches and their port count.
  • Key capabilities ( as per data sheets)
  • For each database (more...)
  • Predefined Oracle System Schemas

    If you have ever wondered what are the various predefined internal Oracle system schemas, you can find the list of such accounts and their use in Oracle® Database 2 Day + Security Guide
    11g Release 2 (11.2)
    at this link. This list comes in handy, when you want to do some analysis on database objects, but want to exclude all internal Oracle provided system accounts and want to focus only on application level (more...)

    EclipseLink Indigo Preview: Shared Databases for Multiple Tenants

    Challenged to take an existing application and re-use it for a new customer or group of users (tenant)? Instead of customizing the application, adding new hardware or re-configuring the database for each new tenant, you can now build EclipseLink JPA enabled applications hosting requests from multiple tenants with all their data co-located.

    Starting with EclipseLink 2.3, part of the annual Eclipse Indigo release, you can now have multiple application tenants sharing a database schema. EclipseLink enables you to configure your database tables for shared storage by simply providing tenant discriminator column(s) and providing values for these discriminators within your (more...)

    Using Agile Practices to Create an Agile Presentation

    What’s the best way to make a presentation on Agile practices? Practice Agile practices.

    You could write a presentation “big bang” style, delivering version 1.0 in front of your big audience of 200+ people at Kscope 2011 before anybody has seen it. Of course, if you do it that (more...)

    RAC One Node changes in

    I have covered Oracle RAC One Node in one of my previous post. RAC One Node is a single instance of an Oracle RAC database running on node in a cluster. There have been significant changes in the way a RAC One database is administered in version compared to earlier versions. I have briefly summarized the changes herein –
    • OUI has a new option to select RAC One Installation (look at (more...)

    APEX Quiz

    APEX Quizzes Start on 18 June 2011

    With the growing popularity and usage of Oracle Application Express, we are very excited to announce a new weekly Oracle APEX quiz launching on Saturday, 18th June. Weekly quizzes start on Saturday and end on Friday at midnight (UTC).

    We have been (more...)

    Native String Aggregation in 11gR2

    A fairly recent requirement meant that we had to send a bulk email to all users of each department from within our APEX application. We have 5000 records in our users table and the last thing we wanted to do was send 5000 distinct emails (one email per user) for (more...)

    Password file maintenance in a Data Guard environment

    In a previous posting I wrote about password file maintenance in a clustered ASM and RAC environment. This article raised another question: Is there anything specific about password file maintenance in a Data Guard environment? Yes, updating a password file in a Data Guard environment isn’t as straight forward as one might think. In this [...]

    Back from Tallinn, Estonia

    This morning I arrived back from a trip to Tallinn. Oracle Estonia had given me the opportunity to present my SQL Masterclass seminar at their training center in Tallinn, on Thursday and Friday. Thank you all those who spent two days hearing me. Here is a short story about my trip including some photos.I arrived at Tallinn airport around 1PM local time on Wednesday. My hotel room was located at

    Extend your Persistence Unit on the fly

    Imagine a system that keeps track of player statistics in a sports league. Personal information such as name, height, weight and basic statistics such as the number of games played is stored for all players.

    A persistence unit is deployed with all the mappings described above.

    The system admin of a basketball league wants to use the system and add mappings for points scored and fouls. As the system is running they tell EcliseLink about mappings for those fields and the next EntityManager they get uses them.

    Starting with EclipseLink 2.3, you can do just that. To do that, (more...)

    EPM, CPM, EIM and other confusing acronyms – making sense out of Oracle’s data management offerings

    | Jun 9, 2011
    Oracle proclaims itself to be the leader in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) market – an assertion that is hard to dispute given the imprecise way in which that acronym is used. Like all of its competitors, Oracle has its own unique vocabulary and associated definitions of the jargon and acronyms it uses. For those [...]