Getting ready for OpenWorld

| Sep 30, 2011
OpenWorld begins this coming Sunday and, as usual, I will be there from start to finish. Oracle never telegraphs what is coming, especially what CEO Larry Ellison plans to address in his annual presentation. Recent years have seen Ellison personally focus on database appliances, especially since the Sun acquisition and that will almost certainly continue [...]

Interesting Error

We just upgraded one of our dbs to plus some patches.  Today an interesting ORA-07445 was thrown to the alert.log: ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [__intel_new_memcpy()+382] [SIGILL] [ADDR:0x3FE5CAE] [PC:0x3FE5CAE] [Illegal operand] [] Searching metalink didn't get us anywhere, so we opened a TAR (or iTar, or SR, or ServReq, or whatever the heck they are calling

OpenWorld 2011

Dear readers,

It is rapidly approaching time again for one of the best technical conferences, Oracle OpenWorld!

Come learn how to secure your Oracle database environment with new features at my session next week.

Session ID: 02180
Session Title: Lockdown: Secure Your Database in a Day
Room: Moscone South- 303
Date/Time: 10/4/11, 11:45-12:45

I will also be hosting a book signing after the event in the Oracle bookstore at OpenWorld. Hope to see everyone there.


Oracle Openworld 2011 Schedule Set

Yes!! I finally get to go to an Oracle Openworld. I have been to many IOUG users weeks before and after the IOUG conference split from Oracle in 1995 along with a couple ODTUG conferences, but not to an Oracle Openworld conferences out in San Francisco.

I got my schedule all set. Here is the process I went through to get it my schedule loaded on my phone via my Google calendar. (I know there is an Oracle Openworld application, but I have an old Windows Mobile phone and the Android port for my phone eats my battery and I (more...)

Critical Skills for Performance Work

I was just watching John Rauser’s keynote “What is a Career in Big Data?” from last weeks Strata Conference New York and I have to say it’s an amazing talk. I would highly recommended it to anyone who does any type of data analysis, including any type of performance analysis.

I found many of the “critical skill” points John made to have a strong correlation to performance analysis work as well. Some quotations that really stand out to me:

On writing:

“[writing]…it’s the first major difference between mediocrity and greatness.” [10:39]

“If it isn’t written down, it (more...)


Most of us know the SQL keyword EXISTS as the condition with a subquery you use in a WHERE clause. But if you look at the documentation of EXISTS, you'll see that it says nothing about just using it in a WHERE clause. It's just a sort of function that accepts a query as input and returns "TRUE if a subquery returns at least one row". The SQL language doesn't know about booleans, but it calls

Installing Wireshark and sniffing http communication on Red Hat

We had a situation where we were calling an external Web service that required custom http headers. When our request reached the Web service the customer http headers had disappeared. We did not know if the problem was with the OSB, our Internet proxy or the programmer :-) To find out (more...)

Ksplice in action

On July 21, 2011 Oracle announced that it has aquired Ksplice. With Ksplice users can update the Linux kernel while it is running, so without a reboot or any other disruption. As of September 15, 2011 Ksplice is available, at no additional charge, to new and existing Oracle PremierSupport customers on the Unbreakable Linux Network [...]

Executing sql on all Exadata nodes.

From time to time, I have to run scripts or single commands on all nodes for Exadata. This can take some time.

The problem:

We have a request from our developers to flush the shared pool on all nodes on our UAT Exadata. This is due to a bug we are still experiencing.

The solution:

This is a typical request for my team, were we have to run something on all our nodes. Flushing shared pool can be one of them.

Connecting and executing the same command 8 times, if you have a full rack, can be time-consuming and it (more...)

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Installation / Configuration

Earlier Oracle announced the Oracle Database Appliance which is a really cool RAC-in-a-box. And here at Enkitec office we are very lucky to get our hands dirty and play with this new beast ;) On the photo below you will see the Oracle Database Appliance.

Andy Colvin has some detailed reviews about the Oracle Database Appliance.. check out these links if you want to see the internals of the machine

But this post will walk you through the installation and configuration of the Oracle Database Appliance.. well all I can say.. at the end of (more...)

Howto- Install Oracle 11g Grid Control Enterprise Manager (OEM) Server

With the new features for Oracle 11g Grid Control Enterprise Manager (OEM), it is valuable tool now for managing large Oracle environments. I recall from Oracle 9i OEM days that it was a buggy tool and back then years ago, I used SQL*Plus and command line tools. However, in 11gR1, OEM has emerged as an excellent monitoring tool. I still use command line tools most of the time but for monitoring, its a great product. With that said, let's get started in building a new Oracle11gR1 Grid Control Enterprise Manager (OEM) environment on Linux!


OEM 11g Grid Control server (more...)

Oracle 11gR2 on RHEL6

Just a quick note to say that RedHat submitted certification test result of Oracle 11gR2 on RHEL6 to Oracle Corporation on 09-Aug-2011, so we should expect the formal certification around last week of Sep-2011.

More news at –

[Update: 17-Apr-2012]

Oracle has finally certified 11gR2 on OEL6 and RHEL6. See the announcement here

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Searching inside files on Windows 2008 R2

Searching after content inside files on Windows 2008 R2 does not work. I am sure that it is possible to get it working by starting/configuring an indexing service or something like that. But when I get access to a Windows server at a customer or at hosting service I don’t (more...)

My first Oracle OpenWorld

This year, I get to attend my very first Oracle OpenWorld. I’m excited, psyched and just a weeny bit overwhelmed.

It’s still two weeks away, but I’m already trying to work out how to clone myself in order to get to all the places I want to be!

It’ll be (more...)

Common Sense

Developer: I am running this query: DELETE FROM tab; It's been running since 2PM yesterday.  Can you make it go faster? DBA: You shouldn't delete 80M rows in a single transaction.  You should have used TRUNCATE instead of DELETE.  I have killed your session and it will be a while before it completes. Developer (5 minutes later): I tried TRUNCATE but it says my table is locked. DBA: I know, the

Oracle Apps 11i: Back to the future

A while ago, I posted a few references for installing an 11i Vision instance, noting that it was "something you'll hopefully only need to do once." The fun doesn't stop with installing the software, though. Once you're done with the easy part you're left with:

  1. A desupported version of the database
  2. A desupported version of the Developer 6i tools (yes, even more obsolete than 6i's inherent obsolescence)
  3. JInitiator, which is also, you guessed it, desupported in favor of the standard Sun JDK.

What's the big deal? After all, 11i is in Extended Support mode, so why should it matter (more...)

How to list files on a directory from Oracle Database.

Couple of days ago I had an interesting request, “How can I see the contents of nfs_dir”?

The problem:

We were using DBFS to store our exports. This was the perfect solution as the business could “see” the files on the destination folder, but it did not meet our requirements performance wise on our Exadata.

We have decided to mount NFS and performance did improve, but we had a different problem. NFS is mounted on the database server and business do not have access for security reasons and segregation of duties.

Since then, the export jobs run, but business could (more...)


Fall is my favorite time of year. In part, it's because of the weather where I grew up: muggy Pennsylvania summer and late-summer thunderstorms give way to crisp mornings, sometimes-warmish afternoons, and cool evenings. The air smells of wood smoke and dried leaves, and the colors of the sky and the trees are fantastic.

Autumn weather is a bit less epic where I live now, but there's another, non-weather-related reason that I like this time of year: for me, it's a time of new starts. I know springtime is supposed to be the time when everything's renewed, but for me (more...)

Easy Business Intelligence with eazyBI

I have been interested in business intelligence and data warehouse solutions for quite a while. And I have seen that traditional data warehouse and business intelligence tool implementations take quite a long time and cost a lot to set up infrastructure, develop or implement business intelligence software and train users. And many business users are not using business intelligence tools because they are too hard to learn and use.

Therefore some while ago a had an idea of developing easy-to-use business intelligence web application that you could implement and start to use right away and which would focus on ease-of-use (more...)

Some challenges

Designing a payroll system for a few million employees. Mapping cash management reconciliation, costing of payments, continuous calculations and voiding of payments on the core process.