Oracle ASS – one time it will save yours !

For those who don't know Oracle ASS - it's an awk script that is hidden in Oracle's LTOM (aka Lite Onboard Monitoring).
You can download it from metalink - see note ID 352363.1.

It's an awk script that formats system state dumps. I now and then use it to format massive trace files to something I can actually use.

A couple of months ago I had to investigate why a 2 node RAC on windows kept on crashing.
The dba managing it didn't really bother to check the system state dump - instead they just open a call with (more...)

Oct’11 Federal Financials Update

I was able to get a copy of the E-Business Suite Federal Financials Update slides presented at this year’s Oracle Federal Forum on October 18th. Most of the content revolves around the upcoming Federal interface changes and transition to the Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS) to replace FACTS I & II.  I’m sure these changes are definitely going to keep us busy!!

Here is the link:

OracleFedForum EBS Directions

Are you in Higher Education and use APEX?

For some time I have been interested in furthering the use of Oracle Application Express in higher education.
There are a number of institutions currently using Application Express either as part of their curriculum or for internal use.
One of the big problems is knowing who else in higher education (more...)

Mutex waits. Part II. “Cursor: Pin S” in Oracle 11.2 _mutex_wait_scheme=0. Steps out of shadow.

I would like to describe how Oracle versions waited for mutexes. This algorithm also appears to be used in post- PSUs and new patchset as _mutex_wait_scheme=0. My previous post demonstrated that before version 11.2: “Cursor: pin S” was pure wait for CPU. Long “cursor: pin S” waits indicated CPU starvation. Mutex contention was [...]

OBIEE11g SampleApp OID doesn’t start

Yep, I did again :-(.

After playing around with the new sampleapp107 I managed to crash the VM. After a reboot the OID refused to start up. It seemed that because there was still an active status record in the ODS schema, the OPMN couldn’t find anything to start.

Solution: truncate the "ODS"."ODS_PROCESS_STATUS" and  "ODS"."ODS_GUARDIAN" tables in your database repository.

(Not sure if the "ODS"."ODS_GUARDIAN"  is really necessary…. Please correct me if I’m wrong)

Till Next Time

Exadata Storage/Compute Node remote re-imaging

When you have a Exadata machine in the lab and you are testing lot of different things or giving hand-ons training to production DBA on lab Exadata to familiarize them with Exadata patching, one has to frequently start from scratch i.e . a particular storage/compute node image. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could write a script to re-image the servers? But alas!!! that is not possible with Exadata. One has to do all the (more...)

Install, Rinse, Repeat

Every time I start installing Oracle on Linux I always end up with the same dark thoughts: Why does it have to be so hard! An the worst part is: It isn't! But let me be precise with the last statement: It isn't hard if you know how! But in (more...)

Exadata Storage Server Patching

Non-interactive shell issue for Database Host minimal pack 

Recently i set about patching Exadata Storage Server software to from 11.2.2.x.x to, which is the latest patch from Oracle Corporation. I was testing and documenting the process for one of my client and wanted to automate this as much as possible, as in past people actually executing the commands had missed running few commands on certain nodes. (more...)

Xplan utility

A utility to add parent ID and execution order information to plans reported by DBMS_XPLAN. XPlan includes DISPLAY, DISPLAY_CURSOR and DISPLAY_AWR functionality for use in exactly the same way as the DBMS_XPLAN equivalents. Supports versions from 10g onwards. ***Update*** Now available in two formats: 1) as a PL/SQL package and 2) as a collection of three free-standing SQL*Plus scripts (i.e. no installation/database objects needed). January 2009 (updated October 2011)

Runstats utility

A variation on Tom Kyte's invaluable RUNSTATS utility that compares the resource consumption of two alternative units of work. Designed to work under constrained developer environments and builds on the original with enhancements such as "pause and resume" functionality, time model statistics and the option to report on specific statistics. ***Update*** Now available in two formats: 1) as a PL/SQL package and 2) as a free-standing SQL*Plus script (i.e. no installation/database objects needed). January (more...)

OBIEE11g Aggregate At

One of the new feature of 11g is the AGGREGATE AT function. It uses the hierarchical level to pin the the aggregate. Problem is you can’t select a hierarchy level in the formula editor, so you have to some old school typing:




Only month 1 to 6 are selected.

Just like the BY statement you can do multiple levels from different Hierarchies:


Till Next Time

Three New Web Service Demos Available on the OLL

One of my colleagues at Oracle, Marcie Young, has created three new excellent demonstrations of consuming web services in Application Express 4.1.

The first demonstration called "Creating and Using a Manual SOAP Web Service in Your Application" takes you step by step through creating a manual web service (more...)

Updated Hotkeys for APEX 4.1

I finally got around to updating the hotkeys userscript for Application Express 4.1. There were some changes in the APEX Builder html that made an update necessary.
Cool image by Josef Stuefer, available by CC BY 2.0
I have to say, that after I started using shortcut keys in the builder I never looked back. These days I get confused when developing in a browser where the script is not installed.

The (more...)

Multiple File Upload with jQuery and APEX Listener

Did you ever want to do this?

Envious of the fancy multiple image upload functionality I saw from Google+, I set out to do the same. This is more of a log of observations than a full recipe. There is no APEX involved but the listener. To follow this you (more...)

Oracle Fusion Applications 101: Bye, Bye PL/SQL

Starting to get hands on with Oracle Fusion Applications (OFA), one of the first clear indications that OFA is a completely different beast compared to Oracle EBS is by looking at the amount of PL/SQL packages used in EBS 12.1.3 compared to OFA

-- Oracle EBS 12.1.3 --
and owner not in ('SYS','SYSTEM');


OBIEE11g Golden Rules: Catalog Management

First of al the original inspiration for these “Golden Rules” Series are based on the “20 GOLDEN RULES FOR REPOSITORY DESIGN” from the people at Peak Indicators. Kudos to them.

The series contains:

The “rules” is this article are somewhat in random order

This is always a “work in progress” and please feel free to make any suggestions!

Catalog management

- use a transport folder.

imageDon’t allow all developers to place everything in all shared folders. Have them place it first in “transport” folder. Assign (more...)


| Oct 17, 2011

Gates大概可以这样做,时尚届的人,Coco Channel可以这样做。TA们的名字,就是品牌。










  • 确定唯一ID:网络这么发达,网站这么多,最好始终保持一个ID号,并用固定的头像,方便识别。
  • 确定技术领域:技术越分越细,很少有人能跨几个领域做到精通。能够精通一门已经是了不起的事情。给自己贴技术标签的时候,越精确越好。比如,你要
  • 借助媒体:国内技术文章原创性的少,如果整理出了自己的经验,建议多给一些技术媒体和网站投稿,这些媒体很欢迎这样的内容,也能帮助你推广。
  • 建立个人关系网络:结识一些知名的活跃人士,这些人或者能影响你,或者能引领你加入某些个小圈子,或者能帮你推广。比如极端的例子,微博上开复老师推荐一次,就能让某人的粉丝数,一天增长一万多。
  • 做出贡献:如果只是靠推推推的方式建立品牌,效果很难长久。个人品牌的真正意义还是在你为他人,为社区,为社会做出了什么贡献,带来了什么价值。有些人翻译文章,参与开源软件……,这都是价值所在。

这篇文章起源于QCon上的Open Space讨论话题,感谢阿里巴巴的章显洲,淘宝的唐勇,诺基亚西门子通信的张燎原等参与讨论,并分享了很多看法,这里一并致谢。

Counting Triangles Faster

A few weeks back one of the Vertica developers put up a blog post on counting triangles in an undirected graph with reciprocal edges. The author was comparing the size of the data and the elapsed times to run this calculation on Hadoop and Vertica and put up the work on github and encouraged others: “do try this at home.” So I did.


Vertica draws attention to the fact that their compression brought the size of the 86,220,856 tuples down to 560MB in size, from a flat file size of 1,263,234,543 bytes resulting in around a 2.25X (more...)

【技術記事】NAS or SAN:OLTP処理結果から見る、使い分けの提案 〜「Sun Storage 7000シリーズ」をOracleデータベースで使う!

| Oct 17, 2011


  • 日付:2010/06/01
  • 種別:技術記事

今回の検証では、データベースサーバに Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 を使い、Oracle Database のデータストレージとして、NASである Sun Storage 7410 と既存のSAN(FC)のストレージである Sun StorageTek 6140 を使い、両者を比較することで、OLTP処理性能結果から見た、NASとSANの使い分けのポイントについて紹介いたします。

  • 概要
  • 検証環境
  • 検証結果:NAS or SAN
  • まとめ



Oracle OEM 12c unzipping…..

| Oct 17, 2011
I decided to download the OEM12c software from Oracle to install the new OEM.After downloading the software, I had some trouble unzipping the two files.The files downloaded where :- em12_linux_x86_disk2of2.zipWhen unzipping the files, the following error occurred :[oracle@localhost software]$ unzip em12_linux_x86_disk2of2.zipArchive: em12_linux_x86_disk2of2.