Oracle Fusion Applications 101: BI & Reporting

Oracle Fusion Applications provides an extensive range of BI Reporting tools and capabilities all tightly integrated with the FA user experience (UX).

The Business Intelligence and Reporting infrastructure is delivered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, OBIEE provides analysis tools, interactive dashboards, alerts and an enterprise reporting engine that lies at the heart of the BI and Reporting capability for FA. A number of BI products are integrated with OBIEE to deliver the FA BI and Reporting expierience:


Pitfalls of Using Parallel Execution with SQL Developer

[This post was originally published on 2012/02/29 and was hidden shortly thereafter. I'm un-hiding it as of 2012/05/30 with some minor edits.]

Many Oracle Database users like tools with GUI interfaces because they add features and functionality that are not easily available from the command line interfaces like SQL*Plus. One of the more popular tools from my experiences is Oracle SQL Developer in part because it’s a free tool from Oracle. Given SQL Developer’s current design (as of version, some issues frequently show up when using it with Oracle Databases with Parallel Execution. SQL Developer (more...)

Don’t be a Crash Test Dummy

During a recent Oracle 11g Tuning Course in London, a discussion of performance problems related to locking and resource serialisation arose during the lessons dealing with contention. I was then asked by a student to summarise the types of serialisation that occur and to describe the worst types that I find at customers. I replied [...]

Discovery channel – provided by Endeca Studio

Besides a unique way of organizing data, Endeca also provides an innovative interface for exploring and discovering information. Today let's have a closer look at the end user layer of EID - Endeca Studio.

Endeca Studio is a interactive, component-based environment for building analytic applications powered by MDEX Engine. It is built on web-based Liferay infrastructure that enable building analytic applications delivered through the use of Web browsers.

In Edeca Studio, a login user can have access to a number of Endeca analytic applications. Each analytic application may have multiple tabs and read data from more than one DGraphs. (more...)

NetApp Crash-Consistent Snapshots

We performed a disaster recovery (DR) test at our DR site in October 2011 which involved recovering Oracle database VMs with storage on a  SAN.  Once the database VM was recovered from a NetApp volume snapshot, it was started and we discovered Oracle went through its usual crash recovery and the database was running as [...]

ADF Architectural Pointers

No, I haven't got any ADF best practices, only pointers to some who may have. The fine thing with best practices, is that everyone thinks it's such a neat idea. That generally leads to a lot of best practices, so you can choose the one that suits you. Or adapt (more...)

How to transform a CSV file into HTML table in SQL

The following SQL pattern can be used to tranform the CSV file into a HTML table by utilizing the XQUERY functionality.

create or replace directory tmp as '/tmp';

create a word.csv file.

C:\tmp>more word.csv


       TYPE  (more...)

Green Capacity Planning Part-1: Background & Concepts

Last June I started writing a technical paper on Green Capacity Planning. I felt satisfied with my work and was able to cover the topic in a 30-pages document. Then unfortunately the hard disk of my laptop met the failure and I lost all the work. This costs me more than that. Situation was like attending the same course twice and I couldn’t start it until recently.

In these 6-8 months the awareness about Green Capacity Planning has improved a lot and everyone is talking about it. Some questions from my professional network triggered me to once again start writing (more...)

OBIEE upgrade guide

Upgrade guide is found here:

Pretty much a standard weblogic upgrade.

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Lean Times Ahead for Oracle User Groups

Over the last years, the Oracle ACE Program has offered generous travel support to Oracle ACE Directors like me. This has allowed even small and poor user groups in far-off places to invite world-class speakers to their events, with Oracle covering travel and accommodation costs.

This policy has now been (more...)

Dynamic Images in PDF – What 32k Limit?

Looks like it's time to follow up on a Blog posting I wrote in 2008 about including dynamic images in PDF reports. After being called out on that good old 32k limit in a recent Blog posting by Roel Hartman, and reading through the recent OTN Forum posts and tweets (more...)

Oracle Forms Look and Feel 1.7.3


This version comes with the table-block copy/paste from/to the clipboard feature. You can populate a table-block with the content of the clipboard (Excel, Word,...) and also send to the clipboard with the content of a table-block.



   Get it now.

Downloads For Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM) 11g Patch Set 5

Oracle UCM Patch Set 5 is released! And thus begins the long, long hunt for the patches you need to upgrade...

Most of this info is available in the Oracle FAQ for ECM 11g, as well as the Oracle Fusion Middleware Patching Guide... but I was tired of it being un-googleable... So I decided to put a few of the links together here.

Upgrading ECM can be a multi-step process. You need to upgrade WebLogic before upgrading ECM, and you need to make sure you have the right version of the Repository Creation Utility (RCU)... not to mention the (more...)

Oracle APEX 4.1.1 patch set released on OTN

Oracle Application Express (APEX) latest patch has been released on OTN and is available for download here. This release contains fixes to issues uncovered by our customers (thanks so much for reporting) and our numerous internal deployments. Specifically 221 bugs were fixed; and now this is behind us our development (more...)

OBIEE is out!

If you have missed it: ==> is out
See the nice new features:

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OBIEE in hebrew

Boris has set up an OBIEE blog in hebrew:
Translatesd : 

For those of you who also have a non english OBIEE blog feel free to sent me a link and I will gladly advertise it here.

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My Presentation at OUG Ireland Conference 2012

I'll present at OUG Ireland Conference, Wednesday 21st March in Dublin. My presentation will be on Oracle Data Guard as in the Open World last year. I'm looking forward to present, listen to and meet with new people. There are a wide range of topics from Oracle professionals in the agenda. There will be 6 streams and 35 sessions in total. Well known Oracle ACEs/ACE Directors and Oracle

Back to my WS-Root

After a long time looking into Application development and UX widget, I am taking a fresh look at Web Services and I'll be starting to play with JSON and REST ideas.

But first thing first, I have to refresh my IDE install on my MacBook Air - This is an (more...)

Oracle Fusion Applications 101: Enterprise Scheduling Service

I suspect these posts will continually try to relate functionality in Fusion Applications (FA) with my background in Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS), so apologies if your from the JD Edwards, PeopleSoft or Siebel crowd.

SAP? Well no apologies or sympathy, we all have our problems.

The Enterprise Scheduling Service (ESS) provides the EBS Concurrent Manager equivalent service in FA but with an extended list of features and functionality. The Enterprise Scheduler is a J2EE application that provides schedule based callbacks to other applications (more...)