Upgrading Oracle VM 3.0.3 to latest patchset

Recently I had to upgrade an older version of Oracle VM 3.0 to the latest patch version to resolve some bugs in the initial releases of OVM 3.0. Below are the steps that I followed to perform the upgrade.

1. Download the patchset from Oracle Support (http://support.oracle.com)
2. Unzip the patch to the OVM Manager /tmp directory
3. backup config files for OVM Manager:

. Back up/copy the Oracle VM Manager configuration (more...)

Uploading templates for OVM 3.0.3 to ftp server

Dear readers,

Its been a while since I've blogged due to many busy demands between work, finishing a new Oracle book and scuba diving. Recently, I setup a new Oracle VM 3.0.3 environment and the interface and tools have changed quite a bit since I last worked with OVM 2.2 version. One challenge is that now in OVM 3.0.3 you have to upload the VM templates via a web http or ftp server and no longer can you copy the Oracle VM templates over to the /OVS/seed_pool directory on the OVM server. In my case, (more...)

Performance Enlightening – Craig Effect (Tropa de Elite)

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During the past week I had the opportunity to assist both the Oracle Performance Firefighting and the 
Advanced Oracle Performance Analysis and only can say: awesome!!!
Craig Shallahamer is a great teacher and has a lot of resources to effectively share knowledge, even if 
the subject is complex like buffer cache structures or arid like the mathematical foundation required for 
perf analysis. That is not all, he provides valuable tips of the trade or anecdote nuggets, dipped on a 
very fresh and sometimes humorist perspective.
The result: we started searching for those  (more...)

Oracle GoldenGate 11.2

OGG 11.2 offers  integrated capture mode. Extract integrates with database log mining server to receive change data in LCR format . Oracle is utilizing Streams more and more .. Oracle database must be Oracle with the patch for bug 13560925. Here is example how to change extract more to integrated and back to classic … Read more

The String Puzzle

I gave my two boys an old puzzle to solve yesterday. I told them that I’d give them each $10 if they could solve it for me. It’s one of the ways we do the “allowance” thing around the house sometimes.

Here’s the puzzle. A piece of string is stretched (more...)

SQL Monitor details for later tuning.

Tuning has always being good fun and something like a challenge for me.

From time to time we are being asked to find out why something did run slow while you are sleeping; answering this question is, in most cases, a challenge.

The problem:

My batch did run slow last night, can you let us know why? Or why did this query run slow? Are questions we, as DBAs, have to answer from time to (more...)

OUG Ireland 2012


Long time no speaky!

Well, on 21st March 2012, I spoke at the OUG Ireland conference. The title of the presentation was “to iterate is human, to recurse divine” – a touch pretentious, I know. The event started for me the night before, meeting Roel Hartman, Jan Navratil and Frits (more...)

Mastering Oracle Trace Data with Cary Millsap

At CIBER we are very proud to announce that Cary Millsap will give his one day seminar called Mastering Oracle Trace Data in the Netherlands. The event will take place at the Carlton President Hotel at Utrecht on Wednesday, May 23. You can register and read more about this event here.The seminar is aimed at DBA's, database application developers, data warehouse specialists and anyone caring about

Comments by Dave Welch of House of Brick on Oracle on VMware Licensing

I thought it worth republishing Dave Welch's (of House of Brick) comments to my discussion on the Everything Oracle at EMC online community on the subject of Oracle licensing costs on VMware vSphere configurations. Here are Dave's comments:


Let me start by bringing all of you into the courtroom. There are three issues that you will observe me as counsel provide to the jury as part of my allowed instruction (I am not an attorney in real life).

I offer the definitions in this paragraph only to make this post as self-sufficient as possible and not with intent (more...)

SQL Navigator 6.7 Beta available

| Mar 28, 2012
Quest Siftware released to the community a beta version for SQL Navigator 6.7. If you have a previous beta version installed, you can upgrade it with this build. You can (and should) install this side by side with your current 6.6 (or previous) version. Read all about it

Third OGh APEX dag

Yesterday was the third annual APEX day, organized by the Dutch Oracle usergroup OGh. It's the biggest APEX only event in the world, I've been told, with approximately 280 attendees. Learco Brizzi, Marti Koppelmans and myself were very proud to again have a great lineup of presenters and presentations.The day started with a keynote by Patrick Wolf telling about and showing a lot of new 4.2

ODTUG APEX Plug-In Competition

As Martin has already announced, there is a very exciting APEX Plugin Competition hosted by ODTUG.

Here’s the official announcement (taken from the ODTUG page):

ODTUG is holding its first ever world wide APEX Plug-ins competition! This is your opportunity to write an APEX plug-in and have it (more...)

The fourth use-case for triggers

| Mar 26, 2012
In our previous post we talked about three of the four use-cases we introduced. Triggers can:
  1. Assign/modify (row) column values.
  2. Execute insert/update/delete statements.
  3. Execute non-transactional stuff.
We've also discussed why indeed using triggers for above use-cases, should be considered harmful. Their automagic side-effects are often not expected by other programmers / users of the database application.

In this post we continue with use-case four. Triggers can:
  1. Execute select statements.

This use-case, where we have the need to execute queries inside triggers, is a very common use-case, and it is one that always (re)surfaces, in almost every project. And there's a (more...)

VMware’s Official Support Statement Regarding Oracle Certification and Licensing

Stake in the Ground

VMware has put a stake in the ground with respect to Oracle licensing of VMware VMs running Oracle. The gist of this statement regarding certification, support, and licensing is that DRS host affinity rules, combined with vCenter audit trails showing where VMs have actually run, are sufficient for Oracle licensing purposes. The summary of the document states:

DRS Host Affinity rules can be used to run Oracle on a subset of the hosts within a cluster. In many cases, customers can use vSphere to achieve substantial licensing savings.

vCenter VMotion Logging

Concerning vCenter VMotion logging, the (more...)

Working with long columns

Various techniques for querying and manipulating long columns. July 2010 (updated March 2012)

Connect By Filtering

A hierarchical query is typically executed using a plan that starts with the operation CONNECT BY WITH FILTERING, which has two child operations. The first child operation implements the START WITH clause and the second child operation contains a step called CONNECT BY PUMP, implementing the recursive part of the query. Here is an example of such a plan using the well known hierarchical query on

Database under fire

This post does not discuss mutexes or latches. I wrote it under the impression of recent escalation due to database corruption. This was Oracle database on HP-UX. Database files underwent recurrent corruption. Most commonly blocks were corrupted in system and undo tablespaces. This resulted in corrupted dictionary tables and indexes. Neither db_block_checking/db_block_checksum nor installation [...]

Fast Analytics of AWR Top Events

I’ve been working on a lot of good schtuff lately on the area of capacity planning. And I’ve greatly improved my time to generate workload characterization visualization and analysis using my AWR scripts which I enhanced to fit on the analytics tool that I’ve been using.. and that is Tableau.

So I’ve got a couple of performance and capacity planning use case scenarios which I will blog in parts in the next few days or weeks. But before that I need to familiarize you on how I mine this valuable AWR performance data.

Let’s get started with the AWR top (more...)

Adaptive Cursor Sharing with SQL Plan Baselines – Bind Sensitiveness

Today I saw a post from my friend Dominic Brooks (orastory) whom I work together at the same place for different environments (Wish he is working on the environments I look after together we could have made a great performance team :( ). His post is about how Adaptive Cursor Sharing and SQL Plan Baselines work together . Post looks  long but easy to read and enlightening about the issue with one small addition/correction/observation needed. I think he covered well enough but finished his tests a bit soon. I will not repeat what he has done but I need to cover the (more...)

Smooth Sailing at the OUGN

I have spent the past two days at the Norwegian Oracle User Group (OUGN) along with many  colleagues and friends from the Oracle world in both EMEA and further afield. I’ve been honoured to have been invited for the past three years and am joined this year by two distinguished Oracle University trainers with whom [...]