Endeca – upgrade release and learning material from Oracle

It has been about 3 months since the finish of Oracle's Endeca acquisition. Last week, a new version was released: Endeca Information Discovery (EID) 2.3. This new release comes with enhancements for three major parts of EID - Latitude Data Integrator, Endeca Server and Endeca Studio. 

For Endeca Latitude Data Integrator, the enhancements are focus on the ease of use for developer, and text enrichment with Sentiment. 

Endeca Server, a new Java Server are introduced to simplify process management. As a single access point for query, Endeca Server manages named data stores (previously known as "DGraph"). Endeca Server (more...)

FatWire Tutorial for Site Studio Developers

Oracle recently acquired FatWire, and renamed it WebCenter Sites. It is a "web experience management" toolkit, which is similar to Oracle's existing Site Studio product -- a part of Oracle UCM, now called WebCenter Content.

After using Site Studio for years, I got pretty accustomed to it's terminology and toolkits... so looking at FatWire was initially intimidating because it was just so dang different. But, after using it for several months, I've come to the conclusion that a lot of the fundamentals are pretty similar. Pretty much everything Site Studio does is built in to FatWire, and FatWire has a (more...)

Collaborate 2012 – one of the best ever!

| Apr 27, 2012
Attendance at Collaborate this year was up roughly 50% from 2011 with over 1,100 people from JDE customer organizations and a total of over 6,000 attendees. The move back to Vegas certainly helped but the turnout is also a sign of an improving business atmosphere and a renewed interest in investing in IT. Monday at [...]

Is Oracle Afraid of the Cloud?

More than 6 months after Oracle announced the Java Cloud and Database Cloud services at Oracle OpenWorld, we’re still waiting for these services to materialize. There might be technical reasons for this delay, but it is also obvious that Oracle hasn’t figured out a business plan for these services either.

At (more...)

Carlos Sierra started blogging

Just a quick post for letting people know that Carlos Sierra started blogging in his Oracle SQL Tuning Notepad. He is the developer of many tools like “coe_xplain.sql, followed by profiler.sql, Trace Analyzer (TRCANLZR), SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) and SQL Health-Check (SQLHC). ”  which are available in MOS.

Never seen or talk him personally but I’m big fan and user of his tools for a long time and I’m sure he will write plenty of tuning stories. I would like to say welcome to Oracle Blogosphere and wish him good luck with his blogging journey

Understanding Linux Load Average – Part 1

A frequently asked question in my classroom is “What is the meaning of load average and when is it too high?”. This may sound like an easy question, and I really thought it was, but recently I discovered that things aren’t always that easy as they seem. In this first of a three-part post I [...]

Why Oracle President Mark Hurd won’t be at Collaborate

| Apr 23, 2012
At the first few Collaborate conferences after Oracle acquired PeopleSoft and JD Edwards then President Charles Phillips gave the opening keynote speech. A key message was that Oracle cared deeply about all of its application customers and especially those new to Oracle. I was fortunate enough to interview him on two of those occasions. His [...]

How to do XML based data manipulation in SQL and XSLT

The following SQL pattern can be used to do XML based data manipulation and transformation by utilizing XSLT functionality.

This query will do the following data manipulation and transformation:

1) Rename the xml tag <FirstName> to <FN> when the position of the element node is
either the last one or (more...)

OBIEE install avoid RTD license problems

If you are not going to use RTD (Real Time Decisions) uncheck the box during installation:


This avoids extremely difficult discussions with Oracle over the license fee.

Till Next Time

Oracle Spring ’12 Federal Development Update

I didn’t attend, but there was an Oracle Federal Financial Briefing on 17-Apr in Reston where information was shared about some of the upcoming GTAS enhancements and target patch release dates.  Personally, besides focusing on our Fed R12.1.3 stabilization efforts on my current gig, I’m working to get smart on some of the basics associated with GTAS, the upcoming 6-digit USSGL standard and new Federal Accounting/System process changes associated.

As soon as we can get our hands on these new GTAS patches, we need to jump on them to start understanding some of the impacts to our (more...)

Oracle, APEX and Longevity!

I have just read the latest Statement of Direction from Oracle (download here) and there are some comforting statements from Oracle about there long term commitment to Application Express.

For those like me who have been using APEX since the early days, this is good news as it (more...)

OBIEE 11116 repository on MS-SQL I

We had to do a POC on some MS-SQL data. Instead of bringing an extra Oracle DB we used an existing MS-SQL instance.

1. Create a repository database:

We called ours “Repositories” Winking smile


2. Enable case-sensitive collation

ALTER DATABASE Repositories COLLATE Latin1_General_CS_AS

3. Enable Row versioning



4. Allow TCP/IP access to the database:


(Bounce the service if you changed it!)

4b. If you have a firewall running check if the ms-sql port is open (1433 for a default instance)

5. Create a user (fi: REP_OWN)


6. make  the default database repositories:


7. Set (more...)

A Hybrid Identity Management (IdM) Migration Approach

I see an Oracle Waveset Identity Manager (previously Sun Identity Manager) Migration project as a cooking challenge where you need to recreate a given dish in a particular time frame. You are going to be using different tools and techniques in your reconstruction but it has to resemble the taste and look-and-feel of the original dish. I could guarantee that almost everyone knows how to approach the challenge. First you carefully observe the original dish by tasting and feeling its texture, then identify the individual ingredients, and finally design a recipe by choosing the right tools and applying appropriate techniques. (more...)

SQLPLUS multi-line quoted text

| Apr 13, 2012
This document demonstrates some of the problems I've encountered when using SQLPlus to insert text that has multiple lines. You can run the INSERT statements below, to demonstrate the specific problem which I state in the actual text being inserted.

--Note that these problems occur only with SQLPlus, Using TOAD, (and I assume SQL Developer), there are no errors with any of the inserts.
I used SQLPLus 11g client on Windows 7. Different configurations may produce different results.

I'd be interested in hearing about any other anomalies you find with multi-line text.

CREATE TABLE TXT (str varchar2(500));

set echo on
set sqlblanklines (more...)

Fine Tuning Incremental Updates using LOAD PRUNE

If you are like most people, you probably use the LOAD_AND_AGGREGATE cube script that is automatically created by Analytic Workspace Manager. Fine tuning the update process simply involves filtering the fact table for new or changed rows.

With a little bit of effort, you can improve update times by writing (more...)

Book Review: Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook

I started reading this book last week, and I'm half way through right now. But i wanted to write this review because what i found in the book is fairly enough for this. As the book's tittle expresses it involves examples, recipes, different test cases for almost all topics in the chapters. This is great, because just definitions and descriptions are not enough to fully understand the concept (

Convert sqlplus spool output to CSV

| Apr 11, 2012
I’ve been doing some work lately with sizing / capacity planning where the source are a few of Karl Arao’s excellent AWR Mining scripts. Had I been reading his blog more I would have known he was going down a parallel path using Tableau as I was moving in the direction of R.  Anyway, I [...]

When dbms_xplan.display_sql_plan_baseline fails to show the plan

Last week my colleague (Paul Reed – my new content provider with issues on his databases :) ), had a problem where he needed to identify which baseline was using index
on a plan where collection table (like SELECT column FROM TABLE(:B1) ) was used.

When he tried DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_SQL_PLAN_BASELINE he got “ERROR: An error has happened, error code: 22905″ which was related with the bug below.

DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_SQL_PLAN_BASELINE returns "ERROR: An error has happened, error code: 22905" [ID 1418186.1]

When he asked me, if there is a workaround, I was under the impression that dba_sql_plan_baselines has got the outline (more...)

Extract from SalesForce, Load to Oracle

| Apr 11, 2012

I did it this way for 2 reasons.
1)These are the tools I know how to use.
2)There are things I am not allowed to do at work due to access rights. 

This is not intended to be a perfect document, it's just intended to be helpful.
No doubt, you will find problems which I did not encounter. If you do, please leave notes in the comments to help the next guy out.

NOTE: When I mean something literally I use the left-bracket and right-bracket
       character like this:
      [that's literally what "I" (more...)

Set Initial Focus component for Oracle ADF Faces

Oracle ADF Faces components provide rich functionality out of the box. One small feature is missing somehow: a convenient way to set initial focus on input component. For the inpatient readers: sample workspace to download and start with JDeveloper (11g Release 2) containing a custom tag and (more...)