Oracle Throws in the Towel on VMware Licensing

As all of my readers know, I have been a strong proponent of VMware virtualization of Oracle Database servers for license cost savings purposes. Predictably, Oracle has pushed back on this issue in the past. Well, they have now thrown in the towel.

In an online video, Richard Garsthagen, Director of Cloud Business Development EMEA for Oracle, has stated publicly that VMware host affinity rules (when combined with vMotion logging) work just fine, (more...)

Are Java PaaS platforms ready for enterprise?

Cloud computing bubbles are still rising and there is a great hype for Java PaaS. Java PaaS vendors are still growing like mushrooms. Remember the good old early J2EE / EJB 1.0 days! They hold a lot of promise. Are they really ready for deploying enterprise grade applications? I (more...)

InteliVideo Pitch

Check out the new InteliVideo Pitch

Separate docs for MySQL Connectors

The MySQL documentation section has always had this Topic Guides page containing links to the docs for the various MySQL Connectors -- the official database drivers for various languages and programming technologies. That is the most convenient way to get the information for each Connector in PDF form, rather than downloading the entire Ref Man PDF. For HTML, it was more of a shortcut, because

Is “Can’t” Really the Word You Want?

My friend Chester (Chet Justice in real life; oraclenerd when he puts his cape on) tweeted this yesterday:
can’t lives on won’t street - i’m sure my son will hate me when he’s older for saying that all the time.

I like it. It reminds me of an article (more...)

JDeveloper does not start after Mountain Lion upgrade

With Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8), I have found my first upgrade hurdle - starting JDeveloper give me a bash script that runs forever with ~100% CPU utilisation.

I am currently running the Studio Edition Version

Google gave me a good first place to (more...)

Oracle Forms Look and Feel 1.7.5

After a long time without any change, here is a major version that allows the user to display/edit (almost) any SQL order in a dynamic table-block.



   Get the new version



A chart is worth a thousand words – only when it’s used appropriately (Part 2)

Charts are informative and widely adopted in Business Intelligence. However, sometime they are misused and generates no business insights but confusion. In my last post, we've discussed about Line Chart and Pie Chart. Today let's continue the same topic by examining map, gauge and Trellis.

Map Chart

Maps have been used to visualize information since the early phase of human civilization. Now in the recent years, thanks to the digitalization of maps more and more quantitative analysis of location related information can be performed on top of map. Furthermore, with powerful spatial systems such as Oracle Spatial, the business (more...)

Free e-book giveaway: “Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide” (Packt Publishing, 2012)

Last week I reviewed “Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide” (Packt Publishing, 2012) in this post. Packt guys did like the review, and today I am pleased to announce that I will be giving away two free e-copies of the book. All you need to do is just comment below the post and win [...]

Brief note on ADF 11gR2 installation

The certified application server and ADF combinations for ADF 11.1.2.x.x are available here.

We need to follow the 

Designing Modular Applications in Oracle ADF – Follow up

This blog post is a follow up to the previous one about modularity in Oracle ADF. Sample applications provided in a blog posts are simplified focusing on one or few aspects described.   Real world ADF applications and task flows can be more sophisticated: It is a diagram (some-task-flow-defintion.xml (more...)

Drilldown on ADF DVT graphs

The sample workspace  (JDev/ADF for this post is available here.
Just run adfc-config from the ViewController project. 

One form of drilldown is where you provide an 'action' that can be a control flow case in the taskflow and which leads the user to another (more...)

Designing Modular Applications By Using Dynamic Task Flow Call in Oracle ADF

You might already asked yourself a question like this: How to design an application in a modular way? The principle of "Divide and conquer" helps us to get a complexity under control by breaking possibly complex system into a smaller manageable pieces a.k.a. modules. This blog post shows how the (more...)

Interrupted Service

This site may not be available for various periods over the next couple of days as I move it lock, stock and barrel to a new web host. It has been a good few years at Cornerhost but it’s time to move. After an exhaustive search I’ve signed up at WebFaction and will be up and running on their servers in no time at all.

This does mean that email reception may be spotty as I migrate. In the rare event that you send me an email and I don’t reply please accept my apologies. Then resend your email. See (more...)

ADF and Coloured tooltips – 2 [and its limitations]

Reference: I have simply incorporated the approach presented here in my ADF application and the solution involves a bit of JQuery

This post follows on my earlier sneak peek but as I eventually learnt, this is quite limited in use and you might need to find specific uses (more...)

Oracle Fusion Install – On premise (Bare Metal, OVM) or Hosted

| Aug 21, 2012
Whoever is implementing Oracle Fusion will definitely have to answer the following question; 
Do you need to have the Oracle Fusion environment hosted on your premises or do you want to host with a third party or host this in Oracle via the Saas or OnDemand model?
To add some more complexity, Oracle provides you with option either to install the application on 'bare metal' or leverage Oracle Virtual Machines (OVM) to host all components.
Our experience has been that the fastest and easiest way to get going is if you use hosting service of Oracle or some third-party. However, the (more...)

Oracle Fusion Applications – Next generation in ERP

| Aug 21, 2012

Oracle Fusion Apps is the next generation in ERP space. It's completely web-based and takes in the best in class of all products under the Oracle umbrella. Some truely world-class features include the following:
- co-exist with third party legacy applications, thereby giving huge business benefits where customers have already invested heavily in legacy applications and want to plug and play Fusion Apps with existing system.
- Best in class user roles and responsibility features. Truely amazing if we compare this with R11i and R12 stack of products.
- Complete web-based solution, so no hassles of installing client thin or (more...)

The magic of bad design

The other day, I was investigating an issue in our process that takes a list of users and (effectively) merges them into the database. As part of that, I was trying to understand how the whole process worked.

This is the basic structure of the table:

Name          Null?    Type                        
------------- -------- ----------------------------
ID            NOT NULL NUMBER(12)                  
LOGIN_NAME             VARCHAR2(25)                
CREATED                DATE                        
LAST_UPDATED           DATE        

I could see data in the table:

----- ---------- ------------------- -------------------
 1451 user_1451  06/08/2008 00:10:54 10/10/2008 01:01:34
 1452 user_1452  07/08/2008 00:11:18 23/02/2009 15:23:53
 1453 user_1453  12/08/2008 00:09:51 04/07/2012 03:09:08
 1454 user_1454  14/08/2008 00:09:58 10/06/2009  (more...)

ORA600 Oracle News Aggregator decommissioned

I've decided today to decommission my oracle news aggregator.

I started it a couple of years ago when stopped its RSS aggregation. I was a big of orablogs but I was too late in offering the owner a price for the domain. Otherwise I would have continued

As it happened - I was too late and some other guy swept up the domain to make a quick buck. If I remember correctly, he was asking around 6000$ for the domain.

So - I decided to start my own RSS aggregator under the ora600 site.

I only (more...)

iPad for the On-the-Go Writer

I just returned from a conference about a hot enterprise technology where I used my iPad to soak up notes, images, video interviews and BROLL, and organize them for future use. I will use the notes and interviews as fodder for stories for the next 6 months. No laptop on (more...)