A secret treasure house of Oracle books

One of the most prolific publishers of Oracle technology and application books - Packt Publishing just published its 1000 cover. Packt books are written by experts, many of whom are Oracle certified professionals. The books full of tips and how-to about new features and functionality that are not covered in-depth in user manuals.

A treasure house of Oracle books is the online library of every Packt publication. To celebrate the 1000th title, Packt is offering free access to the library for a peek at the gems for a 7 day period. Also, one can download one free e-book.

Packt supports (more...)

The Helsinki Declaration (IT-version) 2012-09-30 12:49:00

Just attended this session here at Oracle Openworld: Flexible Design and Modeling: Planning for Constant Change Gwen Shapira - Senior Consultant, Pythian Robyn Sands - Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Which was expressing the same message as the Helsinki Declaration does: Create API's in the database layer and do not let outside software layers access tables directly. It

alt.oracle 2012-09-30 06:38:00

Just an FYI.  I'll be speaking at Oracle Open World again this year.  If you're there, my session is as follows.

:  CON9591
:  How Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Brokers Peace Between DBAs and Compliance Officers
This session discusses how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cto completely automate the process of applying database patches while reporting on compliance against your own and Oracle’s security and implementation best practices. Specifically, you’ll learn how to quickly identify databases missing critical patches, how to automate patch applications, and how to maintain (more...)

Get an eBook for free!

@packtpub publishes its 1000th title. Sign up or login at http://www.packtpub.com and receive a free eBook! #AnOfferYouCannotRefuse

Server subsystem failed. Reason: java.lang.NumberFormatException: null

Our admin server of the osb development environment failed to restart because of a full disk.
After cleaning up the admin server still wouldn’t start resulting in the next stack.

<Sep 28, 2012 10:18:16 AM CEST> <Critical> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000386> <Server subsystem failed. Reason: java.lang.NumberFormatException: null
java.lang.NumberFormatException:  (more...)

OOW 2012, allá voy!

Cada año se realiza el Oracle Open World, al cual somos cordialmente invitados todos los Oracle ACE. Pero nunca faltaba algún contratiempo (léase proyecto en marcha con plazos ajustados) que me obligaba a postergar mi asistencia, pero al iniciar este año tomé la decisión de asistir sí o sí.

Desde Junio hice la compra de los respectivos boletos de avión, que -gracias a los KM acumulados- me salieron gratis! Y ya que entraba en (more...)

Hadoop! What is it good for? Absolutely … everything!

In times of hysteria people tend to use their reptilian brain. This sub-brain, that has been with us since we were fish, or tadpoles, it’s what kicks in when we face the unknown. In computer science or information technology, organizations tend to hold down to emotions and less and less in reasoning. Could it be [...]

OakTable World 2012

This Monday Oct 1, 2:00-2:50PM I’ll be presenting at the OakTable World which used to be called as Oracle Closed World, this year it’s a full two-day conference with awesome speakers lineup and very interesting topics… you can just watch this video by Mogens Norgaard to know more about the roots of this very technical event.

My presentation title is “Where did my CPU go?” – monitoring & capacity planning adventures on a consolidated environment .. and If you love to hack the ASH and AWR data and curious about CPU capacity planning then you’re really going to enjoy (more...)

iOS6 removes the YouTube app

I recently received a notice about the availability of the iOS6 upgrade for my iPad.  I thought it was cool to see the upgrade and install it.  After a warning related to the battery level (at least 50% or plugged in to the electric outlet) in my iPad I proceeded to download it and have it installed.

Everything was just fine, in my opinion there's not too many new functionality I could take advantage of at this time, and there were some new apps installed and yes, a very cool world clock similar to that one I used (more...)

Where is my help menu?

While I was trying to get some JUnit test written on my MacBook Air over the weekend, I end up spending wasting some time with a silly issue : get the JUnit extension installed.

From the documentation, it's pretty clear - the Help menu.

Enable JDev Extension - section 9 (more...)

JavaOne Next week

I will be at JavaOne next week. I have two sessions at JavaOne this year. Here are the details for these two sessions.

TROUG senelik büyük toplantı zamanı yaklaşıyor

troug.org ‘u takip edenler için çok da yeni bir haber değil, 11 Ekim ‘de senelik büyük toplantımızı yapacağız. İlk toplantıda olduğu gibi yine Beşiktaş boğaz kenarı lokasyonun avantajı nedeni ile Bahçeşehir Üniv. ‘ni seçtik. Ajanda heyecan verici, birçok yeni yüz de bu sene sunucu olarak katılıyor. Henüz kayıt olmadı iseniz pazarlama sunumu görmeyeceğiniz, gerçek hayat […]

OakTable World

This weekend begins Oracle’s OpenWorld and there is something off the beaten path going on — OakTable World. There is a pretty good lineup of speakers, including myself, who will be talking on subjects that probably would not qualify for OpenWorld sessions for various reasons. My talk is entitled “Beyond the Relational Database” and in it I’ll be talking about non-relational (Big Data) technologies and what they have to offer. Be sure to bring an open mind! Hope to see you there.

To make things easy here is an iCal file for my session.

The Future of Project Management is Social

Rapid Ascent. Breakneck Speed. Lightning Fast. Perhaps even overwhelming. No matter which set of adjectives we use to describe it, social media’s rise into the enterprise mainstream has been unprecedented. Indeed, the big 4 social media powerhouses (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter), have nearly 2 Billion users between them.

You may be asking (as you should really) “That’s all well and good for the consumer, but for me at my company, what’s your point? Beyond the fact that I can check and post updates, that is.”

Good question, kind sir.

Read Details on



PARALLEL_MIN_TIME_THRESHOLD initialization parameter controls which statements are candidate for parallelism. 

As per MOS, this parameter is set to 10 seconds while Oracle documentation claims that it is set to 30 seconds. Now who's correct ??? Seems like it's a documentation bug.

Below are the links to both Oracle documentation and MOS article:

Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Well, it's time for Oracle OpenWorld again. This is the place to meet & learn from the industry experts. Glad I am making this year. 

This year I will be speaking on my experiences managing Very Large Databases. Following are the details of my session.

Session ID: UGF3662
Session Title: Very Large Databases: Challenges and Opportunities
Venue / Room: Moscone West - 2000
Date and Time: 9/30/12, 10:00 - 11:00

These are the activities on my OOW to-do list:

1) Attend lots of sessions
2) Oracle ACE dinner
3) Blogger meetup
4) Oaktable World

I’m looking forward to seeing (more...)

Review: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administration Handbook

Extreme performance boost on OSB11g and CLOB objects

When using the JCA DbAdpater in the Oracle Service Bus (OSB11g) normal operations running fine. Most of us using the DbAdapter for simple DML actions (Select/Insert/Update/Delete).

There is a huge performance degradation when you read LOB objects from the DbAdapter. When reading a CLOB from a table, and this CLOB (more...)

What would you add to Oracle? response

Lewis Cummingham posed the question, "What would you add to Oracle?" in his blog.  He purposed the ability to support multiple languages within the database.  Thinking completely out of the box, I would enlarge that concept to include support of other database vendors' environments within an Oracle database.  Instead of just allowing users to hop from Oracle over to another database vendor's database via a "gateway", why not just put that other vendor's database inside of an Oracle database.  Oracle could experiment with MySql first because they own it.

I know that this is (more...)

Keep clause

You may have seen an aggregate function like this in SQL queries: max(value) keep (dense_rank first order by mydate) or this analytic variant: max(value) keep (dense_rank last order by mydate) over (partition by relation_nr) Unfortunately, when you start searching for the "keep" clause, you won't find anything in the Oracle documentation (and hopefully because of this blogpost, people will