Easy way to access JPA with REST (JSON / XML)

With the release of EclipseLink 2.4, JPA persistence units can be accessed using REST with JSON or XML formatted messages. The 2.4 version supports JPA-RS which is a RESTful API for dealing with JPA. In this blogpost I will show you what is possible with JPA-RS, how easy it (more...)

Movember 2012: The ‘stache returns!

In 2011, I joined many others in the Movember event for the first time. This is a fund-raising effort where participants grow a mustache for the month of November and collect donations to support men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancers. Individuals can participate on their own or as a team, but no matter what you donate, it all goes to the same place. In my first year, I managed to collect $754 from 15 donors! Hopefully, I’ll exceed my previous year’s fundraising this year…just not sure what mustache style will bring in the most money yet?!

To see photo (more...)

TROUG: Oracle Day 2012 İstanbul

Hüsnü kendi sunumundan bahsetmiş, 15 Kasım’da İstanbul’da gerçekleşecek Oracle Day 2012 toplantısına katılım ücretsiz, katılacaklar başta Hüsnü ‘nün sunumu olmak üzere diğer TROUG sunumlarını kaçırmayın. Not: Turkcell Grup CIO ‘su Sayın İlker Kuruöz ‘ün de aynı gün 10:30 ‘da “Dönüşümsel Bulut Yolculuğu” isimli bir sunumu görünüyor, tüm ajandaya bu bağlantıdan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Using JSON-REST in ADF Mobile

In the current version of ADF Mobile the ADF DataControls ( URL and WS ) only supports SOAP and JSON-XML. But this does not mean we cannot use JSON. To handle JSON we can use the  RestServiceAdapter and JSONBeanSerializationHelper classes. The RestServiceAdapter will handle the Rest Service and JSONBeanSerializationHelper helps (more...)

Where is my data

Sometimes we want to know where exactly is a particular database block - on which ASM disk, in which allocation unit on that disk and in which block of that allocation unit. In this post I will show how to work that out.

Database instance

In the first part of this exercise I am logged into database instance. Let's create a tablespace first.

SQL> create tablespace T1 datafile '+DATA';
Tablespace created.

SQL> select f.FILE#, f.NAME "File name", t.NAME "Tablespace name"
where t.NAME='T1' and f.TS# = t.TS#;

     FILE# File (more...)

¿Cómo mover ocr y vdisk a nuevo disk array?

No hace mucho, uno de mis clientes inició el proceso de migración de su disk storage system, desde EMC CX4 hacia EMC VNX. Ellos tienen sus bases de datos operando con Oracle RAC, por lo que siguieron el procedimiento de agregar LUNs del nuevo EMC VNX en los diskgroups de datos, para luego retirar los LUNs del antiguo EMC CX4, aprovechando el rebalanceo automático que hace ASM al agregarle y (more...)

Oracle Day 2012 Presentation

We are back from OOW 2012 and now it is time to broadcast what we learn in San Francisco. So as a TROUG Founder I will be presenting my Open World Session in Turkey this time. Join me if you wish to hear more about data mining, optimisation,etc. this time in Turkish.

Here are session details:

  • What: Veri Madenciligi Veritabaninda Yapilir: Uygulamalariyla Oracle R Enterprise ve Oracle Data Mining Opsiyonu (Database Data Mining: Practical Enterprise R and Oracle Advanced Analytics)
  • When: 15th of November 2012 14:20 – 14:50
  • Where: Istanbul Kongre Merkezi, Taskisla Caddesi Harbiye 34367, Istanbul/Turkiye

Join me and (more...)

Oracle ADF Real World Developer’s Guide by Jobinesh Purushothaman is published!

Hello All.
it is my great pleasure to announce that Oracle ADF Real World Developer’s Guide is published! 

Oracle R Enterprise Configuration on Oracle Linux

Before starting to deal with large volumes of data problems on Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) you need to perform a couple of configurations over your Oracle Linux and Oracle Database systems. Here is the recipe:

  • Ensure that you have the following lines in your oracle users .bash_profile file
    export R_HOME=/usr/lib64/R
    export PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH
  • Ensure that you have already installed libpng.x86_64 and libpng-devel.x86_64 packages on your Oracle Linux otherwise issue to install them.
    yum install libpng.x86_64 libpng-devel.x86_64
  • Switch to root and issue R. Once you are in R session, install two prerequisites of ORE:
  • Ensure that (more...)

Model clause use cases

| Oct 24, 2012

This note describes a couple of real-life use cases for the SQL MODEL (or SPREADSHEET) clause that appeared in Oracle 10g. This is mainly targeted at people attending my UKOUG presentation on the model clause (materials TBS) but anybody who knows the syntax of the model clause may find this of some interest.

We already have SQL (non-procedural) and PL/SQL (procedural) languages and it is easy to call SQL from PL/SQL and vice-versa. So you might be asking yourself why on earth we need the model clause. Doesn’t it seem like just a procedural extension to SQL? If so why (more...)

NOT NULL vs. Check Constraints

I found Jonathan Lewis's excellent article about "incorrectly" defining NOT NULL columns some time ago.  You can read his article at http://jonathanlewis.wordpress.com/2010/09/05/not-null/

Having read it, I did some investigation into our production databases and, lo and behold, found some examples of columns with NOT NULL check constraints but without the NOT NULL column definition.

Here's the query I used to find the 'guilty' columns:
select o.owner, o.object_type, o.object_name, t.column_name, co.search_condition, co.validated
 from dba_objects o, sys.col$ c, dba_tab_columns t, dba_cons_columns cc, dba_constraints co
 where o.owner = '&table_owner'
 and o.object_type  (more...)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Big Data, but had no PDF to carry around!

Back in March 2012 I experienced an air milage overflow: almost straight from Madrid I’ve picked a flight to Israel to speak at a Big Data conference, only to be back in Lisbon and fly again to Johannesburg in South Africa to meet several customers in the retail and manufacturing area. Back to Lisbon I packed again to London [...]

JSR-107 Early Draft Released (after nearly 12 years)

It’s been in the works for a number of years, more than a decade, but finally we’re making some solid process moving the JCache Specification forward, hopefully for inclusion in Java EE 7.

Yesterday the JCP made the important step of posting the Early Draft specification and API for JSR107. (more...)

Non-inclusive windows for yearly or monthly intervals

| Oct 23, 2012

About six months ago I came across the need to use analytic functions with a moving one year window. This is supposedly supported in Oracle 10g and beyond but the behaviour was not what I expected. Consider this test query:

     AS (    SELECT DATE '2012-01-01' + ROWNUM mydate
               FROM DUAL
         CONNECT BY LEVEL <= 400)
     AS (SELECT mydate
               ,COUNT (
                OVER (
                   ORDER BY mydate
               ,MIN (
                OVER (
                   ORDER BY mydate
               ,MAX (

Cross Connection Query Issue

| Oct 22, 2012
Topic Discussion ( Re: Bug: Cross Connection Query not working in 3.1, 3.2.1 )

Making Eclipse IDE Supports JSF 2.0

| Oct 22, 2012

Autocomplete was not working for JSF tags in my Eclipse. I googled it and finally found the solution on http://www.mkyong.com/jsf2/how-to-make-eclipse-ide-supports-jsf-2-0/

Thanx Mkyong.

The different thing I did is; I downloaded javax.faces-2.xx.xx.jar and saved in a specific folder. Then I created a user library with this jar. I did not use “jsf-api-xxx.jar and jsf-impl-xxx.jar“.

Post Oracle #Openworld 2012 view & Bloggers meetup 2012 #OOW

| Oct 21, 2012

I’ve been trying to get  a blogpost in for a while now but have not had enough time to actually get that in.
This is my Summary of Oracle Openworld 2012 or #oow to some. Oracle Openworld is tremendous event . There is just a lot of activities , be it Knowledge Sharing , Peer to Peer interaction or just socializing in general.
I’ve been very Fortunate this year to present at 2 conferences IOUG Collaborate  (more…)

Oracle Forms Web: How to display charts

I see, more and more often, questions from people that (finally) migrate from C/S to Web Forms versions, and don't know how to display charts (feature that is no longer available in Web version).

Of course, the first point is to use the Oracle official FormsGraph Java Bean.

Another solution, (more...)

Installation &amp; Configuration: Tips &amp; Tricks for installing Weblogic and Oracle Forms 11g slides

Here is a very interesting blog entry from Mia Urman. It is a treasure for those who (don't want to) fight with that installation steps.

See particularly the "Installation & Configuration: Tips & Tricks for installing Weblogic and Oracle Forms 11g" slides.



It’s been quite a long time !

Dear Blog Viewers,

It’s been quite a long time that I had updated my blog. I could say, it’s been almost over two years that I haven’t updated my blog. Surely, this has made upset to my regular blog viewers.

Well, there were various reasons why I didn't update my blog.

To fill the huge gap occurred in updating the blog; I have now decided to update my blog with new concepts/my experience/views about Oracle DBA at (more...)