My Agenda for UKOUG 2012 Conference

It’s a bit late arriving, but this year I couldn’t just do a copy and paste job that would put it into a similar table format as last years, so I’ve had to edit it by hand. *yawn*

Anyway, here it is:


OakTable registration opening times 11:00 – 12:00

12:15 – 13:00 8-bit Oak Roots
Bernie Dugggs
Imagine Software
13:05 – 13:50 DUDE, Where’s My Other Data?
Kurt Van Meerbeeck
13:50 – 14:35 Late Lunch
14:35 – 15:20 Guiding Practices for Gathering Optimiser Statistics (or Not)
Martin Widlake
15:25 – 16:10 Secret Talk About (more...)

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Exadata "marketing" and reality

Sorry for the marked absence of posts, folks.  This year we've been upgrading all our Oracle dbs to and all our MSSQL dbs to 2008R2 - hectic is an understatement for how things have been! On top of that we've been told we may need to increase the size of our main Oracle dbs by 10X in the next 2 years. So, in the process of upgrading I had to ensure the groundwork for that sort of

Book review: Oracle APEX Best Practices

Read my book review of Oracle APEX Best practices.

Amazon announces Redshift, a data warehouse service!


Today at Amazon AWS re:invent, Amazon announced a cloud service for data warehouse customers. It allows to easily analyse petabytes of data, interacts with known BI solutions, and it’s usually 10 times faster than traditional implementations… queries run really blazing fast! This service is certified by MicroStrategy and Jaspersoft.

Redshift runs (more...)

Review Oracle Apex Best Practices- Packt Publishing

Oracle-Apex-Best Practices has been released by Pact-Pub recently. First impression on me was that it’s not a beginner guide to APEX. It’s an enterprise level Apex development features book. When developers begin to learn APEX, they think “we can do simple web projects with APEX but not more”. But this book shows that everything can be [...]

APEX 5.0 Statement of Direction

We have published an updated Statement of Direction for Application Express and plan on calling out next major release APEX 5.0.

This outlines the major features we *plan* on delivering, however, as always there is also a large number of other features we have listed in Team Development for this (more...)

APEX classic report “instant search”

Here is how trigger APEX classic report refresh when user stop entering to text field.

NYOUG SIG Webinar: Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Exadata Backup & Recovery

In Friday December 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM -1:00 PM EDT I will be giving a webinar for NYOUG SIG with the following abstract
When it comes to the backup and recovery infrastructure of the Exadata Database Machine, conventional solutions often have only limited performance to keep up with Exadata throughput, whereas Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance can be configured as a very fast, capable, and easy-to-manage backup and recovery solution for any Exadata environment. In this session Husnu Sensoy will describe some of the configuration possibilities of the ZFS Storage Appliance to create a flexible backup and recovery environment for Exadata, (more...)

Cloud Databases : MongoDB


For several years I’ve been using Oracle and other SQL relational databases. I’ve dedicated most of the time of my researching and developing on Oracle technology. There’s no question that Oracle leads on site installations and that the quality of the products and the ROI is one of the best. (more...)

APEX at the NYOUG Special Winter Meeting

Just back from the DOAG conference (German Oracle User Group) in Nuremberg, it’s now time to get ready for an event closer to home: the annual NYOUG Special Winter Meeting at The New Yorker Hotel on December 12. If you’re interested in APEX and the Oracle Database, please stop by (more...)

Oracle eBS R12 customers can co-exist with Fusion Accounting Hub

| Nov 23, 2012
Existing Oracle eBS customers who are on R12 can leverage the features of Fusion General Ledger and extensive reporting capabilities of Oracle Fusion without re-implementing or upgrading the entire sub-ledger system to Fusion ecosystem through a co-existence configuration setup using Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH).
Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, comes embedded with Essbase multidimensional cube that can be leveraged to derive business benefits through BI analytics, Smartview reporting, Financial Studio reporting, Account Monitor and Account Inspector and a very intuitive Allocation Manager for creating Allocation rules.
Using GoldenGate, a seamless integration between Oracle eBS and FAH has been provided. GL actual (more...)

Living in the Future

On my morning commute today I realised that I am actually living in the future. I remember when I got involved in the PythonCard project 10 years ago one of the major questions on the mailing list was why we were building a GUI toolkit when the future was the web. It wasn’t true then but I think that it is now.

Why do I think we have moved now? It is in large part thanks to a book I have started reading called Python for Data Analysis. I have a copy of the book in ePub format and wanted (more...)

Oracle Enterprise Linux for Home User: Install Latest Firefox Version

It is a joy to use Linux for any purpose. Although Oracle Linux is mainly designed for enterprise stack, a stable operating system for a technical user is always a need.

However default configurations and program versions are not suitable for daily use always. One example of this is Firefox 3.0.6 available in Oracle Linux (or Red Hat). Here is how you can upgrade it to 17.0

Download latest Firefox release from Mozilla web page. Then unpack and install it by simply following.

tar -xjvf firefox-17.0.tar.bz2
cp -r firefox /opt/
ln -sf /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

JPA SQL and Fetching tuning ( EclipseLink )

When you use JPA in your project and your model project contains many entities with some Eager fetching relation attributes then you probably notice that EclipseLink can fire a lot of SQL queries on the database. This works ok & fast on Dev or Test but in production these queries (more...)

create a new row when there are no Records in View Object. ADF BC


This is a quick post to show a way of creating a new row when there no records retrieved from a query in a view object.

in other words,
we want to create a record every time the view object does not return any data..

you can download the (more...)

Oracle ADF Mobile: adfmf-application.xml and adfmf-feature.xml Part 2 (final)


This is the second and final part of this topic. We will try to answer some more questions regarding those file descriptors. This is going to be a brief post since a detailed explanation was made in the part1.



You can download the sample application (more...)

CSV files with ADF CSVParser Example.

Hi all,

This is a small example on how to use a CSVParser which comes along with ADF.


We are going to create a small example using a csv file.

The project can be found in the following repository:

We (more...)

Fusion Applications Security

| Nov 15, 2012
The Fusion security architecture in Fusion is quite different from EBS and relates to real world scenarios better. Fusion security is externalized from Applications and moved to standardized Fusion Middleware, OPSS and LDAP.

Management of enterprise users and roles in fusion applications is done via Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). OIM manages this data in a database and keeps it in sync with the LDAP directory.

Management of enterprise users and roles in fusion applications is done via Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). OIM manages this data in a database and keeps it in sync with the LDAP directory. OAM is authentication, (more...)

When is Video Better?

Ok, I’m stuck, and I need your help.

At my company, we sell software tools that help Oracle application developers and database administrators see exactly where their code spends their users’ time. I want to publish better information at our web page that will allow people who are interested (more...)