Register Today for the OAUG User Communities Winter Webinar Series: Reporting in Oracle EBS Release 12

Join the OAUG User Communities for the free Winter Webinar Series “Reporting in Oracle EBS Release 12,” March 7, March 21 and March 28, 2013.

This webinar series is hosted by OAUG Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and will cover a range of topics related to reporting tools in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.  Participants will gain an understanding of the latest enhancements and functionality available for reporting in R12, and an opportunity for question and answer dialogue with this team of experts.

Registration is free and required for each session.

Session 1:
BI Publisher in Oracle EBS R12:  What It (more...)

ADF Mobile : Implementing the "Pull to Refresh" Pattern

One very common pattern in Mobile Apps is the use of "pull" to refresh a list of data in an App. For one of my projects I suggested to use this pattern and I had to figure out a way to implement this in ADF Mobile. In this post I (more...)

McAfee wins best database security solution award

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed from last RSA. But, indeed, time flies when you’re busy, I guess. So, for the second year in a row, McAfee wins the SC magazine award for best database security solution. I’m so proud!

Can Supporting an Exadata Database Machine Make You Certifiable?

One of my roles in Oracle is to help develop Oracle Certification exams, and I have been extremely busy in recent months. This work is a global activity, and is in addition to teaching courses and seminars for Oracle University in EMEA and to speaking at user groups and special interest group meetings. The role [...]

Oracle Locator and Spatial

If you already use Oracle Spatial or Locator then you probably already know Simon Greeners SpatialDB Advisor blog, but if not then I can recommend it as an invaluable source of Spatial nuggets.  Whether you are just starting out with Spatial or have some level of experience with it you (more...)

Filter interactive report by double clicking report cell on APEX 4.2

How to filter interactive report by double clicking report cell on APEX 4.2.

Apex and Graph Visualisation Libraries

I was recently asked by a client to create a quick POC in Apex to demonstrate how relationships between physical assets (in this case oil refineries) could be maintained using a graphical tool.  So I looked at a number of different Javascript graphing libraries and chose MXGraph from JGraph which (more...)

Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.53: What you need to know

It has been a couple of weeks now that PeopleTools 8.53 has been released. Soon customers will upgrade or are even already upgrading to the new PeopleTools release. To help customers and partner to streamline this process, an Advisor Webcast

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Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) released

Good News Oracle Business Intelligence Application new version is available to download.

Highlights of the Oracle BI Applications Release:

  • New Application – Oracle Manufacturing Analytics with pre-built adapters for EBS Process Manufacturing R12.x and EBS Discrete Manufacturing R12.x and 11.5.10
  • New Application – Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Analytics with pre-built adapters for EBS R12.x, EBS 11.5.10 and IBM Maximo 7.5
  • Universal Adapter to extend the capability to other source systems
  • Certified for OBIEE 11g
  • Certified for Exalytics
  • Certified for DAC 11g including support for Exalytics / Times Ten, (more...)

Coherence Incubator 11 Released

It’s here!  Oracle Coherence Incubator Release 11 has now been finalized and made public.  Everyone can now pick up the official Maven builds from or via Maven Central.

Instead of repeating all of the goodies and release details again, I’ll simply refer you to take a look (more...)

Changing Enterprise Manager 12c Default inactive Timeout

Oracle Enterprise defaults to a timeout of 45 minutes . Depending on the organization or security policies you might want to change that to a lesser amount of time or in my case a longer period .
To check what the timeout is set
em@emap1>./emctl get property -name oracle.sysman.eml. (more...)


Last week I attended the Rocky Mountain Oracle User’s Group Training Days Conference in Denver, Colorado. RMOUG TD is one of the largest independent Oracle User’s Groups for Oracle database technology and draws a large number of Oracle Aces and Ace Directors, Oracle OakTable members and senior Oracle corporate technology leaders.

On Monday I attended a session by Cary Millsap from Method-R Corporation. In this full day session, Cary talked about how to use Oracle’s trace files to accurately diagnose performance problems related to specific business transactions by profiling the execution of database activity at the detailed call level. Using (more...)

In-memory PQ and physical reads

In my previous post I've demonstrated how in-memory PQ can access the table directly from the buffer cache even when you're using manual DOP.

One interesting question, however, is what happens when PQ slave needs to read some blocks from disk given that object has been qualified for in-memory (cached) access? Would the slave do it using direct or buffered I/O?

The answer becomes somewhat clear once you realize that in-memory PQ is enabled by simply utilizing buffered reads. Since direct path reads can not take advantage of any blocks stored in the buffer cache (local or remote), trying to (more...)

Fixed stats

Some time ago I had two questions about fixed objects statistics for which I couldn’t quickly find the answers. Questions are:

At the time of asking these question I’ve read CBO development team blog post on the topic, but still I was unable to answer them distinctly. Well, it appears the questions are simple and could probably be deduced after careful reading (first two questions for sure). The core phrase is:

The (more...)

TASK_GROUP_Load_PartyDimension “Duplicate Keys Found”

While Running Full load on Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, when using Source system R12 TASK_GROUP_Load_PartyDimension failed with error Log says the issue is because “duplicate keys found”

Extract from the Log



MESSAGE:::java.lang.Exception: Error while execution : CREATE UNIQUE INDEX
with error DataWarehouse:CREATE UNIQUE INDEX
ORA-01452: cannot CREATE UNIQUE INDEX; duplicate keys found
EXCEPTION CLASS::: java.lang.Exception


For Resolution:- Download and (more...)

Netbeans 7.3 Available

| Feb 25, 2013
Are you a netbeanie?

Minor observations on the ADF standards document

My original title to this post was: "Entity/Entities, Key abstractions and nouns". 

Just noticed this very useful document on "ADF naming and project layout guidelines" published recently. It represents a valuable and exhaustive resource that many projects and programmers (including myself) benefit from. 

I'm a fan of (more...)

Metrics for Compensation Allocation

Simon would like to allocate performance bonus to his workforce who got performance rating of 5/5 and 4/5. People who got 5/5 rating will get (X) % of their base salary as performance bonus where as 4/5 will get (X-1) %. He would like to define compensation metric for the same so that he can apply it, with his decided % amounts, on his entire workforce rather than allocating to each one of them. He would also like to share it with his peers or subordinates in case they would like to use same metrics with their own numbers.

Compensation Allocation Metrics for Managers

Neither (more...)

Oracle R12 : Subledger Accounting ( SLA ) – Video Tutorial

A video tutorial on Subledger Accounting Oracle. Oracle Sub Ledger accounting (SLA) is accounting hub in Oracle Application Release 12 (R12). It is used to derive all attributes required to account a transaction in Oracle General Ledger. In R12, SLA is used to derive the very basic accounting attributes like entered amount, accounted amount, Date, Currency code etc and the complex attributes like Ledger, Code Combination ID, Periods etc.

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OTN Yathra – past the 1/2 way mark

I am currently sitting in the hotel in Bangalore in India, catching my breath. We have finished 4 of the 6 cities in this tour.

I'm going to cheat tremendously and link to Lucas Jellema's blog about the tour, starting with as the overview.

Shamelessly linking Lucas' (more...)