Why Doesn’t My Hint Work?

Have you ever used a hint as a quick fix and ended up spending far too much time on it, wondering why doesn't my hint work?  Here's what might be going on.

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What is SQLT?

There's nothing more annoying than having to struggle to do something because you don't have the right tools. That's why I love my swiss army knife and why when working for Oracle, I love SQLT. What is SQLT? Read on and find out.

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dbms_dnfs and clone.pl

If you are using to use dbms_dnfs to clone your database as described in MOS note 1210656.1 or on Tim's Hall blog - Direct NFS (DNFS) Clonedb in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (Patchset and your database version is there is (more...)

An Oracle April Fools trick

If anyone is looking for a trick for April Fools' Day, try

alter session set nls_date_format = 'fm';

The result will be an simple TO_CHAR on a date, or implicit conversion of a date to a string, will return NULL. You could try that with an ALTER SYSTEM too.

If (more...) v$sqlstats.last_active_time stops changing and breaks AWR

My site uses a 3rd party SQL monitoring tool which collects data based on the Oracle view v$sqlstats.  The tool collects data for all sql statements which have been executed since the previous collection using the last_active_time column. A few months ago we noticed (after an upgrade to 11g) we (more...)

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.3 now available


Attention all data modellers - we are pleased to announce the release of SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.3. This release includes a new search, reports can be generated from search results, extended Excel import and export capabilities and more control and flexibility in generating your (more...)

Collaborate 2013 – Lots Of learning Lots of Fun

Collaborate 2013 is right around the corner and that is the place to be this April in Denver.
 There are a lot of Learning and a lot of social Activities. I'm goign to be down there presenting an Paper on Oracle Database Appliance http://bit.ly/YFmPpu .
I will be talking about (more...)

Back to the Future AWR Mining Webinar Followup

Thanks to everyone who attended my webinar and thanks to Embarcadero (@DBPowerStudio) for hosting it. The presentation and scripts can be downloaded from the following links:

Presentation (PDF)
Scripts (ZIP)
Webinar recording (available soon)

Stay tuned for my next webinar coming in May!

On Work/Life Balance

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, had this to say via his new book, Find the Next Steve Jobs.

(It’s been said that many people in high tech cannot balance their personal and work lives. Here’s another way to look at it: Their jobs are so interesting that it’s difficult (more...)

Moving Datafile from Physical Standby to Primary via Rman

Rman is an interesting tool and it seems everyday you learn something new. As part of a production issue we lost a diskgroup . This Diskgroup was only a small subset of the actual data but due to an issue in the underlying disk (External Redundancy). The database crashed. As we (more...)

Analysis Tools…

I've taken on an effort to port a custom data integration (PL/SQL, Java, etc) application.

In that regard, I'm doing a fair amount of analysis right now. So I need help finding two tools:
1. A tool that will allow me to map (visually or otherwise) a single data point (more...)

PowerPoint Presentations

Began researching some information regarding PowerPoint Presentations.  Listing a few important summary items that stood out for me to keep focused with future presentations.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the moment and briefly lose sight of the main objective. Know your audience Audience needs to know: (more...)

Testing Activiti BPM on WebLogic 12c

Activiti is a great open source workflow + BPM platform, which you can use in your own java application (embedded) or test it in the provided Rest or Web demo applications. Activiti also provides  an Eclipse designer plugin which you can use to create your own BPMN 2.0 definitions and (more...)

Tuning Oracle SQL – Just Another Blog?

Find out why you should read and subscribe to this blog rather than the hundreds of others on Oracle SQL Tuning. Got a tuning problem you can't solve? Send in your SQLT report!

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Oracle SQL Developer: Switching between tabs.

There is a nice feature of Oracle SQL Developer that allows once to assign numbers to tabs and then via a keystrokes one can switch between the tabs like Windows ALT-Tab does for applications in the Windows OS.

Assign a number like 1 to a tab by pressing SHIFT-ALT-1 while (more...)

The 3 ways Hadoop will change your Business Intelligence

“It’s the analytics stupid!” Obviously the offense is not intended at the dear reader. It’s a wake up call for all the people excited with Hadoop and lack BI vision. The BI people that lack infrastructure vision are also to blame. Blame for what? We’ll see later in this (more...)

OIC(A) again

Issues with OICA/OIC (OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ/OPTIMIZER_INDEX_CACHING) parameters have already been mentioned many times. Recently I’ve noticed one more and I think I didn’t see this case somewhere else on the Internet so I’ll share it.

Here’s a simple table T1 holding 1M rows with the indexed column X (more...)

The Part-timer’s Dilemma

jobsIt struck me as I was talking to a dynamite woman, who has chosen to work part-time. She was looking for something that would be challenging and engaging, but not critical enough that deadlines loomed large on her. She was struggling to find it.

Truth? It does not exist.

If (more...)

The Internet

Have you seen this State Farm ad?

I think it's hilarious.

Riding to batting practice with LC, he starts up with me...

LC: (in response to some statement I made) "Where'd you hear that?"
Me: "The Internet"
LC: "And you believed it?"
Me: "Yeah, (more...)

Work Managers in WebLogic Server

I found a brilliant Work Manager demo video by James Bayer. There also is a accompanying slide show.

James also has an older post where you can download the source and the war file. It is great when you can get your hands on the source of demos so you (more...)