Learn To ______ In A Year

It started at The Talent Code blog by Daniel Coyle a few weeks back, What's Your LQ (Learning Quotient)?. That led me to Diamondbacks’ Goldschmidt Has Little Ego and Few Limits. I like baseball stories. I especially like this passage:

“A lot of kids have so much pride that they (more...)

Forms Personalization: Calculating an Item Value

I received the following comment recently on an older Forms Personalization post:

how can i get result from the following equation through personalization

i want to know what is the syntax and what is the required steps to get the result automatically



runInstaller java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

| Jul 30, 2013
Well this one stumped me for a little bit today: Not much information on Metalink or Google.    In the past one issue that would crop up every now and then was /tmp mounted with noexec.   I checked for that but it was ok... On a whim I decided (more...)

How to improve VMware performance on your PC

I found very interesting post here - VMware Performance Enhancing Tweaks (Over-the-Counter Solutions). I used it on my VMware Player and Workstation and when I disabled vmem file my laptop it stopped blinking HDD led for 5 - 10 min every time it wake up from sleep mode.


How to create a pluggable database by cloning an existing local PDB

Using the CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE ... FROM command you can clone an existing pluggable database (the source pdb) to create a new pdb (the clone pdb).
The source pdb could be in the current local container or it can be located in a remote container (in a next post): during a (more...)

How to change the open mode of all pluggable databases

When you need to modify the open mode of all your PDBs at the same time (look at this post if you want to change the open mode of only a specific pluggable database) you can use ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE command and the ALL option.
As usual you have to (more...)

IPython %helloworld extension

At Monday's after-PyOhio sprint, I changed ipython-sql from an IPython Plugin to an Extension; this makes it compatible with IPython 1.0. Fortunately, this was really easy; mostly I just deleted Plugin code I didn't understand anyway.

But I do feel like "Writing Extensions" docs are lacking a "Hello World" (more...)

PyOhio Stone Soup

Loved PyOhio once again! Thanks so much to everybody who came, participated, and made it happen! I get such a rush of joy from seeing the Ohio Union fill up with happy Pythonistas.

PyOhio has been a classic case of the Stone Soup story. When we started planning the first (more...)

WITH enhancements in 12c

There's been some mentions of this feature on Oracle-base and elsewhere, but here's an example of what excites me.

If you deal with nested arrays/tables in SQL, then you quickly bump into an impedance match. You can't readily get that embedded list into horizontal columns.

I'll use the example (more...)

New interesting feature of Oracle 12c

This looks like an interesting feature of Oracle 12c. I’m still not sure about the security implications but it does say interesting things about pure network monitoring security tools. Now, more than ever, what you see on the network can be something completely different than what runs on the database. So, you can see a […]

Pluggable database: limitations of the open mode of the CDB imposed on the open mode of PDBs

The open mode of the container database imposes limitations on the open mode of PDBs.
For example, the root must be open before any PDBs can be open. Therefore, you might need to change the open mode of the root before changing the open mode of a PDB. Let's start.


Temporary undo

Back in Oracle 8i the Global Temporary Table was introduced to reduce the overhead of storing temporary data inside the database. A Global Temporary Table stores its data in a Temporary Tablespace where the data is retained for the duration of either a single transaction or the lifetime of a (more...)

DataGuard – Far Sync – part 12 – Data Guard Broker

Oracle introduced Far Sync Data Guard configuration which I described briefly in this post. Now is time for part two and using Data Guard Broker to add Far Sync instance.
Assuming that you have basic Data Guard Broker configuration ready (as described in - How to quickly build standby database (more...)

Java GC in Numbers – Compressed OOPs

Compressed OOPs (OOP – ordinary object pointer) is a technique reducing size of Java object in 64 bit environments. HotSpot wiki has a good article explaining details. Downside of this technique is what address uncompressing is required before accessing memory referenced by compressed OOPs. Instruction set (e.g. x86) may (more...)

How to change the open mode of listed PDBs

The clauses of the ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE statement that modify the mode of a PDB are:
- OPEN READ WRITE [RESTRICTED] [FORCE]: it opens the PDB in read/write mode;
- OPEN READ ONLY [RESTRICTED] [FORCE]: it opens the PDB in read-only mode;

CURSOR_SHARING=SIMILAR available in Oracle 12c, or not ?

It was announced before Oracle Database 12c was released that CURSOR_SHARING=SIMILAR will be deprecated (MOS Note 1169017.1). Moreover, according to the same note the ability to set this value will be removed.

And indeed, when I looked into 12c documentation, I found EXACT and FORCEbeing the only available (more...)

On SQL Developer

First of all, apologies for the long delay between posts.  We've been evaluating various avenues for the cycle of hardware and software refresh in our data centres and for obvious reasons I could not make any public postings or comments that might be mis-interpreted by the various suppliers.  (more...)

How to quickly build standby database and setup DataGuard configuration using Oracle 12c

With every release of Oracle database there are new possibilities to build a required solution (ex. standby database) faster and with fewer steps. This is not official guide but rather a mix of Oracle 12c functionality used to build DataGuard configuration using RMAN and DataGuard Broker.


ORA-12514 during switchover using Data Guard Broker (Update)

This is just a short update for an earlier post about getting ORA-12514 while performing switchover using DataGuard broker.

There was a comment on whether or not _DGMGRL static service is still required when performing a switchover in 11.2 and onwards.

In order for the broker to be able (more...)

Maven support in WebLogic & JDeveloper 12.1.2

In the 12.1.2 release of JDeveloper and WebLogic, Oracle really improved the support for Maven as build and provisioning tool. Oracle did this on multiple levels: an Utility to synchronize all the Oracle Middleware jars to a local ( .m2/repository) or a shared repository like nexus or artifactory (more...)