SOA Upgrade ->

| Sep 30, 2013
We upgraded our SOA install from to and hit a few issues.   One of the main issues was that after upgrading DEV our inflight processes disappeared.    We talked back and forth with Oracle and it was supposed to be supported (more...)

DOAG interview

After my last conference-presentation I was interviewed by the DOAG. The interview is in german only and the topic is "Modernizing Forms".

Content of the interview + YouTube-Info:

Manysay about the appearance of Oracle Forms, this is no longer appropriate. Gerd Volberg from Opitz Consulting has looked at the (more...)

UKOUG New Feature(s)

The UKOUG Tech13 conference will be held in Manchester this year and a new feature for the conference launch is that of the Featured Speaker of the week, in the weeks leading up to the event. I am pleased to have been chosen as the first Featured Speaker last week (more...)

OPN Webcast: SPARC M6-32 & Supercluster M6-32 Channel Sales Training

Join us for
this informative session to hear
about Oracle’s new SPARC M6-32
server and SuperCluster M6-32. In
this session you’ll learn about
the new products and more
importantly, how to position and
sell them. We will also cover
important information pertaining
to resell rights, Specialization
and Sales & Marketing

Openworld 2013

| Sep 29, 2013
Another Openworld has come and gone.  With all the keynotes, sessions and parti^H^H^H networking events yet to happen, its almost unimmaginable that it could go by so quickly.  Yet here I am typing up the summary of my trip. I arrived the Saturday before the conference and shortly after checking (more...)

ASM metadata blocks

An ASM instance manages metadata needed to make ASM files available to Oracle databases and other ASM clients. ASM metadata is stored in disk groups and organised in metadata structures. These metadata structures consist of one or more ASM metadata blocks. For example, the ASM disk header consist of a (more...)

Open World 2013 – Wednesday: Focus on a bunch of things

Even though I spent my prime time with RAC Attack, I ended up involved in a variety of discussions.


I am still amazed at how people and companies increase the cost of Oracle to themselves. 

One discussion was with a one-man company, and how Oracle Enterprise Edition is (more...)

Differences in default RMAN configuration settings between 12c and 11g

I wanted to write a post on configuring the RMAN environment using the SHOW and CONFIGURE commands in Oracle Database 12c, but after few commands I decided to investigate about the differences on default RMAN settings between the versions 10g, 11g and 12c.

Here are part of my results: the (more...)

EBS12.2 How does Online Patching work on the application tier?

| Sep 26, 2013

Stage R12 – 12.2 Software for Installation

| Sep 26, 2013

Open World 2013 – Tuesday: Focus on RAC Attack

The big discussions from Oracle was around "Internet of Things".  This is the future where your fridge tells you that the butter has curdled and you need to order more Arugula.  Or your car is speeding.  Or your portable electric generator has kicked in.  Or your (more...)

Open World 2013 – Monday: Focus on Spatial

Oracle's Theme of the Day is: there be a lot of data out there.  Larry's keynote yesterday was about the hardware and hardware-consuming products that support chewing through huge amounts of data - from the Sparc M6 through the In-Memory Database.   Monday was about big data, scalable solutions (more...)

Open World 2013 – Sunday: Focus on Virtualization

I've decided to attend Open World on a thematic basis, and today's theme is Virtualization.  Therefore I'm attending the IOUG Virtualization / Cloud SIG sessions.

First:  what is 'Cloud'?

There are a lot of definitions out there, none of why I really like.  Part of the problem is (more...)

Oracle APEX 4.2 New Features und Tipps aus der Praxis – Neuer Kurs am 11.11.2013

In diesem November werden Denes Kubicek und ich wieder einen Kurs zu Oracle APEX in Bensheim abhalten:

Oracle APEX 4.2 New Features und Tipps aus der Praxis

Wir werden diesmal viel über den APEX Listener, Einsatz von jQuery und über Restful Web Services reden und natürlich, praktisch üben.

Darüber (more...)

Forgot SYSMAN Password? Here’s How to Regain Access to EMCC-12c

I installed Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c soon after it's release in a virtual environment for the purpose of testing. I normally save passwords, ip-address, ports, and other details in a text file. But unfortunately, I was not able to locate the file for this particular VM.

However, it (more...)

The event has started

Oracle has been an industry leader for decades already, the two key factors, innovation and aquisitions have been the elements that Larry Ellison has known well how to manage. Oracle (ORCL) is a company who has the complete set of products, ranging from Hardware, Operating System, Database, Middle Tier, and (more...)

OOW and OakTable World 2013

Today is the 1st day of OOW for me, and there are a lot of cool stuff going on.


Later I’ll be doing an IOUG session at Moscone West talking about CPU on how to monitor and do capacity planning and sizing. This is a pretty interesting topic (more...)

Tracking email receipts through images

I pinched a technique from EMail marketeers last week. It goes by the cool name of a web beacon or web bug and is used to detect when someone reads (or at least opens) an email.

Our application is like a work flow system and it sends out a whole (more...)

ACE Director Briefing – Friday afternoon

David Peake discussed Apex and highlighted a few things:

  1. First place to look at Performance issues: check your SQL
  2. Since Apex (by default) is in the 12c seed and the root containers, plugging in a new container can be a challenge
  3. Self-service to help prioritize new features
  4. (more...)


In these pre-OOW 2013 days, everyone is excited about new features of Oracle 12c. This post describes particularly interesting one – IO outliers profiling in V$KERNEL_IO_OUTLIER. According to Oracle Documentation and Glenn Fawcett blog we know that V$KERNEL_IO_OUTLIER uses the DTrace to collect information about the amount of time an (more...)