Pay peanuts, get monkeys

I am often contacted by organizations who wants me to do consulting or architecture work. Some of these inquiries come with a stipulated maximum hourly rate, typically fairly low.

There are two problems here:

  • Paying by the hour creates an incentive for the consultant to solve the problem as slowly (more...)

Becoming an Everyday Oracle Pro – November 12 Webinar

Register for my next webinar on November 12 entitled "Becoming an Everyday Oracle Pro".

About the webinar
Whether you are new to Oracle or a seasoned veteran, you want to do your job to the best of your ability. Each one of us can become an everyday Oracle pro if (more...)

Oracle 11g XE installed on Windows 8.1

I count myself lucky if a post here gets a few hundred views. I have two posts that have hit 4000+ views, and a third edging towards 3000.

In third place is a reference to foreign keys referencing unique constraints rather than a primary key.

In second place, and heading towards (more...)

Tools that I use – nmap

For medium to large size projects the network setup can be quite complex, especially if it involves several external partners or third-party networks (VPN, MPLS etc).

Normally network changes are done by network engineers that do not have access to the servers and therefore cannot verify the changes they make.

When I have to verify a network change, firewall opening, NATing etc, I have in the past often used telnet.

This is very simple and (more...)

JVM deep dive at HighLoad++ 2013 (Moscow)

Today was speaking at HighLoad++ 2013 Moscow. I had two presentation covering deep internals of JVM. One about JIT compilation and other concerning pauseless garbage collection algorithms.

Slide decks are below (in Russian)

Why I’m voting for Danny Bryant and You Should Too

I'm talking about the ODTUG Board of Directors.


That's really all you need isn't it?


Today wraps up the voting period for the ODTUG Board of Directors. If you're asking me what ODTUG is, stop reading now. If you are a member of ODTUG, then please give me (more...)

Junk Viz – When More is Less

There are examples of junk visualizations, and then there are examples of junk charts that just take your breath away.

The Indian news portal,, which describes itself as a "trusted guide to the crush of news and ideas around you", published a story titled Shivraj set for massive victory in Madhya Pradesh: Survey | Firstpost, which has this chart (link to the image) - take a minute to (more...)

Life lesson from the Boston Marathon bombings

I’ve just read The Exclusive Inside Story of the Boston Bomb Squad’s Defining Day on Wired.

Bomb squad members are trained to use a careful, methodical approach and lots of high-tech gear to disarm explosive devices. But at the Boston Marathon, there were two blasts and they had to contend (more...)

OraSASH visualization


I started working on that project 2 years ago and at that stage I created a JavaScript code to display real time graphs and parse JSON code. The backend providing JSON data from Oracle Database was based on PHP and I didn't like that solution as it required to (more...)

New release candidate of OraSASH


There is a new release candidate of OraSASH 2.4 available on github -

This version is providing much more views and it's easier to use your existing AWR queries against OraSASH. 


Performance Test Driven Development (CEE SECR 2013 Moscow)

Today I was speaking at CEE SECR 2013 at Moscow.

Below is a slide deck from presentation (in Russian)

Control Your Information

It appears that international credit bureau company Experian was inadvertently selling private information to online criminals posing as “private investigators”. These criminals then used Social Security numbers, birthdays and drivers license records to commit identify theft. Ironically, Experian is also selling protection against identity theft to private customers…

Do you know (more...)

When error say nothing about real issue

We want restore backup from source. So we took backup from source and copied it to /dba/share/MYDB on target. My collouge sent me email saying  restore failed with following error

rman target /

Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Wed Sep 18 20:47:38 2013

Copyright (more...)

My Strata + Hadoop World Schedule

Next week is Strata + Hadoop World which is bound to be exciting for those who deal with big data on a daily basis.  I’ll be spending my time talking about Cloudera Impala at various places so I’m posting my schedule for those interesting in catching about fast SQL on (more...)

Oracle Forms and Java 7u51

Java 7u51 is scheduled for release in January. It will have some consequences for you Forms installation that you need to address.

As far as I know there is no problems with using 7u51 on the server side, only on the client side.


Jar signing

7u51 requires you to sign all RIAs (Applets and Web Start applications).

Oracle already signs the standard jar (more...)

VritualBox 4.30 on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

I’ve been using OS X for a very long time, and one of the Applications that is invaluable in my day to day work is VirtualBox. It’s a great application allowing you to work with various Oracle versions and products, and I have quite a few linux VMs with differing (more...)

Your Fallback Plan


I was flying back from Stockholm after a conference this week, and the SAS computer system was down. But the gate agents initiated their manual boarding procedure and issued me a hand-written boarding pass.

Manual boarding pass

It took longer, but eventually everyone was on board and the plane left.

Do you (more...)

What are the Long-Term Prospects for Oracle Application Express?

This is a very common question that I’m regularly asked in one form or another. The simple answer is that Oracle is committed to the ongoing development and support of Application Express. There are a number of key factors for Oracle’s commitment including the strong community support, the continued uptake (more...)

Excel VS BI in Financial Analysis: why the fight was over before it started

by Victor Fagundo

The argument over why Businesses should abandon Excel in favor of more structured tools has been raging for as long as I have had more than a casual exposure to Oracle products. From the standpoint of an IT user Excel appears to be a simplistic, flat-file-based, error-prone (more...)

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Denmark considers itself a world leader in information technology. This attitude has led Danish politicians to mandate one common login system for every public website and self-service application.

Unfortunately, this system (known as NemID – “easyID”) is plagued by frequent problems. The most recent debacle was that the organization entrusted (more...)