Useless counting

I was just walking out of Security at London Heathrow and passed a small kiosk with the question “What was your experience at Security today?” and four buttons with various smileys. No travelers pressed any buttons, but passing security staff pressed the “I’m very happy” button.


I’m guessing that (more...)

Dynamische Architectuur Visualisaties

Tijdens het LAC-2013 heb ik een presentatie verzorgd over Dynamische Architectuur Visualisatie. Tijdens deze presentatie heb ik laten zien hoe ik schetsen in SVG formaat gebruik als visuele ondersteuning van een presentatie. De svg versie van deze presentatie zie je hieronder. De volgende pagina biedt de mogelijkheid om slides van (more...)


During a performance inspection of some E-Business Suite batch programs running on, I noticed almost 99% of the consistent reads missing in the tkprof file for a particular insert statement. It was a giant INSERT ALL statement where the accompanying select statement contained several subqueries in (more...)

Presenting at UKOUG Tech13 Conference

It’s been a while since I put anything on this blog, most likely down to a combination of being overly busy in my previous life at UKOUG and not having anything to say that couldn’t be said in 140 characters.

Anyway, I’ll be at the UKOUG Tech13 Conference in Manchester (more...)

Smarter than humans

Google are beginning to achieve results from their work on image recognition with neural networks. In effect, the computers have learned to recognize a few objects better than humans can. And interestingly, the humans have only programmed the learning method, but the computers have worked the recognition themselves.

With ever-increasings (more...)

Kdump to NFS Broken in UEK

There were problems that affected UEK and NFS when was initially released (as covered by Andy Colvin). As mentioned in the comments of Andy’s post: Oracle released an updated ISO with fixes for this problem (patch 16432033).

There were also problems with kdump not (more...)

Result Cache Latch and PDBs

One interesting aspect of Oracle 12cR1 database when it comes to PDBs is how latching is done. For example, if all PDBs have to work under the same latch then contention in one PDB can easily affect users in other PDBs too.

Continuing my series of posts on the Result (more...)

Sudo Keystoke Optimisation

If like me, and a couple of others I’ve spoken to recently, you were not previously aware of “sudo -s” then you might be interested to know that you can save yourself two keystokes by switching from:

sudo su -


sudo -s

From the man page:

The -s (shell) (more...)

Drill Down the I/O stack at UKOUG Tech13

It’s just under a week to go before the doors open for the UKOUG Tech13 conference and the adjoining OakTable World UK 2013 sessions, so I thought I would write a very short blog post about what I will be doing there, where I’ll be, and what I’m looking forward to. This year I will … Continue reading "Drill Down the I/O stack at UKOUG Tech13"

Virtual Developer Day on ADF

Oracle is regularly putting on virtual conferences called “Virtual Developer Days” with online presentations and the possibility to ask questions in real time. The current one on ADF will be running in European time tomorrow, November 26th from 10am to 1pm Central European Time.

I’ll be presenting “Top 10 tips (more...)

new Puppet 3 Weblogic provisioning module

The last few weeks I was busy re-writing of my puppet WLS module so it fully supports the power of Puppet 3 (thanks for more than 4000 downloads on puppet forge and all the github downloads). With Puppet 3 we now can use Hiera, Iterations and Lambdas expression. This does not (more...)

Oracle 12c Silent Mode Binary Install and De-install

Installation of the Oracle Binaries is a pretty simple task for the DBA's. However the process may become exhaustive if you are repeatedly performing these installs on a number of servers.

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Turkish Hadoop User Group(TRHUG) 2013 meeting

Our first Hadoop User Group meeting will be at 11.12.13(interesting date :) Wednesday, Istanbul Marmara University Haydarpasa Campus. Hortonworks will be the keynote speaker. Teradata is the sponsor of the meeting. Detailed Agenda To buy a ticket

Big Data Interview with OTN from Oracle Open World 2013

Below is my interview with the Oracle Technology Network on Big Data from this year's Oracle OpenWorld conference:

Big Data Interview at Oracle Open World

Same mistake, three different errors…

Funny thing I had today. Well funny, not when you want to make progress in your work, but still interesting what I discovered when I tried to isolate the problem…I found a way to make the same mistake and have Oracle return three different errors, dependent on the order of (more...)

It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your servers are?

Back in the 60′s and 70′s, news announcers would intone in a serious voice: “It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?”

Awareness is a good thing. And if you are in some way responsible for the servers in your organization, you want to know where your (more...)

Best of Oracle Security 2013

I just uploaded my DOAG 2013 presentation “Best of Oracle Security 2013“.


This presentation shows how to bypass Oracle Data Redaction, become DBA using CREATE ANY INDEX, Hide information from Oracle Auding using VPD and more…


SQL> select * from scott.credit_card where 1=ordsys.ord_dicom.getmappingxpath((card_id),user,user);


Upgrading the JasperReports libraries to 5.2.0

Would you like to upgrade your existing JasperReportsIntegration with the 5.2.0 libraries of JasperReports?

As of now this already seems to be not the most current version, JasperReports has already moved on to 5.5.0. But since I have already created the 5.2.0 package a (more...)

Speaking of Which……

Presented a talk on Global Resource Coordination at the German Oracle User Group Conference this week. Met many of my fellow Oak Table member there who presented on a wide variety of topics Next stop is the UKOUG  Tech13 conference in Manchester where I will present a Parallel Execution Master (more...)

The inbound OSB file transport flow explained

The working of the OSB file transport can be explained  as follows:
  • File written to a polling directory
  • Metadata messages posted in internal JMS queue by the file transport and file moved to staging directory
  • OSB Proxy Service triggered by message on the JMS queue
  • Proxy service reads file from staging directory and moves the file to the archive folder when completed
This blogs explains the behavior when you suspend the flow on 3 different (more...)