Keep Your Applications Agile with Business Process Management

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Author: Ajay Khanna, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, Oracle

are the backbone of your business. To run your business, you need many
applications and systems like ERP, SCM, CRM, and Billing. Since companies
acquired these applications during different time periods, they end up with
disjointed applications and rigid silo’ed departmental processes locked inside
the applications. Many
applications were implemented years ago and selected for very specific business
needs but with time the needs change. At that point companies tend to make
point changes to the software to meet those needs. Such changes to applications
not only take time to implement but are extremely hard to maintain.

With time, the needs of business keep changing, and
applications fail to keep pace with the changing needs. This creates impedance mismatch
between the business needs and application capabilities. The result is decreasing
business performance, less profit, waste in R&D or lower market share because
of delays in time-to-market of new products and services.

Process agility refers to the speed and flexibility with which process based
applications can keep up with the needs of changing business conditions and minimize
the gap between business needs and IT systems. Oracle Business Process
Management Suite delivers such agility.

With Oracle BPM Suite you can create process based
applications that help you orchestrate human and system activities across
departmental and applications silos. It provides the necessary visibility and
agility to manage and run your business efficiently.

Using BPM
to extend your existing applications has following key benefits:

  • Better
    visibility into the end-to-end processes and KPIs
  • Enhanced
    Agility. Since BPM is all model driven, business managers can design and update
    the process as and when required without spending months on modifying
    underlining applications.
  • If
    you move your customizations to BPM layer, rather than in the application
    itself, it keeps your applications clean, better performing and easy to
  • You
    can add additional capabilities like social or mobile to existing applications
    as BPM suite supports those capabilities too.
  • Last
    but not least, BPM is not a rip-n-replace of your existing applications. It is
    enhancing them with newer capabilities.

Let the applications do what they are designed to do the
best. Move the rest of extensions in BPM layer for better visibility, agility
and efficiency.

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