JSON UDF functions version 0.2.1 have been released.

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Posted in Misc by Sveta Smirnova @ Nov 28, 2013

Today new version of JSON UDF functions: 0.2.1 was released. This is maintenance release which added no new functionality and only contains bug fixes. However, it also includes improvements for build ans test procedures. As usual, you can download source and binary packages at MySQL Labs. Binary packages build for MySQL server 5.6.14. If you want to use other version of the server, you need to recompile functions.

What was changed? Let me quote the ChangeLog.

Functionality added or changed:

Added cmake option WITH_PCRE which alolows to specify if existent or bundled version of PCRE  should be used. Bundled is default on Windows. To compile with bundled version, run: "cmake . -DMYSQL_DIR=/path/to/mysql/dir -DWITH_PCRE=bundled", to turn bundled version off on Windows, run: "cmake . -DMYSQL_DIR=/path/to/mysql/dir -DWITH_PCRE=system"

This means you don’t need to type additional commands and move files from one directory to another to build JSON UDFs on Windows.

Added possibility to run tests, using command make test. By default tests are running without valgrind. If you need to run tests under valgrind, add option VALGRIND=1 to cmake command: "cmake . -DMYSQL_DIR=/path/to/mysql/dir -DVALGRIND=1"

You can automatically test on both UNIX and Windows. To test on UNIX simply run make test. On Windows: open solution my_json_udf.sln in Visual Studio, then choose target ALL_TESTS and run it. If you know how to run custom project of a solution on command line please let me know too =)

Added cmake target build_source_dist which creates source tarball. Usage: "make build_source_dist".

This addition is mostly for developers and needed to create packages for MySQL Labs.

Minimum supported cmake version changed to 2.8. It is necessary to run tests and build PCRE.

Bugs Fixed:

70392/17491678 MySQL JSON UDFs binary is called libmy_json_udf.so but DDL uses libmy_json.so

70573/17583505 Typo in README for JSON_MERGE

70605/17596660 Include all references to documentaiton to README file

70569/17583335 JSON_VALID allows mixed case in the keyword names

70568/17583310 JSON_VALID treats invalid values as valid

70570/17583367 JSON_VALID allows \u two-hex-digit while standard allows only \u four-hex-digit

70574/17583525 JSON_MERGE treats document without opening bracket as valid

70486/17548362 When using json_replace(), ‘}’ of the end disappear.

70839/17751860 JSON_VALID allows to have two elements with the same key

I hope this version will be more stable than the first one and I hope you enjoy it.

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