ADF Meetup in Copenhagen January 7

I’m establishing an ADF community here in Denmark (primarily Copenhagen) where we can meet face to face and discuss our ADF projects and challenges across companies and projects. The next meeting is on January 7 – please sign up here:

Forms Resizer tool for free!

Mary Christmas to everybody :)

This year, my present will be the Forms Resizer tool free for you!

You can use, play, modify and deploy it as you need and as you want. Yhere is no license at all attached to it.

But, I won't continue to update, maintain it (more...)

ADF UI with MongoDB for persistence

The sample application (JDeveloper 12c / 12.1.2) can be downloaded from here.
This is a simple ADF application whose underlying business service implementation uses MongoDB for persistence.
The application allows create & update operations on a one-to-many data model (Department-Employees)

As shown in the screenshot below, you can (more...)

Things you (probably) don’t need in 2014: Big Data

There is an interesting article on Forbes where Paul Sonderegger from Oracle is making the case that you have to jump onto the “Big Data” bandwagon without delay if you want to avoid your big-data-using competitors crushing you.

But he would say that, wouldn’t he?

In reality, most companies already (more...)

Tell me about your ASM

When diagnosing ASM issues, it helps to know a bit about the setup - disk group names and types, the state of disks, ASM instance initialisation parameters and if any rebalance operations are in progress. In those cases I usually ask for an HTML report, that gets produced by running (more...)

Profiling your Database 12c – Part 1 – Using Dynamic Performance Views

Database dynamic performance views provide various statistics like session events, system events, waits, etc.. These statistics are mostly cumulative values, aggregated from the time the instance was started.

Below are some views which provide these statistics. In Oracle 12c, to support multitenant environments, most of the views like V$SYSSTAT and V$EVENT_HISTOGRAM now have an additional CON_ID column.

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Lynch mobs, now in 140 characters

An executive of an American PR company sent out an inappropriate tweet and the internet exploded in rage. She received thousands of threatening messages and lost her job in the knee-jerk reaction common to public companies in the age of social media.

Social media can be a force for good (more...)

Extra Christmas Present?

In 2014, I’ll be sending out a monthly ADF newsletter to help you on your way towards mastering ADF. If you sign up for the newsletter before Christmas, you’ll be entered into the drawing for a copy of my latest book “Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials”. Sign up (more...)

The Age of Transparency

It seems that Boing just lost a 4 billion dollar deal to supply fighter jets to Brazil, because the Brazilians were miffed that the NSA spied on them.

You also live in a transparent world. If the NSA was unable to weed out Edward Snowdon in their hiring procedure, do (more...)

Hidden Perils of Thin-style Service Name Syntax with UCP & FCF

I’ve touched on this issue before over at my previous blog and also talked about it at UKOUG Tech13. The presentation at Tech13 was more than 90% demos so hasn’t left a lasting record of the issue and the previous blog post doesn’t go into significant detail. I think it (more...)

Webservice interaction patterns – part 2 – Synchronous Webservice call timeouts

Goal: For reasons of performance and more importantly, good user experience, he client application (ADF) should be able to timeout gracefully instead of hanging indefinitely (and/or potentially causing STUCK threads on the ADF server) when invoking an external 'synchronous' web service.

At runtime
When I run the application,
If I (more...)

TechTalk: Java Garbage Collection – Theory and Practice

Below are slide decks for open event held in Moscow Technology Center of Deutsche Bank.

Topic of event was garbage collection in JVM.

Part 1 by Alexey Ragozin

Part 2 by Alexander Ashitkin

Are younger employees better?

The CEO of a Danish IT company just posted a heretical article (in Danish) where he stated that he preferred younger employees, because they were more productive and more open to new ideas.

Naturally, older IT guys immediately started flaming him. Interestingly, they exactly proved his point: Many older employees (more...)

Back to shell scripting basics

Some quick and basic Unix and ksh stuff that crossed my path recently. As part of the move of our Oracle dbs to our new P7+ hardware (more on that later...), I'm taking the opportunity to review and improve a few of the preventive maintenance and monitoring scripts I (more...)

Webservice interaction patterns – part 1 – very basic DML

There are a number of ways you 'call' web services from an ADF application. The best method to choose would depend on the individual scenario.

This particular example is the most suitable option where:
- Our application is allowed to read from the database using its own business services - (more...)

Finally someone who gets it

After a sad week of PR blunders by major companies, it’s heartening to see someone who actually gets it. The below video has 19 million views right now and is gaining tremendous exposure for WestJet.

These people understands the internet and the power of social media and have created one (more...)

12c Improvement in Database Service Management

Removing a service via srvctl has not historically resulted in the service being fully removed from the database and it would still be visible in DBA_SERVICES as show below in an database:

Create the service:

$ srvctl add service -d orcl -s demo -r "ORCL1,ORCL2"

Have (more...)

OpenWorld 2014 Afterparty: The Rock’n’Roll San Jose Half Marathon

Björn Rost and I have appointed the 2014 Rock’n'Roll San Jose Half Marathon to be the  the official OpenWorld 2014 afterparty. It’s Sunday, October 5, 2014 – the Sunday right after Oracle OpenWorld.

Last year, the event was the Santa Cruz triathlon, but this year we’ll go for something (more...)

JDeveloper Productivity features – run current working set

In a well designed application ('the sum of parts'), we probably divide functionality into projects. 
At any given time individual developers normally work on one or two projects, which they need to run and test quickly using the integrated weblogic server. 
I find the working set feature very (more...)

TechTalk: Virtualizing Java in Java

On 12th December, I was speaking at JUG in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

It was a long talk about using NanoCloud.

Below is video

and slide deck from event