“How did you learn so much stuff about Oracle?”

In LinkedIn, a new connection asked me a very nice question. He asked, “I know this might sound stupid, but how did you learn so much stuff about Oracle. :)”

Good one. I like the presumption that I know a lot of stuff about Oracle. I suppose that I do, at least about some some aspects of it, although I often feel like I don’t know enough. It occurred to me that answering publicly might (more...)

New APEX Certification Exam BETA Now Running

How does a prospective employer  or customer know that you are any good at developing with Oracle Application Express?
One of the best credentials, to prove you have APEX chops, is to obtain Oracle Application Express Certification!

The APEX Certification Exam has undergone a large upgrade.
Much of the content being rewritten / improved as part of this effort.
The new exam is currently running a BETA program until 10-May-2014.
Testing centers are available worldwide.

Where is your IT department?

There are good places and bad places for an IT department in an organization.

Where IT doesn't fitSome organizations tuck the IT department away in some corner of the org chart, but that means that they miss out on IT as an engine of growth.

The above graphic is from my weekly “Technology That Fits” newsletter, where this week’s issue explains more about how IT fits into an organization. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Working around opatch – Prerequisite check "CheckSystemSpace" failed.

I recently ran into the situation where the primary mount for a Linux tech account running an OBI install was just way too small to get OBIEE through.
Prerequisite check "CheckSystemSpace" failed.
The details are:
Required amount of space(17499.766MB) is not available.
So with a bit of hacking I got around it by displacing the ./patch_storage directory and forcing opatch to stop doing a file system check (basically no (more...)

“I’m returning the BMW”

I just had dinner with a very successful consulting colleague, and he told me he was returning his new BMW because he hated the software. Instead, was getting a Porsche that has physical buttons for the controls instead the touchscreen in the BMW.

He was happy with everything else about the car, but a poorly designed interface killed the deal. Just because you can add fancy features like a touchscreen doesn’t always mean you should. (more...)

Run Scala directly in Oracle database

A nice proof of concept for #Scala, #java, #Oracle, and #db12c, afficionados http://bit.ly/1o8gejG

Why is targeted advertisement so hard?

“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.” This doesn’t mean that if you are paying you will get a better service, but that you are paying to not receive (targeted?) advertisement. But I want ads. Quality ads. Ads that are useful. I don’t want to log in into a Hungarian hotel […]

Oracle VirtualBox New Version Released

The Oracle VirtualBox software, version 4.3.8 has been released. This is a maintenance release of the software, fixing 200+ bugs across various previous versions. Here you can find the change log and the manual.  

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New SYSBACKUP, SYSDG and SYSKM Administrative Users in Oracle 12c

Large enterprise database environments have dedicated DBAs performing specific database roles. Some of these specific roles include database storage management, tuning, backup and recovery, etc. Inside these organizations there has been growing concern to further ensure the use of the SOD (Segregation of Duties) concept, to fulfill duties for these roles.

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ADFLogger JAX-WS SoapHandler to log request, reponse and faults

Lately I see a lot of ADF projects consuming SOAP web services. This is typically done by creating a JAX-WS Proxy in JDeveloper and invoking this proxy from java beans exposed through the Bean Data Control or through programmatic ADF Business Components. This post will show how to instrument your JAX-WS proxy so it can log the SOAP request, payload and potential fault to an ADFLogger. This can be a very valuable tool during development (more...)

The Long Tail of Application Usage

A long tail is a distribution of some data point where a few data point have a high value, but most of the data points have a much lower value. When sorting the data points by value, there will be a large “head” and a long “tail”.

Application usage displays the “long tail” characteristic: A few screens are used much more than others.

Long tail of app usage

If you are re-developing your application, for example moving from Oracle Forms (more...)

Datafication of Compensation Distribution

Is your data science providing you enough indications that challenge your existing compensation strategy?  Does it reveal that the art of compensation distribution performed by your managers is not in accordance with your compensation strategy? Old habits die-hard, so you need to make sure that your plan for data-driven decision-making is not getting overridden by compensation managers’ belief system and they are not ignoring data science recommendations.

DataficationofCompensationDistributionEven today challenge is to effectively distribute (more...)

Recap of the Oracle Partner Community Forum XIV

This year the 14th edition of the Oracle Partner Community Forum was held on the island of Malta from 17th till 21st of Februari at the Hilton Hotel. I went there together with three other colleagues and this is my recap of the week.


This event took 4 days and was split in two parts. The first two days were spent on the conference itself and the last two days were spent on bootcamps.


Yet Another Elementary SQL Bug


sokrates@12.1 > select banner from v$version;

Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
PL/SQL Release - Production
CORE	Production
TNS for Linux: Version - Production
NLSRTL Version - Production

sokrates@12.1 > select value from nls_database_parameters where parameter='NLS_CHARACTERSET';

sokrates@12.1 > ! (more...)

AWR Top 5 Timed Foreground Events

I've noticed that people post how to get AWR Top 5 Timed Foreground Events other a range of snapshots using a SQL query from time to time. Since this is something I've done for years here is the version of the SQL I use in case somebody finds it useful:
select case wait_rank when 1 then inst_id end "Inst Num",
case wait_rank when 1 then snap_id end "Snap Id",
case wait_rank when 1 then begin_snap (more...)


Recently while observing AWR reports, I’ve seen a very good example of how average value hides important pattern.

Here is a Workload Comparison section from an AWR diff report (generated with $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/awrddrpt.sql):

Workload Comparison
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   1st Per Sec          2nd Per Sec      %Diff              1st Per Txn          2nd Per Txn      %Diff
                                  ---------------      ---------------     ------          ---------------      ---------------     ------
                    DB time:                  0.6                  0.6        1.6                      0.0                  0.0      -50.0
                   CPU time:                  0.3                  0. (more...)

How 2 Bytes can fit into 1 Byte

Chris Saxon posted a nice quiz regarding a pitfall when creating tables with VARCHAR2-columns: when you are not explicit in specifying the length-semantics ( CHAR or BYTE ), a session parameter, which may vary, is used.

This is a short follow-up of his story, which shows more pitfalls when creating views and selecting from those.
We end up in a structure which can – by definition – contain only 1 byte, but actually shows containing (more...)

Upcoming User Groups and Conferences

I will be presenting on Oracle 12c Clusterware New Features at the next UKOUG AIM SIG on April 2nd  2014 at Thames Valley Park. Also will be at the Finnish Oracle User Group Conference on June 5th and 6th in Helsinki, and at the Bulgarian User Group Conference on June 13th to 15th 2014 presenting on: […]

How to recover a table in a pluggable database from a backup

I'm going to test some useful recovery scenarios for the Oracle Database 12c release.
An interesting option introduced with this release is the possibility to restore even a single table, without impacting other objects, tablespace or database when that table is no more in the recycle bin.

The current release I'm using is Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit based on a Linux platform.

Let's start with an (more...)

Steps to install Mysql Master-Slave Replication using Tungsten

NOTE: Master note on Tungsten installation and setup: http://datacharmer.blogspot.com/2013/04/installing-and-administering-tungsten.html

Below are the steps I have used to setup Mysql replication using Tungsten

Please review the prerequisites for this installtion from https://code.google.com/p/tungsten-replicator/wiki/InstallationPreRequisites

1.) Install mysql on the master and slave hosts.
You can download mysql community edition from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/

2.) Download tungsten from https://code.google.com/p/tungsten-replicator/downloads/list
I am using Tungsten Replicator 2.1.0 Binary Build.

3. (more...)