EBS Workflow Service Components Status

| May 28, 2015

Search and Replace String across multiple files in Linux

| May 28, 2015

AWS EC2 API tools: Create snapshot & Check Data in snapshot

After installed AWS EC2 API tools,  It's time for example create/delete snapshot. 
- Creating snapshot.
ubuntu@ip-x-x-x-x~$ ec2-describe-volumes
VOLUME  vol-41885f55    8       snap-d00ac9e4   ap-southeast-1a in-use  2015-05-26T09:07:04+0000        gp2     24
ATTACHMENT      vol-41885f55    i-d6cdb71a      /dev/sda1       attached        2015-05-26T09:07:04+0000        true
ubuntu@ip-x-x-x-x:~$ ec2-create-snapshot  -d vol-41885f55-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M) vol-41885f55
SNAPSHOT        snap-b20a8c87   vol-41885f55    pending 2015-05-27T05:46:58+0000 (more...)

AWS EC2 API tools: Installation

AWS EC2 API tools help too much for Amazon EC2 to register and launch instances, manipulate security groups, and more. Someone asked me to backup EC2 instance. I thought to use it for backup script. Anyway, No need to explain more how to install Amazon EC2 API tools on Ubuntu? Just say thank for  EC2StartersGuide. I fellow this link and installed it easily. Additional, I used this Link for more idea about java.
- Adding (more...)

Oracle Database 12c – Active Duplication with RMAN (in Spanish Language)

Oracle Technology Network - OTN Latina published our "Pull-Based Active Duplication with RMAN" article series this month in Spanish Language. This article series covers new option of duplication with RMAN on Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( in 11 parts.

First part of article series described "how to duplicate database" and other parts showed different cases of CDB and PDBs duplication.You can read articles here

 Oracle Database 12c: Active Duplication con RMAN (more...)

Oracle Tech Talks – Technical Thoughts

Oracle Tech Talks is an initiative to bring together Industry Experts to share knowledge and information around the latest happenings in the world of technology and Oracle started during March 2015 and my primarily focus was on to build this platform in the world of Podcasting. Be Part of Tech Talk? We ♥ Oracle Technology [...]

The Fundamental theorem of arithmetic – SQL version

Every positive integer (except the number 1) can be represented in exactly one way apart from rearrangement as a product of one or more primes, see for example Wolfram MathWorld or Wikipedia.

Here is the SQL-Version, we compute this for all integers up to 100

with bound as
select 100 as bound from dual
n_until_bound as (
select level+1 n
from dual
connect by level <= (select bound.bound from bound)
primes_under_bound  (more...)

Understanding OBIEE RPD – Chapter 1

The most skilled task in the world of Oracle Business Intelligence is to design and code the RPD. While we are all aware of the general concepts of Business models, logical tables, joins and hierarchies, the RPD is essentially a query generating tool. The query generated by the tool depends on a sound understanding (more...)

A Greedy Algorithm using Recursive subquery factoring

Today is friday and I like the twitter-hashtag #FibonacciFriday,
so I tweeted


Don’t be afraid of having a look at the wikipedia-site, the math is not complicated at all ( you don’t need more than adding natural numbers smaller than hundred ), nevertheless the theorem is nice from a (more...)

AeroGear Germany tour 2015

Over the last three days Sébastien Blanc and I have been touring through Germany to visit a few JUGs.

The talks

We had the same setup for every evening: First, Sebi was talking about JBoss Tools and Forge and showed how to quickly create a Java EE based backend. Afterwards the audience saw the how to create a good looking Apache Cordova mobile app, that he also generated using Forge! At the end the solution (more...)

Installing PeopleTools 8.54

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show to get the latest PeopleTools up and running on your laptop within minutes so that you can fully utilise your local PeopleSoft installation.

The Database Protection Series Concludes- Final Thoughts and Wrap-up

Let’s conclude this series of articles on database security by reviewing what we learned in previous installments. Along the way, I’ll provide some additional hints and tips to tie everything together.

We learned that database administrators, since the inception of their job descriptions, have been responsible for the protection of their organization’s most sensitive database assets. This envious responsibility will not change. As DBAs, we will be forever tasked with ensuring that our critical (more...)

Flipkart and Focus 3 – There’s Something (Profitable) About Your Privacy

The third in my series on Flipkart and focus appeared in DNA on April 18th, 2015.

Part III – There’s Something (Profitable) About Your Privacy
Why do so many companies hanker after apps? Smartphone apps, tablet apps, iOS apps, Android apps, app-this, app-that….
Leave aside for a moment the techno-pubescent excitement that accompanies the launch of every new technology (if you are not old enough to remember words like “client-server[1]”, then “soa[2] (more...)

Writing tips and techniques

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog, and this is a slightly different post to the rest, as it’s not technical in any way…  Instead it’s a quick post about a series of fantastic writing tips and techniques posted recently, from my good friend Tim Hall at ORACLE-BASE.  I’ve tweeted a few of these


ORA-01403 No Data Found Error

What is the cause of the "ORA-01403 no data found" error? What can be done to solve this?

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7 reasons to go for Oracle Cloud ERP

In the beginning of 1990s new software systems were surfaced branded in the industry as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for large complex organizations. These applications were proprietary systems and providing off-the-shelf solutions for organizations. However consultants/Vendors to tailor and implement them based on the company’s requirements. Sometime ERP Systems were pushing companies to re-engineer [...]

What is the purpose of the NOFILENAMECHECK parameter?

I am duplicating my database onto a remote host. In the command, the NOFILENAMECHECK parameter is used. What is its purpose?

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TIMESTAMP to DATE Conversion with Online Redefinition

Online redefinition is a great way to make structural change on "big" tables having "lots of" DML. Using online redefinition, partitioning-nonpartitioning, adding-dropping columns, changing column data types, moving to another tablespace and more can be done with a very small unavailability of the table when compared with direct operations.  Here are some online redefinition MOS notes which

Standby Database SCN – x$kcvfh

The case was to roll forward a physical standby with an RMAN SCN incremental backup taken from primary. The standby database was just restored and necessary archived logs was missing somehow (That's another story). It was something i already did in the past so we set to work with my previous notes. Took the backup, copied files to standby server and recovered standby database. But the problem

Auditing on Oracle Database in a Nutshell (11gR2)

In an Oracle Database we can mention following auditing types: Mandatory Auditing Standard Auditing Fine-Grained Auditing SYS Auditing Mandatory Auditing causes database start-up/shut-down and SYSDBA-SYSOPER login logout information to be written into AUDIT_FILE_DEST. This auditing cannot be turned off and it's always written into operating system directory specified with