Setting up Oracle Database on Docker

A couple of days ago it was announced that several Oracle images were available on the Docker Store.

This is by far the easiest Oracle Database install I have every done !

You simply have no excuse now for not installing and using an Oracle Database. Just go and do it now!

The following steps outlines what I did you get an Oracle 12.1c Database.

1. Download and Install Docker

There isn't much to say (more...)

OracleCode London 2017

My colleague & boss Ace Director Luis Weir and I where invited to present at Thursday 20th’s Oracle Code London.

oracle_codeThe request to present came late as we where needed to cover someone who had to cancel (not that we aren’t grateful for the opportunity). This did mean getting the presentation together was a little bit of a scramble, unfortunately I missed a couple of sessions as I needed to assemble an environment, work out how (more...)

Breaking News! Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System Certified on Oracle Analytics Cloud!

Now that the Oracle Analytics Cloud, or "OAC", has been released, we had to get serious about our work with one of the Oracle Analytics Cloud components, the Essbase Cloud Service, or "EssCS" for short.  You would think that we should have been working hard on EssCS for quite some time, but we had been assured by Oracle product management that the Essbase Java API would be available in EssCS.  Of course, Dodeca was built (more...)

Oracle RENO

Oracle RENO

E = Express
N = Node.js
O = (Node)OracleDB

I've read am article about an REST Api with Node.js and Node-OracleDB at the website of Amis and at the website of Sivakumar Balagopalan.

This inspired me to write a application on the employee table inside the HR schema. The url http://machine:3000/employees fetches all rows in the employees table.

 The url http://machine:3000/employees/200 fetches the employee with employee_id 200 from (more...)

Developing a training course or university curriculum for Oracle Application Express (APEX)? Start here!

While education in Oracle Application Express (APEX) is offered as a part of many university and secondary school courses around the globe, in most cases, the educators took it upon themselves to develop their own custom curriculum.  To lessen the burden on educators, we have developed and made available for public download a full course curriculum for Oracle Application Express.

This courseware, developed by our product manager Chaitanya Koratamaddi over the past year, includes 16 (more...)

Guide to PeopleSoft Logging and Auditing – Revised Whitepaper

After discussions at Collaborate2017 with several PeopleSoft architects we have revised our Guide to PeopleSoft Auditing. The key change is the recommendation NOT to use PeopleSoft’s native database auditing and to instead use Oracle Fine Grained Auditing (FGA). FGA comes free with the Enterprise Edition of the Oracle RDBMS and, not only is it easier to implement, FGA does not have the performance impact of PeopleSoft’s native auditing.

If you have questions, please contact us at info@integrigy. (more...)

Setting up a development environment

I'm setting up a new development environment so I can do some development with JavaScript, ApEx and REST.

Gitlab on Raspberry Pi
I've a Raspberry Pi 3 and followed the installation instruction on After the installation I have a working gitlab on the Raspberry and I created new projects inside gitlab. 

Pre-installed appliance
I've downloaded the "Network Applications VM" from Oracle Technet. The appliance contains the following: 
  • Oracle Linux 7 
  • Oracle Java JDK (more...)
  • Come to the UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow

    The UK Oracle User Group PeopleSoft Roadshow is nearly upon us. It’s my favourite PeopleSoft event in the UK’s calendar as you know that everyone there has a focus on PeopleSoft and the agenda is always really strong.

    It’s 26th April (yes, a week today!) in the Crowne Plaza, London – the same as last time, which was a great venue.

    Oracle US Speakers

    In terms of Oracle speakers, we’re spoiled this year with (more...)

    Oracle Enterprise Linux – Pre-Built for Enterprise

    We've shared the AMI we use for running Oracle Enterprise Products like e-Business Suite. You'll find it on the AWS Marketplace pre-loaded with all the pre-requisites you need for your Oracle implementation on AWS.

    Link to the Marketplace...

    ODM Model View Details Views in Oracle 12.2

    A new feature for Oracle Data Mining in Oracle 12.2 is the new Model Details views.

    In Oracle and up to Oracle 12.1 you needed to use a range of PL/SQL functions (in DBMS_DATA_MINING package) to inspect the details of a data mining/machine learning model using SQL.

    Check out these previous blog posts for some examples of how to use and extract model details in Oracle 12.1 and (more...)

    New and improved (re-)start and stop scripts for Fusion MiddleWare.

    Last year I created a set of start and stop scripts for Weblogic/Fusion MiddleWare. Although I was quite happy with them at the time, I found that there was quite a lot of duplicate code. And I think I could improve them by combining at least the wlst scripts into one, making it a lot better maintainable, but also opening up for restart functionality. And doing so make the scripts more generic. I took my (more...)

    Oracle Audit Trail Add Program Name

    The program name attribute (V$SESSION.PROGRAM) is not by default passed to Oracle’s audit logs. It can be optionally included. To do so, apply Patch 7023214 on the source database. After the patch is applied, the following event needs to be set:

               EVENT='28058 trace name context forever'
               COMMENT='enable program logging in audit trail' SCOPE=SPFILE;

    The table below summarizes key session attributres (V$SESSION) the are passed/not passed to Oracle auditing

    Oracle Audit Trails

    Session (more...)

    postgres Extensions

    Zwei interessante Hinweise findet man im neusten postgres-Artikel von Daniel Westermann:
    • das data dicitionary von postgres liefert zahlreiche Informationen zu den verfügbaren und den installierten Extensions:
    •  pg_available_extensions: zeigt die verfügbaren und die installierten Extensions inklusive eines Kommentars zu ihrer Funktion.
    • pg_available_extension_versions: liefert weitere Detailinformationen zu den Extensions, unter anderem zu den Abhängigkeiten, die zwischen den Erweiterungen bestehen.
    • pg_extension: liefert Informationen zu den installierten Extensions. Dabei weichen die Informationen von denen ab, die der psql-Shortcut (more...)

    HCM Cloud R12 – 3 Cool Things

    Just to give y'all a taste for HCM Cloud R12 as it rolls out, here are 3 new features I find really cool.

    1.  Home Page with Quick Actions 

    The coolness here comes from being able to easily initiate an action without requiring the user to have any knowledge of the application structure, navigation, or work area organization.  Simply find what you want to do and do it.  And, for the security geeks out there, (more...)

    eAdam 3.0

    Source: eAdam 3.0

    We’re All In This Thing Together

    This song pretty much summarizes everything I've learned to be true about life after nearly five decades of living...

    Well my friend, well I see your face so clear
    Little bit tired, a little worn through the years
    You sound nervous, you seem alone
    I hardly recognize your voice on the telephone

    In between I remember
    Just before we wound up broken down
    We'd drive out to the edge of the highway
    Follow that lonesome (more...)

    OBIEE 11G RPD bypass using Private Variable Columns

    We had a requirement where the user wanted to be able to get into the tool and change his formula and also wanted the change to be reflected across all his reports. Changing the formula in each report was a lot of effort and hence not practical.

    This blog talks about a 6 possible (more...)

    Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Mobile and Web Services Security Requires Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    This is the eighth posting in a blog series summarizing the new Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Mobile and web services functionality and recommendations for securing them.

    Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) cannot replace the URL Firewall, nor can the URL Firewall replace WAFs.  The URL Firewall provides the critical function of only allowing those forms and web services that have been both hardened by Oracle and flagged by the client as being used – (more...)

    ORDS Standalone and URI Rewrites

    My last post How to add an NCSA style Access Log to ORDS Standalone explained what the ORDS standalone is and that is based on Eclipse Jetty.  Jetty offers far more than ORDS exposed in it's standalone.  There's a long list of all the features and configuration options listed in the documentation, A recent question came up for doing

    DB Auditing and ORDS

    There seems to be some confusion around how ORDS works with it's connection pooling yet running the REST call as the specified schema. The connection pool Consider a 50 PDB env and concurrent users per PDB running some REST stuff.  Using a connection pool per PDB would be 50 connection pools.  Then if a JET app ( or any HTML5/JS/.. ) is making REST calls Chrome will do this with 6 concurrent