LEAP#351 SDR with cheap R820T2/RTL2832U dongles

Cheap SDR dongles? Apparently it all started when a bunch of folks (Antti Palosaari, Eric Fry and Osmocom) found that the signal I/Q data could be accessed directly from the Realtek RTL2832U digital TV tuner chip, allowing it to be turned into a wideband software defined radio receiver with just a little extra hardware and softare.

Combined with a tuner front-end (commonly the Rafael Micro R820T2) in a USB dongle package with dinky antenna, these (more...)

Still Stuck on SiteStudio? Move Your Intranet and Modernize with WebCenter Portal

Fishbowl’s Enterprise Architect, Jerry Aber, contributed to this blog post.

Surprisingly, there are still many SiteStudio (Oracle WCM) customers out there using the product for their employee intranet. We just chatted with another one this week, in fact. I say surprisingly because even though the product is technically under support (extended lifetime) until 2019, there are so many advantages and benefits of upgrading a SiteStudio intranet to Oracle WebCenter Portal. Oracle themselves outlined a few (more...)

Oracle Database Docker Image in Docker Cloud (Digital Ocean)

Red Samurai is using Docker for our internal development environment. We are running Oracle Database and WebLogic server (with ADF support) on Docker Cloud. It is much easier to manager Docker containers than to maintain our own server.

In this post I will describe how to setup Oracle Database in Docker Cloud. Of course you could run Docker container locally on your machine, but main power of Docker comes with the option to be able (more...)

Hadoop for Database Professionals class at NoCOUG Fall Conference on 9th Nov

If you happen to be in Bay Area on Thursday 9th November, then come check out the NoCOUG Fall Conference in California State University in downtown Oakland, CA.

Gluent is delivering a Hadoop for Database Professionals class as a separate track there (with myself and Michael Rainey as speakers) where we’ll explain the basics & concepts of modern distributed data processing platforms and then show a bunch of Hadoop demos too (mostly SQL-on-Hadoop stuff (more...)

#GoldenGate Procedural Replication Support

With the release of Oracle GoldenGate 12c (, came the support for Procedural Replication. This option is an enhancement to the integrated replicat which allows you to replicat Oracle-supplied PL/SQL procedures that cannot be replicated as DML or DDL.

Note: In order to replicate these packages and procedures, you need to be on Oracle Database Release 2 (12.2) an later and using the integrated extract and replicat.

To find out (more...)

2017 hroug – Croatia

I came to #hroug2008 and although I really enjoyed it there were not any english speaking presenters and I found that intimidating. However now the SiOUG and hroug events run back to back, it is very different.

The event is still held in Rovinj but now on an island at the Hotel Istra. To even get there you have to go by boat.

It is a beautiful setting complete with its own castle which is (more...)

prelink makes instance unusable

I spent a recent night hunting an issue which was non trivial to detect.
On a 4 node cluster 2 nodes got Linux patches and were rebooted. This was done after 10pm for minimal business impact. (The application is written by Oracle - so it's not fully TAF aware).
The DBs started fine, all services were available.
At 3:50 in the morning I got a call some processes show strange errors.
As I connected to (more...)

LEAP#350 Drawing Circuits with CircuitScribe

There seems to have been quite a boom in conductive paint/ink applications in recent years. From the (google) research I’ve done, I haven’t found any particular reason for “why now” .. no great materials breakthough seems to be driving the trend. Perhaps it is more a market-pull situation - more people interested in wearables and flexible tech for example.

When I saw the latest Circuit Scribe kickstarter campaign, it was a perfect opportunity to try some (more...)

#GoldenGate/#Database Patches

In searching for patches for Oracle GoldenGate you have to also look for Oracle Database patches. To make this search a bit easier, some of the great guys on the Oracle GoldenGate team has created a My Oracle Support (MOS) note or two. These notes should be upkept over time. For now, just know these are reference points for you to find out what patches are required for your Oracle GoldenGate environments!

Doc Id: 2193391. (more...)

nVision Performance Tuning: 3. Indexing of Ledger, Budget, and Summary Ledger Tables on Non-Engineered Oracle Systems

This blog post is part of a series that discusses how to get optimal performance from PeopleSoft nVision reporting as used in General Ledger.

If you are on a conventional non-engineered Oracle system, then it is not going to be viable to full scan the ledger tables for every query.  You are going to have to use indexes to find your data.  Every customer's nVision reports are unique to that customer and the nature of their business. (more...)

First steps with Istio on Kubernetes on Minikube on Windows 10

In this article, I discuss my steps to get going with Istio [service mesh]on Kubernetes running on Minikube on Windows 10. Unfortunately, I have ran into an issue with Istio. This article describes the steps leading up to the issue. I will continue with the article once the issue is resolved. For now, it is a dead end street.

Note: my preparations – install Minikube and Kubernetes on Windows 10 are described in this previous (more...)

Free trial access of the Oracle Licensing training course


This is a message from my friend and Oracle licensing expert Sibaji Dey Choudhury.

Oracle Licensing has been a global challenge for a number of years now, and a lack of deep understanding on Oracle Licensing has derived $$ Millions during audits from unaware Oracle customers. To help tackle this issue 'Licensing Circle' was built to train and certify Oracle professionals on a comprehensive, portal-based knowledge on Oracle License Management.

The Oracle Senior DBA  (more...)

CTAS-Statement-Texte in 12.2 Trace-Files nicht mehr gekürzt

Der Titel ist beinahe länger als der folgende Text, aber was tut man nicht alles, um den eigenen Blog nicht völlig einschlafen zu lassen: Martin Bach weist in seinem Blog darauf hin, dass die Texte in der SQL-Trace-Ausgabe für "create table as select" (aka CTAS) in 12.2 nicht mehr auf 20 Zeichen gekürzt werden, was in älteren Releases der Fall war und die Analyse solcher Operationen über Trace erschweren konnte. Darüber war ich in (more...)

“Oh…another language is too hard”

We had a request on AskTOM a few days ago asking for an implementation of the XIRR function in PL/SQL.

I didn’t really know much about what that function was, or what it did, but a quick web search yielded plenty of examples in Excel, where it is a pre-delivered function, as described here:

“Returns the internal rate of return for a schedule of cash flows that is not necessarily periodic.”

That explains (more...)

Manufacturer Replaces the Google Search Appliance with Mindbreeze for Intranet and Website Search: From Racking to Go-Live in 37 Days

In today’s post I’m excited to share the story of a recent Mindbreeze deployment. One of our long-time customers, a global leader in the field of industrial automation, needed a replacement for their expiring Google Search Appliances (GSAs). They had used the GSA to power the search on their public-facing website as well as their employee intranet. When Google announced the GSA’s end of life, they were left in a need of a replacement. Due (more...)

Myths about Wayland (display server protocol / X11 replacement)

If you ask Google abount wayland (which is shipped with ubuntu 17.10 or fedora 26) there are some articles, which are not or no more accurate:

"You can not export any X11 application to a linux host which runs wayland"
Wrong... Just login to other linux machines via "ssh -X"  and run xclock or whatever. It works...

"Screenshots will not work anymore"
Hmmm. Ok. X11 screenshot applications will not work anymore - but (more...)

MRP process getting terminated with error ORA-10485

If you have a Data Guard environment, where you’ve just applied a Database Bundle Patch and OJVM Patch, it possible that your Physical Standby can throw the following error:

Wed Oct 11 08:11:57 2017
Media Recovery Log +RECOC1/VER1S/ARCHIVELOG/2017_10_11/thread_1_seq_18251.24912.957080425
MRP0: Background Media Recovery terminated with error 10485
Wed Oct 11 08:11:57 2017
Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/ver1s/VER1S2/trace/VER1S2_pr00_220336.trc:
ORA-10485: Real-Time Query cannot be enabled while applying migration  (more...)

Manually rotate WebLogic Server Logfiles

From time to time you have the requirement to rotate the WebLogic Server Logfiles manually on the fly without stopping the WebLogic Managed Servers or AdminServer, for example while you perform some load tests in order to have fresh WebLogic Server Logfiles.

Here is a small Python Script, which rotates the WebLogic Server Logfiles for a list of given Managed Servers and AdminServer.

You will need:
  • rotatelogs.py = Python Script which rotates the Logfiles
  • (more...)

Integration Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service or Integration Cloud, are you confused?

Oracle have announced Oracle Integration Cloud, the next evolution in their cloud integration capabilities. So how does it relate to the existing Cloud based integration products and what is the future of different products? To best understand this, let’s first look at the existing landscape. Our first diagram shows a subset of the Oracle PaaS […]

The post Integration Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service or Integration Cloud, are you confused? appeared first on Implementing Oracle (more...)

Installing Minikube and Kubernetes on Windows 10

Quick notes on the installaton of Minikube for trying out Kubernetes on my Windows 10 laptop (using VirtualBox –not Hyper-V)

Following instructions in https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS5PWC/minikube.html 

Download Windows installer for MiniKube:


Run installer

After running the installer, open a command line window


Download kubectl.exe

curl -o kubectl.exe https://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-release/release/v1.8.0/bin/windows/amd64/kubectl.exe

Copy downloaded file to a proper location – of your choosing – and add that location (more...)