Video : Oracle Linux 8 Installation

Today’s video is a quick run through a manual installation of Oracle Linux 8.

I put out a number of articles about Oracle Linux 8 when the beta was first released. I’ve now updated them where appropriate.

I’ve also gone through my Vagrant builds for 18c on OL8 and 19c on OL8. (more...)

See ROW Placement in Partitions

We have seen creation of partitions , its benefits , different methods etc. Today we will see method to check the records we are inserting in the partitioning table are placed properly in intended partitions.

Let’s create one table using range partitioning method. 

PARTITION P4  (more...)

Drop Table Partition with Index Maintenance

We can simply add and drop partitions from table as we are dropping and creating a new table.

While dropping and adding table partition , we need to take care of the index too. 

In previous post we saw simply removing partitions makes index unusable.

For Reference

Drop Table Partition without Index Maintenance and SKIP_UNUSABLE_INDEXES parameter

Now in this post we will see at run time how we can update the indexes. 

Note (more...)

Drop Table Partition without Index Maintenance and SKIP_UNUSABLE_INDEXES parameter

In this article we will see how we can drop the PARTITION without any index maintenance at run time and doing it later.

I have following partitions available for my table TRANSACTIONS_NEW.


------------------------------ ------------------------------

9 rows selected.

I have one index on it on date_of_transaction column :


Firefox on Linux: password field flickering / curser blinks…

After upgrading to firefox 68 i was not able to enter the password (and configuration password) field in online registrations.
The cursor in the password fields kept flickering/blinking and on some pages firefox completely freezes.
With other browsers this does not happen, but i wanted to stay with firefox.

The solution was starting firefox with an additional environment variable:

GTK_IM_MODULE=xim firefox

Dropping Table and Index Partition

Dropping Table partition or Index partition is a part of routine maintenance job of DBA.

Things to be considered while dropping partition.

1.We can drop partition of only range and list partitioned table. Other partitioning type does not allow drop partition.

2.When you apply drop partition command , one partition must remain.You can not drop last partition , drop table instead.

3.Drop partition is DDL statement.Hence, no rollback can be (more...)

Moving My Blog (Finally)

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but you know how it is, you never find time for these things.

So a few weeks ago I decided, that’s it! I’m moving my blog (I bought the domain a while ago but didn’t actually do anything with it…).

Where and When

My new domain is and it’s not up yet, but it will be available probably over the weekend or (more...)

Report Google Map Plugin v1.0 Released

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on an overhaul of my Google Maps region for Oracle Application Express. This free, open-source plugin allows you to integrate fully-featured Google Maps into your application, with a wide range of built-in declarative features including dynamic actions, as well as more advanced API routines for running custom JavaScript with the plugin.

The plugin has been updated to Oracle (more...)

Moving My Blog (Finally)

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but you know how it is, you never find time for these things. So a few weeks ago I decided, that’s it! I’m moving my blog (I bought the domain a while ago but didn’t actually do anything with it…). Where and When My new … Continue reading "Moving My Blog (Finally)"

Reviving an iPad and On-Premises lesson 2.

<< Introducing I.T. to an Elderly Relative
<<<< Preparing the device
<<<<<< First Lessons, Frustrations, & Funny Stuff

Unlocking it was not so easy

In my previous post we finished with my mother having bricked her iPad – that is, having turned it onto a useless lump. So I drove up to see her again to sort it out. {BTW if you think I am being a bit mean to my mum – yes (more...)

Informationen zur Hint-Verwendung in 19c

Eine schöne Ergänzung für dbms_xplan in 19c ist die Ergänzung des Formats HINT_REPORT - im verknüpften Artikel beschrieben von Gavin Soorma. Das Format liefert Informationen zu den im Statement angegebenen Hints und erklärt, warum ein Hint nicht berücksichtigt wurde. Diese Information musste man bislang über ein CBO Trace (Event 10053) ermitteln.

Oracle Database 18.7 Patch : Summary

I wrote a bunch of angry tweets yesterday about the 18.7 patch, which probably weren’t very coherent. I just thought I would summarise them here.

Before we start, I think it’s worth saying I try to keep things as vanilla as possible, so we rarely have problems with patches. I guess this is why I launched into these so quickly, and was surprised by how much hassle I had. So far I’ve only been (more...)

Lessons from Kscope19

The vague afterglow of Kscope continues. After the long trip home, I had a few days to give the brain a debrief, make some notes & ideas, before heading off for a family holiday.
Now after a Strange Things 3 binge, I wanted to finally bust out some posts I've drafted on Kscope.

I had the privilege of two sessions at Kscope19, and I also found myself sharing the APEX Lunch & Learn panel (more...)

Fault tolerance in integration flows – handling target system availability problems

An important non-functional property of any software system is "Availability". In the ISO/IEC 25010:2011 product quality model, this is grouped under an overall category of "Reliability". 
Fault tolerance is a closely associated property also grouped under "Reliability". 

System downtimes could be either due to scheduled maintenance or for other unexpected reasons (server crashes, network failures, DNS misconfiguration). Normally, consumer systems would expect some form of service level agreement (SLA) around system availability - measured (more...)

possible changes in Oracle 20

As this post is written in July 2019, it's highly speculative writing about changes in Oracle version 20.
But at least it's based on some information available from Oracle.

A new autoupgrade.jar version is available at AutoUpgrade Tool (Doc ID 2485457.1). In this Note, there is also a BUGS_20190715.txt which contains (among others):
AUPG-955 Disable NONCDB validation when upgrading a DB to 20c
AUPG-975 upgrade from to 20 (more...)

Create an Oracle VM on Azure in Less than 5 Minutes

If there’s one thing I’ve been able to prove this week, it’s that even with the sweet 4G LTE, Wi-Fi setup in my RV, Montana still has the worst Wi-Fi coverage in the US.  Lucky for me, I work in the cloud and automate everything, because if there’s one thing I love about automating with scripts, is that I can build out a deployment faster and less resource intensive than anyone can from the (more...)

RBAL (ospid: nnn): terminating the instance due to error 27625 after patching Oracle Restart

I have come across an odd behaviour trying to patch an Oracle Restart environment to January 2019. Based on a twitter conversation this isn’t necessarily limited to my patch combination, there might be others as well. I have used opatchauto to apply patch 28813884 to both RDBMS and GRID homes plus its corresponding OJVM (Java) patch. Before diving into details, this is the environment I have been working with:

VirtualBox 6.0.10

VirtualBox 6.0.10 has been released.

The downloads and changelogs are in the usual places.

I’ve installed it on my Windows 10 laptop at work. I’ve install it on my Windows 10, macOS Mojave and Oracle Linux 7 hosts tonight and update here.

I’ve be working through my Vagrant builds over the coming days, to check everything works OK. I’ll report back here if something comes out of the woodwork.



VirtualBox 6. (more...)

Azure scalesets – a useful technique?

This post is describing how to take an existing VMSS running instance and then using that as a baseline to create a new base image for all other instances going forward. Now ordinarily you would think why on earth are you doing this - surely you already have a defined base image and all instances are a copy of that?

Well in this case the instances had been edited directly and quite a lot of (more...)

How to manage GDPR compliance with Snowflake’s Time Travel and Disaster Recovery 

As organizations work to bring their data practices into compliance with GDPR, one question comes up repeatedly: How does Snowflake enable my organization to be GDPR compliant?