Error:Could not find Java SE Environment (ME 3.3 SDK)

| May 10, 2013

So after upgrading all the JVMs on my laptop I ran into an issue when trying to use the Java ME Embedded 3.3 SDK. I got the following error message:

The solution was easy (after a little digging around in the installation directory of the ME SDK. Open the (more...)

Register Now to Get Early Bird Prices

| May 7, 2013

Are you inspired to save money? Registration for JavaOne is open, and Early Bird pricing is available. The sooner you register, the more selection you’ll have in booking your hotel room. No reason to wait—so don’t! I am really looking forward to see you there!


Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange at OpenWorld San Francisco 2013 – Registration open

| May 7, 2013
Register for OPN Exchange at Oracle OpenWorld in september 2013.

Registration for Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange @ OpenWorld San Francisco 2013 is now open! Save by register early.

I hope to see you there


Using Java ME 3.3 on Raspberry Pi to read the temp in my office Part #2

| Apr 12, 2013

So here is the source code to read the sensor connected according to the description in the previous blog post. Now, this sample is just developed without considerations for footprint, power consumption etc which is so important when developing an embedded application in any language (but Java should obviously be (more...)

Using Java ME 3.3 on Raspberry Pi to read the temp in my office Part #1

| Apr 12, 2013

This will be a pretty long entry, but I'd like to get this blog post out. I think it is really cool and I am hoping that other people think so too. 

On my previous blog I have documented how I was trying to read the temperature in my (more...)

My new blog

| Apr 12, 2013

So I decide to leave blogger for an Oracle blog. Seems more correct as I am an Oracle employee. My old blog was and I will not move over the content from there, I will just continue my story about Java Embedded here.

Looking forward to comments (more...)