Supporting CLIENT-CERT

| Apr 14, 2013

One of the additional configuration options for the authentication of the product is to implement a Single Sign On solution or implement client certificates. Whilst most of the configuration for these features is performed in the Single Sign On product and/or J2EE Application Server, the Oracle Utilities Application Framework has (more...)

Using Native Installations of Oracle WebLogic

| Apr 11, 2013

By default, when using Oracle WebLogic, the Oracle Utilities Application Framework based product is installed in embedded mode. This means that the configuration files and files within the product are used directly by Oracle WebLogic, including configuration files necessary for Oracle WebLogic itself (e.g. config.xml). The installation (more...)

Updated Oracle ExaLogic and Clustering Whitepaper

| Apr 10, 2013

The Implementing Oracle ExaLogic and/or Oracle WebLogic Clustering  (Doc Id: 1334558.1) whitepaper available from My Oracle Support has been updated with additional advice.

The updated advice is around setting Java options within the console (instead of within a command utility) as well as adjusting timeouts that may (more...)

Using Oracle WebLogic datasources with OUAF based products

| Apr 2, 2013

By default, the online (and XAI) components of the Oracle Utilities Application Framework use Universal Connection Pool (or c3p0 for Oracle Utilities Application Framework V2.x) for connection pooling. If you wish to use Oracle WebLogic JDBC based connection pooling for integration to other products or to use the GridLink (more...)

Loading XAI Inbound Services in Oracle Service Bus

| Mar 25, 2013

It is possible to use Oracle Service Bus to process interfaces to the Oracle Utilities Application Framework to support the advanced facilities available in Oracle Service Bus or simply use the proxy capbilities of Oracle Service Bus. This advice applies to Oracle Utilities Application Framework V2.2 and above.

The first step in this (more...)