AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification

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I am glad to announce that I have completed AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Level certification


This is a completely new world with lots of opportunities to learn new things.

Below is the list of things that I used for doing the certification. This will be helpful for anyone who is aspiring for AWS solutions architect associate certification.

  • Thanks to for providing complete course material for this certification. It was really helpful. Using this course (more...)

Book on Oracle 12c New features

A Book on Oracle 12c New features for administrators

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It’s our pleasure to announce the availability of our first book – OCP 12c upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam Guide













The book covers the new features of the Oracle Database 12c for the DBAs from the OCP 12c upgrade exam standpoint. Book is available WW in kindle format as well as paperback.

Link to (more...)

Adaptive Cursor Sharing

Adaptive cursor sharing was introduced by Oracle in 11g release 1 as a way to generate best plan for a SQL in all situation. Prior to adaptive cursor sharing, optimizer used to generate a single plan for a SQL statement and that plan is used by all cursors of that SQL_ID. So if we have data skewness in a column and that column is being using in “where” clause of the SQL statement, single plan of that SQL will not (more...)

Oracle 12c Learning Series: Automatic Table Recovery Using RMAN

Table recovery was possible in earlier release as well. Until previous release, if we wanted to recover a table, we had following options

  • Database point in time recovery (DBPITR)
  • Tablespace point in time recovery (TSPITR)
  • Flashback technology

In Oracle 12c, RMAN has been enhanced to perform recovery of table. We have a new command in RMAN which automates complete process of recovering the table. New process does not affect the existing objects in the database (more...)

Monitoring transaction recovery

Sometimes we end up in a situation where our long running transaction is not completing and we are also not sure how much further time it’s going to take. This happened with one of our DBA where they found MLOG to be bloated because of one orphan snapshot entry. Orphan entries are the one where actual site is not registered on master (no entry in DBA_REGISTERED_SNAPSHOTS), but they see entry for MLOGS (entry in DBA_SNAPSHOT_LOGS). This could happen if (more...)

Oracle 12c Learning Series: In-database Archiving and Temporal Validity

One of the major challenge faced by an Oracle DBA is – how to effectively deal with historical data? Today, if we consider database tables for an enterprise, data in the table goes back several years and most of the data in the table is inactive. Challenge remains as to how to archive this data and make our query run efficiently.

If we choose to archive old data outside of database on a tape, cost (more...)

Fixing SQL plans on ADG using SQL Profiles

With Active Dataguard setup, many of the read only applications runs on ADG and sometime the SQLs that are used by these applications runs into bad plans. ADG being a read only database, its not possible to create a baseline or a profile on ADG.

One of the way to have good plan for SQLs running on ADG is to make them run on primary first and fix the plan by creating profile or baseline (more...)

Using UDev to configure ASM disks

This is a small article on using UDev on RHEL 7. I have a virtual box with RHEL 7 and I am configuring ASM diskgroups.

Before we configure ASM diskgroups, we need to have disks/partitions available at OS level and those should be recognized by ASM. Oracle provides a utility called ASMLib which can be installed and used very easily to configure disk/partitions at OS level.

ASMLib stamps the header of partitions/disk at OS level (more...)

Oracle 12c Learning Series: Automatic Data Optimization – ADO

I am starting Oracle 12c learning series, where I am planning to publish multiple articles on Oracle 12c new features. I hope these articles will be helpful to DBAs aspiring for OCP 12c certification and also others who are planning to implement these features in there databases.

This is a very long post about ADO – Automatic Data Optimization, which is one of the ILM strategy to manage aging data. So please be patient while reading this article. This article provides end-to-end details (more...)

Previewing Backup Restore


This is a short article on RMAN where we can check if our backups are really intact and can help us in critical situation when we have to restore and recover the database.

We have a command option called PREVIEW which we can use with RESTORE DATABASE. This option does not actually restore the datafiles from backup but it just tell us SCN number until which we should be recovering our database. It also tells (more...)