APEX: Tree with Checkboxes

The APEX Tree component is based on jsTree which is a jQuery Tree Plugin. However not all functionality is implemented in APEX. Knowing the component on which it is based, we can find the documentation and enhance the Tree in APEX. One of these enhancements is to have checkboxes in (more...)

APEX: Tree Based on Multiple Tables

When you have a table with a hierarchical relation it is very easy to create a Tree component in APEX. Simply write the hierarchical query using START WITH and CONNECT BY and you're good to go. When you have a Master-Detail relation between two tables, and you want to show (more...)

Reading the Oracle Documentation the Easy Way

Personally I don't like reading documentation from my computer, I prefer to have a "real" book. So when Oracle 12c came out I wanted to read the New Features guide and the Concepts guide again, but the fact that I would have to read it off my computer screen stopped (more...)

APEX: Using the Application Date Format Mask

In your APEX application, you can define several default format mask to be used throughout the application, such as the Application Date Format or the Application Date Time Format. This eliminates the need to specify the format mask for each Date Picker item that you use. It helps in keeping the application at least consistent regarding the format mask used.When you want to do some validation in your forms using the Dates entered by the enduser, you might have a need for the Application Date Format.So instead of hard coding (using the same format mask as you entered):


APEX: Highlight a Record in Report – with Dynamic Action

Yesterday I wrote a blog on how you can highlight a record in a report. That blogpost can be found here.Learco Brizzi posted a comment on a different way of accomplishing the same thing. And there are probably a number of other possibilities to implement the same requirement.In this blogpost I want to show you how to do the same with a Dynamic Action. Why would you want to choose for a Dynamic Action? This is a more efficient way because you don't need to refresh the page or the region. This blogpost will use a report based (more...)