TechTalk: Java GC – Theory and Practice

I'm glad to announce upcoming tech talk in our user group at Moscow - "Java GC — Theory and Practice"

Event will be held on 16 May at Moscow, online translation will be available (tech talk language - russian)

Registration is open at

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Slides from JavaOne Russia

Below are slidedecks (in russian) from two my presentation on JavaOne Russia this year.

Борьба с GС паузами в JVM. Теория и практика

Распределённый кэш или хранилище данных. Что выбрать?

Tech Talk "Magic of VMs"

Today, I was one of speaker at "Magic of VMs" tech talk in Moscow. Meet up was held under roof of Rambler, a lot thanks to them for helping us in this event.

Topic of meetup was low level implementation details of  various runtimes for popular platforms.

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ChTest is out

Writing automated tests for Coherence based application is quite challenging. Definitely, you can start single node cluster in your test JVM without too much hassle. Unfortunately, single node cluster will not allow you to replicate some important aspects of cluster (a thus, test wont be able to catch a number (more...)

Coherence user meet up in Moscow

First meet up of Oracle Coherence users in Moscow was held on 14 Mar.

Many thanks to Gene Gleyzer (Oracle), who was key speaker on this event (joining us remotely).

Below are slides from event:

Upcomming tech meetups in Moscow

Here is announcing of upcoming tech meetups (more...)