WordPress 3.8.2

Just the usual upgrade of WordPress to the latest version 3.8.2. If you are able to read this, it went fine :=).Download it from here if you haven’t done it already.

An Initiative-AIOUG North India Chapter….

At times, just a little idea and support can do just wonders for a very large community. And that’s the same happened this year when I was talking to Murali Vallath about the user-groups and participation of Oracle professionals in India in Oracle related events organized in India by All India Oracle Users Group(AIOUG) (formed and managed by Murali only). As India is such a large country, it’s not possible for everyone to come from (more...)

ORA.GSD Offline In 11.2 RAC….

Not a new thing right now since 11.2 is out from some time already.A very common question that I get is that GSD (Group Service Daemon) is offline in 11.2 RAC. That’s not something to be worried about as it’s officially documented in MOS doc# 429966.1. Only if you have 9i database, it would be available but the point is why in 2014, you are still planning to run a 9i (more...)

Packt’s 2000th Title Campaign….

I received an email from Packt Publication that they are celebrating the release of their 2000th publication. And to include everyone in this celebration, Packt Publication would be giving an awesome offer to the readers to buy one (any from their catalogue) and get along with it one book, FREE!!!! Now, how cool is that, isn’t it? So if you are willing to buy a book from Packt Publication, no time can be better than (more...)

EM Express 12c Failing With Error: QERVW*

It’s been a while that I am using Oracle database’s latest release 12c. It’s a very different release from the past versions and IMO, if you are going to delay in learning it thinking that you would do when your company/client/<put-whatever-reason-here> would make you to do so, it would be too late. There are a LOT of new features (~500) with the biggest change in the architecture which came due to the concept of Multitenant (more...)


Just testing

Better Late Than Never, Happy 2014….

So I am probably very late in saying this but better later than never, right? And since it is still January of 2014, I believe it is okay to wish everyone a very happy 2014 still :=) .

A very happy and prosperous 2014 to you, the reader! May god makes this year a really good one for you and fill it with just joys, happiness, success and good health for you and for all of (more...)



I Am Speaking @ Sangam 2013, Will You Be Joining Me?

So it’s that time of the year again when the “meeting of the minds” is going to happen and this time, the location is at Hyderabad. Yes, this year, AIOUG is arranging it’s annual conference Sangam there and as like all the previous years, this year also, we are going (more...)

Oracle Backup & Recovery-Expert Secrets For Using RMAN & Data Pump, Avaialble Now….

Writing a book is a long, tiring and tough journey. The journey gets complete once you see that your work-the writing that you have spent so much and time effort upon, is now complete and is available for anyone. Three years ago, I was asked by my dear friend Kamran (more...)