Using PRELIM Option Of SQL*PLUS….

A recent thread in the Database General Questions place was posted today. The original poster set some wrong values for the database memory related parameters and using those exceptionally large values, database got hung. Well, I don’t know whether that was the real issue or not as the original poster didn’t share the contents of the alert.log file of his database neither shared any other details. What he wanted to know that how he (more...)

Blog Hacked….

I couldn’t check my blog from last few weeks as there was a lot of other stuff going on. As I serve in the board of AIOUG and we had Sangam-2015 scheduled, there was just a lot of work and too many things were going on in parallel. So I couldn’t pay much attention to my blog. Now, since last two days, I have been getting messages from my friends i..e Suntrupth, Dawn, (more...)

Non-CDB Architecture Is Officially Deprecated….

Yeah, it’s indeed true and official. So if you still haven’t started reading and learning Multitenant architecture introduced in and enhanced in, it’s high time that you start doing it. Not because that it’s new but because the old architecture you are familiar with, it’s officially on the verge of extinction.

Packt $5 E-Book Bonanza Is Back….

So it’s the first blog post of 2015 and what better can be than this that you can start 2015 with buying any e-book or video from"  in just $5 till 6th January 2015! I believe this is a great chance to grab your favorite book(s) or video(s) at a really really good price! And if you are undecided about which book to start from, how about from my 12c Backup (more...)

North India Chapter Of AIOUG-A Beginning….

I come from North India region of India. Though this part of India is considered to the richest, both in terms of wealth and culture, one thing that it lacks really badly is the awareness about what’s going in the IT world currently! There are just so many colleges and universities but the number of IT companies, doing serious IT work can be counted on fingers of one hand itself. In such situation, awareness about (more...)

Making the CDB Common User Without Using C## Prefix….

If you have done any play with the latest release of Oracle database 12c, you must have come across the concept of Common and Local users. I won’t rewrite what’s already there in the docs but for setting the context of the post, a Common user must be created with a prefix added to the username-C##. Miss that and you won’t be able to create one while being connected to the Container database. On (more...)

Say Hello To Oracle Linux 7.0….

Seems like it’s going to be a week of new releases only. Last night only, I downloaded and installed Oracle database 12c patchset(12102) and today, Oracle Linux’s latest release OL7 is released. The download is available from E-Delivery portal and mine is going on. I don’t think it would take long before 12c would be certified for Oracle Linux 7 but I would do the installation of both, database and Linux, as soon as my (more...)

Oracle 12c( Has Arrived….

Just checked Tim’s latest post and guess what, Oracle database 12c’s latest release, is available now for download. It is available as an OTN download as well as from E-Delivery. Seems like that there is no documentation update available yet as the New Features guide still doesn’t have included in it. But I am sure that it’s coming soon!

So grab your copy now and happy downloads :=).

Packt Shares Its Full Range of eBook/Video For Just $10….

Yes, that’s correct! Packt Publications is celebrating 10 years of effective learning and information services to IT professionals. To make us part of this celebration, the good guys  are offering all eBooks and Videos at just $10 each until July 5th. So this would be a really good chance to get any e-book or Video of your choice in such a good price. Sounds good? Well follow this link then,

And since every (more...)

Oracle University Learning Streams, Learning Would Never Stop….

Oracle technologies is like an ocean and with the introduction to more and more features, it’s becoming hard for almost all to match the pace. Surely one can attend a course (or several courses) to learn about a new technology or to furnish his skills on an existing one but at times, even that is not enough. For example, it’s tough to keep a control on the quality of the training as one would only (more...)