Why I Don’t Like ANSI Joins

Since Oracle started supporting ANSI joins in 9i, the Oracle community was divided into two groups: one loved it and tried to convince everyone to use it, and the other hated it and has never switched. As you probably understand from the title, I’m in the second group, and this is why. When using a … Continue reading "Why I Don’t Like ANSI Joins"

Top-N Queries

This is an old story. It started in 2015 when I found a problem with TOP-N query performance. I wrote a blog post about it and later an update. Here I want to show the full testcase and some updates after a twitter discussion. Background I don’t want to spend too much time writing the … Continue reading "Top-N Queries"

Bash script to monitor log files

This is a short post about something I wrote a while ago. I wrote a monitoring tool (haven’t we all?) and wanted to add a capability to scan log files (in this case alert log, etc.) so this is the solution I came up with The project is in github, you can find it here. … Continue reading "Bash script to monitor log files"

DB Console vs. EM Express

I usually don’t work with the local version of EM. I haven’t used DB Console in 11g and below so much, and I used EM Express in 12c even less. But when a colleague contacted me not too long ago and said that Oracle stripped down a lot of functionality in EM Express, I had … Continue reading "DB Console vs. EM Express"

Did You Know #28 – Standby + RAC

In an Oracle Data Guard configuration, the primary and standby databases can have different configurations. It’s very common to have a smaller server for the standby database (less CPUs, less memory, etc.) and it’s quite trivial to configure. But what about RAC? Recently I had to check different single-instance/RAC configurations in Data Guard environment. As … Continue reading "Did You Know #28 – Standby + RAC"

Did You Know #27 – SQL*Plus Errorlogging

This is not my tip, but Connor Mcdonald‘s. I attended a couple of his sessions at Open World 18 and had to write about this small but really useful feature that he mentioned (thanks Connor). We are all writing scripts, some are long with lots of commands. When we run these scripts it’s important for … Continue reading "Did You Know #27 – SQL*Plus Errorlogging"

Oracle 19c – Features We Know About

Oracle Open World was interesting like every year. This year, Oracle started talking about features that will probably be in Oracle 19c (which is the last 12.2 release). The rumor says that it will be out in the first half of 2019 (somewhere around April-May). As you might know, I didn’t attend a lot of … Continue reading "Oracle 19c – Features We Know About"

Open World 2019 Dates

In the past, during OOW Oracle published the official dates of OOW of the following year, but in the last few years they stopped doing this, so we can’t be sure when OOW19 will be. There was a lot of unknown about OOW18 until the official dates were released (and 2018 is the first year … Continue reading "Open World 2019 Dates"

Getting Crazy with Analytic Functions and Group By

This topic has been sitting in my backlog for a long time and I finally decided to write it. Analytic functions are not so new anymore (they’ve been around since Oracle 8i), but they are still a very powerful tool. This is based on a real case I had quite a few years ago. A … Continue reading "Getting Crazy with Analytic Functions and Group By"

If ORA- Codes Were Buildings

It all started when Franck Pachot tweeted a simple tweet. The tweet was of building number 600 at Oracle offices and Franck wrote: “Dedicated to all ORA-600 friends”. To that Connor McDonald replied with: “The 7445 building is in the middle of the lake. Don’t try go there :-)” which led me to start a … Continue reading "If ORA- Codes Were Buildings"