Restore Standby Database

Over the years I ran into all kind of weird and wonderful backup and restore scenarios. This case has challenged me for a while now and I finally had the chance to check it properly and figure out what’s going on. So here is the story. The environment This client has a few database, some … Continue reading Restore Standby Database

Did You Know #25 – Archives in FRA

One of my clients is restoring their database backup to another server for some testing. They do it periodically so we can also verify that the backup is good (which is great!). In a few cases, after the restore I saw that the restored database has an incarnation that the original database doesn’t have (and … Continue reading Did You Know #25 – Archives in FRA

Did You Know #24 – Blocked Instances

Even after years of working with something, you can always learn new stuff. Today I tried to create a standby database using the duplicate command. When you duplicate a database you need to connect to both instances (primary as target and standby as auxiliary) using SQL*Net (and not “/”). Since the standby is in nomount, … Continue reading Did You Know #24 – Blocked Instances

Tool to Assist with Basic SQL Analysis

I just came back from RMOUG Training Days conference. It was my first time in Colorado (and obviously my first RMOUG training day) and it was really great (I wrote about it in another post). During my second session (From 4 Minutes to 8 Seconds – about a real SQL tuning case I had quite … Continue reading Tool to Assist with Basic SQL Analysis

RMOUG Training Days 2018

This year was the first time I attended (and spoke) at RMOUG Training Days. Last year I submitted a few sessions but they were rejected. This year I had the honor of having 2 of my sessions accepted to the conference. Let’s start in a chronological order. Pre-Conference and arrival This year, the conference had … Continue reading RMOUG Training Days 2018

My First Real GitHub Project

This is a short note just to say I’m happy to have my first GitHub project. A few months ago I wrote a blog post and a python script (on gist) to analyze the listener log file. A few weeks later I got a message from Adric Norris who asked me to create a proper … Continue reading My First Real GitHub Project

Oracle Challenge #2 Solution

Apparently, quite a few people ran into this situation before, so I got a few correct answers  (some on Twitter, some on LinkedIn, and some as comments to the original post). The answer is that Oracle uses the ORACLE_HOME value to attach to the SGA, so a different ORACLE_HOME can cause this strange behavior. The … Continue reading Oracle Challenge #2 Solution

Oracle Challenge #2

I posted my first challenge almost 2 years ago and there was a lot of interest in it. Today I post another one. Many years ago I saw this strange thing and it took me some time to realize what’s going on. Since then I ran into this scenario a few times, solving it instantly … Continue reading Oracle Challenge #2

Two Multitenant Instances

I had a talk with a customer/colleague that got me thinking about a strange case of multitenant configuration. The chat was about an environment with two data centers and data guard. During the discussion, I realized that there might be an issue with listener services, so I checked it and this post is the result … Continue reading Two Multitenant Instances

RMOUG Training Days 2018

Next month RMOUG (Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group) will have their annual Training Days conference in Denver. In the past, being in Israel, I wasn’t exposed to most of these “local” OUG conference in North America (I mainly went to European ones) and even if I was, it was difficult for me to attend (money-wise … Continue reading RMOUG Training Days 2018