DST Patch in Active Standby Environment

Different software components (operating systems, databases, etc.) are updating our clocks automatically when our country changes the clock (when daylight saving starts or ends). In order to do that, the system has to know the date for the daylight saving. This is the DST information. Countries, however, keep changing their decision about daylight saving. Some … Continue reading "DST Patch in Active Standby Environment"

New Look

I’ve been think about it for a long time, I don’t really like the look of the blog. I wanted to change it a while ago, and checked different options, but never actually got to do it. Yesterday I finally decided to do it! I hope you’ll like the new look, maybe I’ll add some … Continue reading "New Look"

ODC Appreciation Day – Image-Based Installation

As every year since 2016, we’re having the ODC Appreciation Day around October. If you don’t know what “ODC Appreciation Day” is, it is Tim Hall’s initiative to simply say thank you. It started as “OTN (Oracle Technology Network) appreciation day” and then changed to “ODC (Oracle Developer Community) Appreciation Day” when Oracle rebranded OTN. … Continue reading ODC Appreciation Day – Image-Based Installation

Oracle Open World 2018

Oracle Open World and Oracle Code One conferences are around the corner. In about a month, tons of people from around the world will be in San Francisco and my twitter will explode, as every year. I just read a post I wrote 2 years ago about why you should go to OOW and I … Continue reading Oracle Open World 2018

Oracle Challenge #3 – Solution

This is the solution for Oracle Challenge #3. If you haven’t read the challenge, go and check it before you read the solution here. So, the challenge was to write different SQL statements to return the list of employees that earn the most in their department. As I said, there are 2 assumptions here, we … Continue reading Oracle Challenge #3 – Solution

Oracle Challenge #3 – SQL

I debated quite a lot before writing this post. When I wrote the post about interviewing a DBA, in the “technical questions I do ask” part I just gave a general explanation of what I ask, but didn’t reveal the real questions. Now, more than 3 years later, I decided to give one of the … Continue reading Oracle Challenge #3 – SQL

Using DBCA in Silent Mode

One of my customers is a software company and they use Oracle database for their product. One of the things we need to do when they certify an Oracle version is to create silent installation scripts. These scripts are for Windows and used for demo and testing environments. I did that for 11.2 and for … Continue reading Using DBCA in Silent Mode

Bug When Patching Production

I had a bad night last Thursday. After patching two test RAC databases and one production RAC with PSU 180417 Bundle Patch (and some one-offs), I got to the point where it was time to update the most critical RAC system. We were really looking forward to this as we had hit a few bugs … Continue reading Bug When Patching Production

External HDD Performance

This is not a technical post and it’s not related to the database world. It’s just a short experience I had with external HDDs as a simple user so I wanted to share it. I have an Transcend external HDD for quit a while now. It’s a 2TB disk and it was very useful with … Continue reading External HDD Performance

One-off Patch Frustration

Lately I started patching a client’s database ( to the latest PSU (180417). This is a RAC environment with streams and all kind of other features, so over the time we hit quite a lot of different bugs. When we planned this PSU (we installed the bundle patch version), we added about 7 one-off patches … Continue reading One-off Patch Frustration